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Unit 1 Star signs. RatOx Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake.

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1 Unit 1 Star signs



4 RatOx Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake

5 Horse Goat Monkey RoosterDogPig

6 Rat ( ) Horse ( ) Ox ( ) Goat ( ) Tiger ( ) Monkey ( ) Rabbit ( ) Rooster ( ) Dragon ( ) Dog ( ) Snake ( ) Pig ( ) The 12 animal signs of the Chinese horoscope


8 Do you know the names of the creatures? ram bull fish crab lion centaur

9 22nd May-21st Jun21st Apr-21st May What is your star sign? 22nd Jun-22ndJul 23rd Jul-22nd Aug23rd Aug-22nd Sep23rd Sep-22nd Oct23rd Oct-21st Nov 22nd Nov-20th Dec21st Dec-20th Jan 21st Jan-19th Feb 20th Feb-20th Mar AB C D EFG H I J K L 21st Mar-20th Apr

10 Aries / Ɛǝ ri:z / 21st Mar –20th Apr

11 Taurus /t ɔ :r ǝ s / 21st Apr – 21st May

12 Gemini / ʤ eminai / 22nd May – 21st Jun

13 Cancer /kæns ǝ / 22nd Jun – 22nd Jul

14 Leo /li: ǝ u / 23rd Jul – 22nd Aug

15 Virgo /v ǝ :g ǝ u / 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept

16 Libra /li:br ǝ / 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct

17 Scorpio /sk ɔ :pi ǝ u/ 23rd Oct – 21st Nov

18 Sagittarius / sæ ʤ it Ɛǝ ri ǝ s/ 22nd Nov – 20th Dec

19 Capricorn /kæprik ɔ :n/ 21st Dec – 20th Jan

20 Aquarius / ǝ kw Ɛǝ ri ǝ s/ 21st Jan – 19th Feb

21 Pisces /paisi:z/ 20th Feb – 20th Mar

22 Aries / 21st Mar.-20th Apr. 21st Jan.-19th Feb. Aquarius / 20th Feb. -20th Mar. Pisces 21st Apr. - 21st May. Taurus / t ɔ :r ǝ s / / Ɛǝ ri:z / /paisi:z/ / ǝ kw Ɛǝ ri ǝ s/

23 Virgo 23rd Aug.-22nd Sept. 22nd Jun. -22nd Jul. Cancer 22nd May.-21st Jun. Gemini 23rd Jul. -22nd Aug. Leo / li: ǝ u / / kæns ǝ / / ʤ eminai / / v ǝ :g ǝ u /

24 Libra Capricorn / Scorpio 23rd Sept.-22nd Oct. 21st. Dec.---20th Jan. 23rd Oct.-21st Nov. 22nd Nov. -20th Dec. Sagittarius / /sæ ʤ it Ɛǝ ri ǝ s/ / sk ɔ :pi ǝ u/ / kæprik ɔ :n/ / li:br ǝ /

25 A: How old are you? B: Im fifteen. A: What is your animal sign? B: The rat./ I am in the year of the rat. A: When is your birthday? B: Its on 10th February. A: Oh, you are an Aquarius!

26 Questions: 1. What does Eddies star say? It says Eddie will have lots to eat and drink today.

27 Questions: 1.Who brings Eddie the newspaper? 2.What does Hobo ask Eddie to read? Why? 3.What happens to Eddies breakfast at the end of the story? Hobo. Hobo asks Eddie to read his star because it is very interesting. Hobo eats it.

28 This morning Eddie is getting ready to have breakfast when Hobo _____ him the newspaper. Eddie thinks that Hobo is very ______. Hobo asks Eddie to ______ ______ ______. He tells him it is very ____________. Eddie finds in the newspaper that he ______ _____ _____ ______ and drink today. He is very happy that he wont be _______. But while he is reading the newspaper, Hobo finishes eating his breakfast. Hobo says that he shouldnt ______ ______ ______ ______ breakfast because of his good star. How angry Eddie is! brings nice read his stars interesting has lots to eat hungry worry about not having

29 1 Language points

30 I. 10 1. We wont be h ___________because there is lots of food for us to eat today. 2. He said he was already familiar with the 12 a __________signs of the Chinese horoscope( ). 3. Look at the sign. It s________ No smoking! 4. Its nice of you to _________( )me the newspaper. 5. People in the West have twelve star s_________. ungry nimal ays bring igns

31 II. 10 1.Its nice of you___________ (help) me with my English. 2. Remember ___________ (bring) your homework next time. 3. I found it interesting___________ (hike) into the mountains. 4. We are worrying about__________ (have) no food to eat. 5. He said he had a lot of work__________ (do) this Sunday. to help to bring to hike having to do

32 Homework 1.Try to remember the star signs. 2.Finish the homework on your paper.

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