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True Colors What color are you? Find out!. Have you ever? ► Gone skinny dipping? ► Felt like everyone comes to you for advice? ► Wondered why people do.

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1 True Colors What color are you? Find out!

2 Have you ever? ► Gone skinny dipping? ► Felt like everyone comes to you for advice? ► Wondered why people do not see the value of an orderly and organized office? ► Wished you could live alone as a hermit? ► Tried bungee jumping? ► Told an authority figure when someone broke the rules? ► Hated being in a group because you knew you would end up doing all the work? ► Procrastinated? ► Been in trouble for talking too much? ► Felt someone else’s pain? ► Felt that no one understood your analytical and theoretical ideas? ► Loved to be the center of attention? ► Cried all night long for no reason? ► Led the group? ► Felt you had to have all A’s? ► Felt the need to take care of everybody? ► Wondered why everyone else doesn’t’ like being alone like you do? ► Struggled to understand why most people do not get your sense of humor?

3 Why do you ask? ► Questions define your personality ► True Colors  Four distinctive personality types  None is better than others  All of us have all four colors  First color: Innate color (Nature)  Second color: Learned color (Nurture)  Third and Fourth colors: Underdeveloped colors

4 So What? ► Fun  Learning your colors  Finding out the colors of your colleagues, friends, and family members  Guessing your friends/family members’ colors ► Educational  Why do you just “click” with some people and just “clash” with others for no apparent reason?  Why are there students who just don’t “get” you or your teaching methods? ► Perhaps True Colors can help

5 What do you see?


7 Why True Colors? ► True Colors is a simple method for understanding behavior and what makes people tick. ► The first step to fostering successful working relationships is to identify the dominant color style of yourself and others. ► When a person is “shining” brightly, they are using their skills, talents and natural preferences in positive resourceful ways. ► They have a sense of worth and self-respect, often referred to as positive self-esteem.

8 Why True Colors? ► When our inherent needs are being met, our behavior is positive and contributes to an overall productive work environment. ► Understanding our own colors and the colors of our colleagues and students can help us make our working environments better in a variety of ways.

9 What is my color? ► Take the three tests by following the directions and discover the order of your true colors. ► The colors are  Blue  Gold  Green  Orange

10 Blue Blue represents calm. Thoughts of this color pacify us, as does a calm blue sea. It creates physiological tranquility and psychological contentment. Those with BLUE as a Primary Color value balance and harmony. They prefer lives free from tension…settled, united, and secure.

11 Blue Blue represents loyalty and a sense of belonging, and yet, when friends are involved, a vulnerability. BLUE corresponds to depth in feeling and a relaxed sensitivity. It is characterized by empathy, aesthetic experiences, and reflective awareness.

12 NURTURER BLUE ► Sensitive To Needs Of Others. ► Sincere. Expresses Appreciation. ► Cooperative. Collaborative. Creative. ► Caring. Team Builder And Player. ► People Person. Engages Others. ► Artistic. Inspirational. Spiritual. ► Inclusive. Mediator. Peacemaker. ► Idealistic. Intuitive. Romantic. Loyal. ► Seeks Unity And Harmony. Caretaker. Famous Blues: Mozart, Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), Thomas Jefferson, Cinderella, Gandhi, Mohammed Ali, Jimmy Carter

13 Gold GOLD represents a need to be solid and responsible, to fulfill duties and obligations, to organize and structure our lives and lives of others. Those with GOLD as a Primary Color value being practical and sensible. They believe that people should earn their way in life through work and service to others.

14 Gold GOLD reflects a need to belong through carrying a share of the load in all areas of living. It represents stability, organization, efficiency, and dependability. It embraces the concepts of home and family with fierce loyalty and faithfulness.

15 TRADITIONAL GOLD ► Respects Authority Rules, Routines, Policies ► Alligant, Faithful, Dependable, Prepared, Efficient ► Remembers The Traditions That Work ► Values Family ► Work Comes Before Play ► Practical. Systematic. Orderly ► Identifies With Groups ► Strives For A Sense Of Security ► Thorough, Sensible, Punctual, Convential, Proper ► A Right Way To Do Everything ► Stick-To-Itivness. ► Evaluates Actions As Right Or Wrong ► Stable. Organized. Punctual. Helpful Famous Golds: Mother Teresa, George Washington, Santa Claus, LBJ, George Washington, Joan Rivers, Henry Ford, Florence Nightingale

16 Green GREEN persons increase their own esteem by being assertive and intellectual. They tend to depend upon information rather than feelings. Green values practical and creative application of theory and data.

17 Green GREEN represents persistence, determination, firmness, and consistency. Those with GREEN as a Primary Color value intellect and capability above all else.

18 VISIONARY GREEN VISIONARY GREEN ► Looks Forward And Sees Impact Of Actions Taken Now. ► Explores All Facets Before Deciding. Checks for Accuracy. ► Careful Planner. Systemataic. Enlivened By Work. ► Status Quo Buster. Designer Of Change. Inventive. ► Systematic. Logical. Theoretical. Self-Sufficient. ► Often Not In The Mainstream. Persistent. Thorough. ► Intellectual. Inquisitive. Impartial. Improvement Oriented. Famous Greens: Socrates, Sherlock Holmes, Benjamin Franklin, Carl Jung, Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Katherine Hepburn, Rosalyn Carter

19 Orange ORANGE represents energy, power, and strength. Those with ORANGE as a Primary Color feel the will to achieve results to win, to be successful. They desire all things that offer intense living and full experience.

20 Orange ORANGE is action: sport, struggle, competition, and productivity.

21 ADVENTUROUS ORANGE ► "Just Do It" Action Oriented. ► Quick-witted, Charming, Spontaneous ► Playful. Injects fun into work. ► Lives In Here & Now. Risk taker. Creative. ► Enjoys Diversity, Variety, Competition. ► Multi-tasker, Cheerful, Energetic. Bold. ► Quick Thinking and Acting. Takes Charge. ► High Visibility Performer. Accepts Challenges. ► Enjoys Problem Solving. Negotiator. ► Performs Well Under Pressure. Resilient. Famous Oranges: JFK, Amelia Earhart, Lucille Ball, Rhett Butler, FDR, Francis of Assisi, Lee Iacocca, Winston Churchill, Garfield

22 Take the Test

23 The Blue Student Values ► Creating and Maintaining Harmony ► Cooperation/Teamwork ► Creativity ► Warm and Genuine Human Contact ► Effective Interpersonal Communication ► Individuality ► Self-Actualization and Esteem ► Understanding Others and being Understood ► Optimism ► Democracy ► Belonging; Being Accepted and Liked ► Generosity ► Meeting Others’ needs ► Pleasant, Attractive Environment

24 The Gold Student Values ► Orderliness ► Responsibility ► Permanence ► Stability ► Organization ► Reliability and dependability ► Thoroughness ► Industriousness and Productivity ► Accuracy ► Efficiency ► Fairness ► Cooperation ► Belonging ► Tradition ► Doing Things for Others ► Safety and Security ► Following Rules and Regulations ► Maintaining the System ► Achieving Goals and Maintaining Standards

25 The Green Student Values ► Autonomy ► Objectivity ► Independence ► Ingenuity ► Logic/rationality ► Competence ► Cool Headedness Under Pressure ► Conceptual Creativity in Planning Design Implementation ► Privacy ► Orientation Toward the Future

26 The Orange Student Values ► Action ► Freedom to Express themselves ► Sensory Stimulation ► Fraternity ► Play ► Variety ► Excitement ► Showing off and receiving recognition ► Completing Tasks Quickly ► Cleverness ► Impact on Others ► Performance ► Skillfulness, Agility, Precision ► Spontaneity/Do it Now for Immediate Results and Reward

27 Who am I? ► “Be prepared” ► Love to plan ► Detail oriented ► Service oriented ► Values family traditions ► Helpful and trustworthy ► Conservative and stable ► “Should” and “Should Not” ► Rarely breaks the speed limit ► Strives for a sense of security ► Punctual, predictable, precise ► Value order and the status quo ► Duty, loyalty, useful, responsible ► There is a right way to do everything ► Tends to be left-brained and analytical ► Strong belief in policies, procedures, rules ► Most comfortable with a formal environment

28 Who am I? ► Mediator ► Optimistic ► Caretaker ► Passionate ► Peacemakers ► True Romantics ► Cause Oriented ► Need to Feel “Special” ► Always Has a Kind Word ► Enjoys Symbols of Romance ► Strong Sense of Spirituality ► Sensitive to Needs of Others ► Peace, Harmony, Relationships ► Motivate and Encourage Others ► Cooperative Rather Than Competitive

29 Who am I? ► “Should be able to” ► “Why” ► Intellectual ► Theoretical ► Idea People ► Philosophical ► Very complex ► Perfectionists ► Standard setters ► Visionaries, futurists ► Can never know enough ► Cool, calm, and collected ► Work is play—play is work ► Often not it the mainstream ► Abstract, conceptual, global ► Need for independence and private time ► Explores all facets before making decisions ► Knows how to spell and pronounce “big” words ► Approaches interpersonal relationships in a logical manner

30 Who am I? ► Playful ► Energetic ► Charming ► Risk taker ► “Just Do I” ► Test Limits ► Quick witted ► Master negotiator ► Creative, inventive ► “Let’s make a deal” ► A natural Entertainer ► High need for mobility ► Visual and kinesthetic ► Pushes the boundaries ► Natural non-conformist ► Thrives on competition ► Likes tangible rewards ► External locus of control ► Stimulates the economy ► Impulsive and spontaneous ► Appreciates immediate feedback ► Tends to be left/right brain integrated ► Most productive in informal environments

31 In Temporal Terms… ► BLUE is the present and the future. ► GOLD is the past and the present. ► GREEN is the future. ► ORANGE is the present.

32 Money ► Gold  Saves it ► Green  Invests it ► Blue  Gives it away ► Orange  Spend it

33 Life ► Gold  Plans life ► Green  Thinks about life ► Blue  Experiences life ► Orange  Lives life

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