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Inside SPE and the Dallas Section

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1 Inside SPE and the Dallas Section
David S. Hamilton SPE Dallas Section Chairman

2 Hamilton bio Richardson Pearce HS Class of 1979
Texas A&M University Class of 1983 BS in Petroleum Engineering

3 Hamilton bio First oilfield job after graduation
Glomar Baltic I jack-up Roustabout Two weeks on, two weeks off One year I was on the rig when this photo was taken (1984)

4 Hamilton bio Engineering Tech for Santa Fe Minerals
Engineer for Santa Fe Minerals 1989 to 1991

5 Hamilton bio Engineer for Cox Resources Corp. 1991 to 2000

6 Hamilton bio Engineer for Nexen Petroleum 2000 to present

7 but what does this mean to me?
Nice history lesson, Mr. Hamilton, but what does this mean to me?

8 What is this?

9 More familiar view

10 Another more familiar view

11 Deepwater Horizon Where the heck is this whole situation heading???
Nexen Petroleum USA is putting its entire future in deepwater GOM What does THAT mean for ME??? Maybe nothing Could be significant

12 Early summary (not the end)
Invest in your career Things change, sometimes when you least expect it Make time to learn, to achieve outside of the office Keep yourself relevant, marketable Be ready when something changes OR when something comes along Document what you do; keep a professional diary

13 Do I practice what I preach?
Registered PE in TX, LA and CA FE exam in early 1990’s First registration 6/19/96 Continuing education to stay registered SPE Dallas Section experience

14 SPE International History of SPE
AIME = American Institute of Mining Engineers, founded in 1871 formed standing committee on O&G in 1913 addressed growing field of Pet Eng after Spindletop discovered in 1901 became one of 10 professional divisions in 1922 Petroleum Division became one of 3 separate branches of AIME by 1950

15 SPE International History of SPE
on 10/6/57, first SPE BOD meeting took place in Dallas marked final transition to prof society

16 SPE International History of SPE
SPE still one of 4 AIME member societies Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Assoc for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

17 SPE International SPE continues to grow Worldwide organization
Sections on six continents _____ members (how many?) First non-US ATCE this year Florence, Italy (just east of Pisa) Second to follow in London shortly?

18 SPE International SPE continues to grow Worldwide organization
Sections on six continents 92,000 members First non-US ATCE this year Florence, Italy (just east of Pisa) Second to follow in London shortly?

19 Mission statement or any of the words included therein???
SPE International Mission statement or any of the words included therein???

20 Mission statement or any of the words included therein???
SPE International Mission statement or any of the words included therein??? Mission To collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources, and related technologies for the public benefit; and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence. Vision To be a society of professional excellence, providing its members the highest quality lifelong learning, and continuous personal and professional growth.

21 Social Responsibility
SPE International Values Excellence Integrity Professionalism Life-long learning Diversity Volunteerism Innovation Social Responsibility

22 SPE International Awards Process
Nominated at Regional level Award at Regional level includes nomination for same award at international level for 3 years Regional awards Section meetings International awards ATCE

23 SPE International Regional Awards Service Award
Outstanding Young Member Award Completions Optimization and Technology Drilling Engineering Formation Evaluation Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Management and Information Production and Operations Projects, Facilities and Construction Reservoir Description and Dynamics Distinguished Corporate Support

24 SPE International International Awards
All regional awards (at higher level) Honorary Member Distinguished Member Anthony F. Lucas Technical Leadership Gold Medal John Franklin Carll Distinguished Professional Award Lester C. Uren Technical Excellence Award Cedric K. Ferguson Young Technical Author Medal DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Faculty Achievement Public Service Award

25 SPE International SPE = Society of Petroleum Engineers
Who belongs to SPE? Just Petroleum Engineers? “Although engineers are the core of SPE's membership, not all SPE members are engineers. Solving the industry's challenges requires a multidisciplinary effort, and SPE is a place for all of today's industry professionals, regardless of experience or course of study. Facilities, management, information technology, environmental, and safety issues are all part of the resources needed to expand and deliver the supply of oil and natural gas the world needs. All those who work in these areas will find a home in SPE.” Who in this room is other than Pet E?

26 SPE International Is this man a degreed Pet E?
2010 SPE President Behrooz Fattahi Aera Energy LLC

27 SPE International Answer = NO PhD in Aerospace Engineering
PhD in Mechanical Engineering Both from Iowa State University

28 Employment in work related to the petroleum industry
SPE International Membership requirements Employment in work related to the petroleum industry AND one of the following A university degree equivalent to a 4-year Bachelors degree in engineering or basic or applied sciences A 2-year science or engineering degree or a 4-year degree in a field other than science or engineering 6 years of active practice in support of petroleum engineering or in the application of science to the petroleum industry.

29 SPE International SPE Young Professionals YP = triple-A farm team
Parent section is looking to bring YP’s up to the big leagues Won’t always be under 35 Won’t always have less than 10 years exp The mission of Section YP programs is to identify, engage, and develop SPE members 35 years old and younger, as well as other industry newcomers, by providing relevant technical education and networking opportunities. 

30 SPE Dallas Section Old Alignment
Dallas Section in Central & Southeast North America Region

31 SPE Dallas Section New Alignment
Dallas Section in Mid-Continent Region Combined 3 regions in Eastern half of US into 2. Separated Canada from Rocky Mtns.

32 SPE Dallas Section Other Sections in our Region Ft. Worth East Texas
Lou-Ark Illinois Basin & Gas Storage Anadarko Arkansas Bartlesville Mid-Continent (oldest SPE Section) Oklahoma City Southwestern Oklahoma Wichita

33 SPE Dallas Section Student Chapters in our Region Kansas University
Oklahoma University Tulsa University Missouri University of Science & Technology

34 SPE Dallas Section

35 SPE Dallas Section List of Board positions Past Chairman Chairman
Chairman-Elect First Vice-Chairman (Programs) Monthly luncheons Second Vice-Chairman (Education) Study Group Third Vice-Chairman (Membership) Secretary Treasurer (two-year term)

36 SPE Dallas Section List of Board positions Director – Tech/Newsletter
Director – Sports & Social Sporting Clays Casino Night Golf Tournament Director – Community Relations Energy 4 me Director – Young Professionals Director-at-Large

37 SPE Dallas Section Recent Dallas Section award recipients
Danny Bell – 2009 Distinguished Service Award Received award at ATCE in New Orleans Nick Duane – 2009 Regional Service Award Eligible for Distinguished Service Award in 2010 Pat Handren – 2010 Regional Completions and Optimization Award Brian Chacka – 2010 Regional Outstanding Young Member Award

38 Engineer of the Year and Young Engineer of the Year
SPE Dallas Section Engineer of the Year and Young Engineer of the Year

39 Back to the Hamilton bio
Joined SPE as a freshman in 1979 Had no clue what I was signing up for No involvement during college Continuous membership ever since Occasional attendance at meetings Regular attendance at meetings started around 2000 Betsy Cook got me working at front desk Nick Duane drug me onto the Dallas Section BOD Passed 25 year mark as member on way to 50 years Legion of Honor Lesson = It’s never too late to get involved in SPE

40 Hamilton Dallas Section bio
Secretary two years Membership two years Program Chairman Chairman-Elect Chairman Past Chairman-to-be

41 SPE Dallas Section You guys are way ahead
Already attending YP meetings Participating in functions Some are involved in leadership positions Keep up the good work! How can you get more involved? Sports & Social Haynesville Shale Symposium Attend Monthly Luncheons Talk to people; express interest

42 SPE Dallas Section What does SPE Dallas have to offer just in the next 45 days? May 19 Luncheon Speaker:  Doug Walser - Pinnacle (SPE Distinguished Lecturer) Topic:  “Performing Up-Front Science in Shale plays with Marginal Thermal Maturity” May 26 Production Study Group June 7 Golf Tournament

43 SPE Dallas Section Review course for the PE exam How many have already
YP program offering Bing Wines, instructor August/September EMGI Actual PE exam on 10/29/10 How many have already taken the FE exam?

44 Energy 4 me Oil & Natural Gas book Dallas Section Community Relations
two as door prizes Dallas Section Community Relations

45 SPE Dallas Section Dallas Section Scholarships
One of two reasons for being ____ Dallas Section members? Tom Hunt Energy Hall Supporting with proceeds from softball

46 SPE Dallas Section Dallas Section Scholarships
One of two reasons for being 1500 Dallas Section members Tom Hunt Energy Hall Supporting with proceeds from softball Brian Chacka working on an opportunity for Dallas Section members to get a closer look at the project

47 Tom Hunt Energy Hall Part of the Perot Museum of Nature & Science at Victory Park “World-class and Texas-sized, the new 6,500-square-foot gallery will be dedicated to telling the rich geological and historical stories of nature’s energy sources and exploring how science and technology are used to capture the vast array of traditional and alternative energy resources.”

48 Tom Hunt Energy Hall The 4.7 acre site is located at the NW corner of Woodall Rodgers Freeway and Field Street, adjacent to Victory Park. The Museum will be situated at the crossroads of the future Trinity River Corridor Project, the Arts District, the West End, Uptown, and other popular attractions including the Sixth Floor Museum.

49 Tom Hunt Energy Hall Barnett Shale Gallery

50 Tom Hunt Energy Hall Drilling Gallery

51 Tom Hunt Energy Hall Geology Gallery

52 Tom Hunt Energy Hall Now that DFW is actually part of the oilfield, beyond just office space, displays of this kind are more important to help our citizens better understand how this whole business works This is an important development for us and for DFW

53 SPE Hamilton-specific
Why do I serve? Improve leadership skills outside of job Improve presentation skills outside of job Work with cross-section of industry professionals Producers & service companies Public, private, government Women & men, wide range of ages Different environment from office Expands my circle of contacts within industry Satisfies my professional “volunteer jones” Takes care of five hours of Continuing Education credit annually for PE license

54 SPE International What do we get? Through two-way interaction:
Luncheons Conferences On-line Technical Interest Groups SPE website Dallas Section website Journal of Petroleum Technology We are able to: Learn Seek information & counsel from colleagues outside of our employers Share knowledge with others Improve ourselves and our industry

55 SPE Dallas Section YP Why do you participate?

56 Society of Petroleum Engineers
Light me up with some questions

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