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Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s. 789 456 123.

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1 Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s

2 789 456 123

3 789 456 123 Scoreboard X O Click Here if X Wins Click Here if O Wins

4 1 True or False: If a note contains several paragraphs, each one is indented to cell 7.

5 1 Answer: True 17.4b Home

6 2 True or False: When there is reference to more than one long note in a paragraph, regardless of the print symbols, numbers, or letters, insert the braille asterisk followed by the unspaced number 1 ( 99#a ) at the first point of reference, number 2 ( 99#b ) at the second, and so on.

7 2 Answer: True 17.4c

8 3 True or False: In general, references (such as Chapter 6, page 9, line 2, or Verses 1-6) are brailled as they appear in print.

9 3 Answer: True 17.5

10 4 True or False: A book that is brailled without any indication of the print page numbers is said to be brailled using literary-style pagination.

11 4 Answer: True 17.7

12 5 True or False: When condensing references follow the rules as set forth in English Braille American Edition 1994. Rule IV.23.

13 5 Answer: True 17.5

14 6 True or False: When a dot occurs between roman numerals and arabic numbers or between numbers and letters it should be represented by the braille decimal point.

15 6 Answer: False, by the braille period 17.5a

16 7 True or False: A letter indicator is not needed in a citation only when a letter immediately follows a number, or a number and a comma, colon, or hyphen.

17 7 Answer: False, is needed 17.5a

18 8 True or False: When the name of the biblical book is abbreviated, the same rules apply except that the print abbreviation is used followed immediately by the chapter and verse numbers—each with a number indicator and no intervening space.

19 8 Answer: True 17.5b(3)

20 9 The entire ____ should be blocked; that is, each line starts in the same cell.

21 9 Answer: attribution 17.6a



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