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Awareness and Advocacy Working Group Ellayne S. Ganzfried.

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1 Awareness and Advocacy Working Group Ellayne S. Ganzfried

2 Members Ruth Patterson-Canada Rick Berry-Canada Keith Lincoln-Europe/Sweden Joanie and Sarah Scott- UK Clare McCann-New Zealand Subhash Bhatnagar- US/India Glenn Goldblum-South Africa

3 Working Group Goals 1.To build capacity in aphasia consumer organizations to support the involvement of people with aphasia at an international level 2.To increase awareness about aphasia working closely with the World Stroke Organization in its awareness and advocacy roles

4 Awareness is Key Group consensus to initially focus on aphasia awareness raising activities Difficult to build capacity without awareness Need to identify current international consumer groups and/or key contacts within country/region Coordinated approach spearheaded by AU

5 Initial Working Group Actions/Projects Create an Aphasia United You Tube Channel Designate an International Aphasia Day/Month Create an International Symbol to Represent Aphasia

6 Aphasia United You Tube Channel  Videos should represent various countries/cultures  Mechanism for “vetting” videos to be a trusted site  Categorize videos based upon criteria i.e., PWA, family/friend, type of aphasia, etc.  Put out a “call for videos” Internationally

7 Next Steps Joanie Scott has set up AU You Tube channel AU affiliates/advisory council to send current videos Establish categories and criteria for posting Put out an International “Call for Videos” Link to AU website

8 International Aphasia Day/Month June is currently NAAM in USA/Canada/UK- no coordinated efforts in other countries Create a “flash mob” event worldwide Consider time of year that works for all countries i.e. weather conditions Collaborate with WSO to promote

9 Next Steps Contacted Jackie Stark, President of AIA to discuss combining efforts- AIA has attempted to designate October in European countries Promoting NAAM this year in South Africa and New Zealand through WG members September suggested as best month for most countries; need to confirm

10 Create an International Aphasia Symbol Iconic symbol used worldwide would increase aphasia awareness Colored ribbon for aphasia suggested- many people use grey and/or red Hold contest/campaign to solicit ideas


12 Next Steps Publicize Icon contest Contact SCOPE in Australia regarding their communication access symbol

13 Items for Discussion Need for additional WG members to represent other areas i.e., Australia, Asia, Africa Confirmation of relevance of current projects Ideas for International Aphasia Day/ Flash Mob event Consensus on need for International icon Opportunities to collaborate with WSO on awareness/advocacy Aphasia Consumer Organization Inventory

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