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The technology develops so quickly that many new things appear in human beings life. Lets guess what they are:

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3 The technology develops so quickly that many new things appear in human beings life. Lets guess what they are:

4 I am very old now. I was born in China. Many people used me for calculating( ) in the past, but now I am a bit lonely because they dont like me now. Do you know who I am? abacus Guess :

5 I am very small. I can be used for calculating. In China, a lot of students use me when solving mathematical( ) problems. Do you know who I am? calculator

6 Solve a riddle : one thing It has a big face with many keys It has two big ears which can play music You can watch TV or see a movie using it It can be seen in the office, classroom and at home. It can download information guess

7 Do you know who I am ?

8 A huge computer A huge computer

9 A PC= personal computer A notebook computer

10 We can see many brands of computers Lenovo Haier Tinghuatongfang Dell TCL Acer

11 thinking 1. What do they have in common? Using some of the following expressions in your discussion. I think that… In my opinion… I believe that… What s your reason? Why do you think so? 1.They can be used for calculating. 2.They can deal with maths problems. 3.They are our friends. 4.They are useful and helpful. ……

12 What makes up the computer? And can you name each part ? GPU/ Hard disk Main board/ CPU/ (Central processing unit) NIC/ mouse Key-board Sound box screen headphone

13 . Read through the words in the box. Use some of them to name each part of a computer in the box.. Read through the words in the box. Use some of them to name each part of a computer in the box. Monitor mouse keyboard hard disc floppy disc CD-ROM printer scanner modem Chips CPU floppy disc chips monitor modem CD-ROM scanner keyboard printer

14 1 A monitor is 2 The screen is 3 A keyboard is 4 A mouse is 5 A CD-ROM is 6 A hard disk is (a) the part of a computer that stores information. (b) the part of the computer that you type on. (c) the part of the computer that looks like a television (d) something you use to click on things (files, etc.). (e) the part of the monitor that you look at. (f) The main device that a computer uses to store information. Match the words with their meanings.

15 Reading

16 Unit 3 Computer

17 Scan the text and then answer the following questions: 1.Who is the speaker? 2.What the text might be about? Scanning

18 1.Who is the speaker ? It is a computer.

19 This reading passage is mainly about the and the of the computer. history development

20 Find out three sentences to support who the speaker is in the story. 1.Then in 1822 I was built …. (Itself was the first design of a computer) 2.My real father was Alan Turing. (He designed the first real computer.) 3.However, people thought I was simple-minded until…., (It has artificial intelligence.)

21 1.Where were you in 1642? 3 What were you called in 1936? 4 What did you get in the 1960s? What happened to you in the 1970s? 2 What happened to you in 1822?

22 Timeline 1642: __________________________ _______________________________ ____: The Analytical Machine was Made by Charles Babbage. 1936:___________________________ _______________________________ 1960s:__________________________ _______________________________ The computer began as a calculating machine in France. 1822 Alan Turing wrote a book to describe how computers could be made to work. Computers have new transistors and became smaller.

23 _____: The first family of computers was connected to each other. 1970s: _________________________ _______________________________ Now:___________________________ _______________________________ 1960s Computers were brought into peoples homes. Computers connect people all over the world together.

24 True or false True or false 1. Charles Babbage was the computers real father. 2. The speaker was built as an Analytical Machine in 1822. 3. The speaker was called a calculating machine in 1936. 4. The speaker was given a family connected by a network in the late 1960s. F [ Alan Turing. ] T [ a universal machine ] [ in the early 1960s ] F F

25 Q1: How did the computer work as an Analytical Machine? The computer followed instructions from cards with holes. Q2: In which way did computers talk to humans? Using BASIC. Q3: What does others (2.6) refer to? Other computers. 3. Questions

26 Q4: Why did people think the computer was simple-minded ? Because the computer was made as a calculating machine and was used to solve mathematical problems.

27 Q5: In how many ways do we say the computer changed? What are they? Size: Intelligence: Speed: Function: People opinion: smaller quicker cleverer calculating----dealing with …, communicating with… simple-minded----clever & useful

28 a personal computer a calculating machine an analytical machine a notebook computer a huge computer 12345

29 Changes in size 1._______________ (earlier) 2._______________ ( in the past) 3.____________________ (modern) not very big huge smaller and thinner

30 Changes of the machine Calculating machine Analytical machine Universal machine artificial intelligence PC (desktop/ notebook) Internet ? Time

31 Development in functions calculatecalculating machine --- Analytical Machine ---follow instructions universal machine--- solve mathematical problems; artificial intelligence Computer connected by a network share information with others; talk to each other; deal with information; communicate with each other

32 Discussion: what other functions will computers have in the future? Or what will computers be like?

33 Use the following expressions: I think that…… In my opinion…… I believe that…… It would be nice if…… richer and richer; stronger and stronger; easier and easier

34 Then what should we do if we want to develop more functions of the computer? Study hard. Learn as much knowledge as we can. Prepare to become great scientists!

35 Summary The history of computers

36 Name : computer Born : (time)_______ (place)_____ My father: _____________________ My size: 1._______________(earlier) 2._______________( in the past) 3.____________________(modern) My history: 1. 1642 ___________machine 2. 1822__________machine 3. 1936 __________machine 4. 1960s computers with _________ 5. 1970s ______ and ________ computers. My usage: 1. ____________ 2.____________ 3.____________ 1642 France Alan Turing not very big huge smaller and thinner Analytical calculating universal transistors PCnotebook share information. communicate with others. serve the human race.

37 Now people can use computers to deal with information and communicate with each other around the world by __________. But the development of computers has a long history. In 1642, the first computer only worked as a ________________. In 1822, an Analytical Machine was invented. In 1936,a machine was built. In ________,after getting new computers became ________________ in size, got cleverer and cleverer in intelligence, and became________________ in speed. Then they could be connected with other computers by a network, and ________ could talk to them using BASIC. In the 1970s,people began to bring them into their homes.Summary the Internet calculating machine the 1960s smaller and smaller quicker and quicker humans universal transistors,

38 People say computers have more advantages than disadvantages. Do you think so? advantagesdisadvantages A B Such as : Send an e-mail It is bad for your eyes

39 How do you use the computers in daily life How do you use the computers in daily life (1). play computer games (2). QQ chat on line (3). send emails to friends (4). download music and films (5). search for information (6). do business or work (7). use computer for school work (8). look at photographs …… Think: Which is the most important? Dont spend too much time playing games!

40 Download( ) information See a movie or watch TV Play computer games Buy goods you want Do some chatting advantages - - - - - - - improve people's ability of thinking

41 Too expensive Addicted to playing computer games - - - - - - - disadvantages People can not write right Chinese letters Virtual things ( )

42 1.Should students surf the Internet? 2.Should students go to the net bar? net bar at home Homework

43 Retelling I began as a _______ ________ in 1642 in France. In 1822 I was built as an _____ ______. Then in 1936 Alan Turing wrote a book and built a _______ ______. As the years have___ ___, I have been made___ ___ _______ but I got ____ ____ ___,____ __ ____. In the 1960s they gave me a family____ __ __ _____. Now people call it the Internet. I was _____ ____ ____ ___ in the 1970s.So I became PC. Since my birth I have truly been built to serve the human race. calculating machine Analytical Machine universal machine gone by smaller and smaller cleverer and cleverer quicker and quicker connected by a network brought into peoples homes

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