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Working in Teams. Objectives z Be able to define team structure z Develop a team process z Learn about team culture.

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1 Working in Teams

2 Objectives z Be able to define team structure z Develop a team process z Learn about team culture

3 Team Structure z What type of team? z What is the purpose of the team? z Who is the leader of the team?

4 Types of Teams z Work Teams z Task Teams z Management teams

5 Team Structure zTeam Size z Team Membership z Team Skills z Stability of the team

6 Purpose of the Team zWhat is the purpose of the team? zEach member must understand zTeam members interest

7 Goals Once the team’s purpose is clarified, team members must set the goals the team wishes to accomplish!

8 Performance Measures zIn order to know how the team is performing, you have to have measures to gage progress zHow to choose measures y Appropriateness of measures y Progress towards content goals y Progress towards process goals y Team member growth and development

9 Leadership zIf external, then old style command and control z Team needs to have ownership of their activities zBehaviors of the leader yLiaison yResource provider y Counselor Mentor Teacher Challenger

10 Team Process Formation Development Renewal Definition Adjustment Cohesion Reinforcement Learning Transformation

11 Formation zFirst meeting of the team zDefine what they need to accomplish and how the team will operate z Develop measures for short and long term success yHaving short term goals, reinvigorates yLong term is the ultimate purpose zEstablish ground rules of operation

12 Ground Rules zWhen and where the team meets z Substitutes allowed at meetings z Team records, what,who,how z Work expectations of members z Confidentiality zParticipation…...

13 Participation Conversation Continuum Closed Open DebateDiscussionDialogue Focus is on defending and winning Focus in on persuading, prioritizing, and deciding Focus is on exploring and understanding ideas and people

14 Verbal Behaviors zWhat behaviors encourage effective participation ySet context y Ask questions of members y Use supportive statements y Seek out different perspectives y Share feelings

15 Contributor Skills zInitiation - draw out information, clarify ideas z Energize - show enthusiasm, engage in team process, show commitment zOrganize zBuild relationships zBe flexible z Learn

16 Adjustment zRevisions of the initial rules and goals zA reality check of what can be accomplished zTensions usually come up here, must reach consensus, usually about personalities z Breakpoint comes when the team gets mired in discussions about what to do and who should do what...

17 Development zCohesion zReinforcement

18 Cohesion zComes together as a team z High energy z High interest z Progress is made z Team is supportive z Develop relationships

19 Reinforcement z Cohesion builds z Homogeneity builds z Team members are comfortable with each other z Start to be interested in self- preservation and self-perpetuation z Goals should be on creativity and exploration

20 Renewal zLearning zTransformation

21 Learning zTeam learns new skills z Build relationships to accomplish task z Commitment and mutual accountability z Now, team may be confrontational over issues

22 Transformation zResults are produced from team activities z Innovative z To sustain energy, must stress and press the team zNeeds new challenges, new members, new tasks, new relationships or…...

23 Team Culture Team Values Team Rituals Team Learning

24 Team Values zCommitment to task and team members z Accountability Lead to trust between team members

25 Team Rituals z How to add new members z How to provide information to new members z How a member exits z Work rituals z How the team celebrates!

26 Team Learning z Continuous improvement process z How team resolves conflict z How the team handles diversity z Harness team creativity

27 Let’s try building some teams!

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