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Fresenius Medical Care Peritoneal Dialysis Connections

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1 Fresenius Medical Care Peritoneal Dialysis Connections
Baxter to Safe-Lock Connection

2 Connections using Fresenius Medical Care products
This inservice is not intended to replace the advice or training from your physician. Refer to the Instructions For Use (IFU) for detailed device description, instructions, contraindications, warnings, and precautions. Fresenius Medical Care, DEL-CLAMP, Stay●Safe, Safe-Lock, DELFLEX and FREEDOM are trademarks of Fresenius Medical Care Holdings Inc. or its affiliated companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

3 Fresenius Products Baxter is a trademark of Baxter International Inc. or its affiliates. Instructions on how to use Baxter products were reproduced from the manufacturer’s literature and were current at the time of print. Instructions are included for the patient's convenience but Fresenius Medical Care North America does not specifically endorse the use of these products or assume any liability related to their use. Should there be any differences between the instructions listed in this manual and the instructions for use provided with the medical devices referenced, the instructions provided with the medical device should be taken as accurate."

4 Connections using Fresenius Medical Care products
Note: for clarity the model is shown not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Follow your facility’s policies and procedures for use of personal protective equipment. It is vital to maintain sterility of the connectors during connection procedures.

5 Safe-Lock Systems Please note Safe-Lock systems include: Delflex Premier Plus exchange set Freedom Y-set with snap disconnect All Freedom cycler tubing sets Newton cycler set with safe lock connectors 8 Lead Safe-Lock Manifold set

6 Safe-Lock Connections
Catheter adapter on catheter 4 inch convertible extension set Extension set with roller clamp Premier transfer set Patient catheter or extension tubing segment with Del-clamp The patient’s Safe-Lock connector or extension set will look like one of the above. These are photos of the patient catheter or catheter extension set with a tubing segment secured with a DEL-CLAMP clamp attached.

7 Baxter patient to Safe-Lock system
A Convertible Extension Set or Premier Transfer Set with Luer Patient Connector will allow the patient with a Baxter PD system to use Fresenius Safe-Lock supplies while in the hospital. Convertible Extension NEED BETTER BAXTER PICTURE Premier Transfer Set with Luer Patient Connector Patient using Baxter Safe-Lock Supplies

8 Baxter patient to Safe-Lock system
1. Gather supplies 4 inch Convertible Extension (P/N # ) Safe-Lock solution set and related supplies for transfer set connection and exchange procedure. or 8 inch Premier Transfer Set with Luer Patient Connector (P/N # )

9 Baxter patient to Safe-Lock system
1. Remove blue sterility cap at small end of Fresenius adapter. 2. Remove the mini-cap from the Baxter patient extension set. 3 1 2 NEED BAXTER TO CONVERTIBLE WITHOUT DELCLAMP 3. Attach the Fresenius set to the end of the Baxter extension set. Proceed with exchange as per procedure. 3

The patient should return to his/her home or clinic with the additional extension in place. This practice will allow the patient to return home and resume dialysis without interruption. Instruct the patient to remove any adaptors added to their extension set at the beginning of the next exchange or as directed by the PD clinic nurse.

11 Select the System the Hospital Uses
Choose the type of catheter or transfer set and the type of system utilized. Look down the column and across the row to the adapter needed. Click on the icon in the box to take you to the procedure Select the catheter or transfer set used by the patient. Select the System the Hospital Uses Catheter or Transfer Set or or With Luer-Lock Adapter Titanium With Safe-Lock Adapter With Baxter Transfer Set With Fresenius Safe-Lock transfer Set With Fresenius Stay-Safe Transfer Set Hospital Uses Baxter Supplies Add Baxter Transfer Set 5C4484 Add FMC Universal Connector or pre-filled No Change Needed Add FMC Convertible Adapter and Baxter 5C4484 Stay●Safe Luer Lock Adapter 4” Hospital Uses Fresenius (FMC) Safe-Lock Supplies Add Safe-Lock Transfer Set with Luer Lock Adapter No Change Needed OR Add a FMC Safe-Lock Transfer Set with a Safe-Lock Adapter Add Convertible Extension 4” Stay●Safe Safe-Lock Adapter Hospital Uses FMC Stay-Safe Supplies Stay● Safe Extension Set with Luer lock Patient Connector Stay● Safe Extension Set with Safe lock Patient Connector Add Stay● Safe Luer Lock Adapter and a Baxter Transfer Set 5C4484 Add Stay● Safe Extension set with Safe-Lock Patient connector

12 Please contact your Fresenius Clinical Sales Representative at
if you have questions regarding the use of a Fresenius PD system or adapter.

13 CD Available through Customer Service
(P/N # )

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