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Table Top Exercise Spring Severe Weather Seminar 2011.

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1 Table Top Exercise Spring Severe Weather Seminar 2011

2 Objectives To help us all learn about other’s roles in emergency situations To learn how information is passed along between roles

3 Groups Carlisle County Ballard McCracken Marshall Southern Illinois Livingston Marshall

4 Roles Media Ems (1, 2, 3) School Administrators Businesses Emergency Response –911 –Police –Spotters –Rescue

5 How this will happen 5 Minute increments of radar and reports Write down on your response sheet what you might do during that time frame We will broadly discuss issues when done – each group will have a representative

6 Background Region quickly updated from Slight to High Risk Multiple supercells with long track tornadoes possible No time for conference call Tornado watch issued Storms forecast to move ~60 mph

7 2 PM - Friday Tornado Warning Area

8 Reports Damage Report: Possible tornado touchdown at New Page paper mill. Damage appears to be heavy with possible fatalities and numerous injuries. Potential issues with toxic chemicals

9 205 PM


11 Reports Damage is also being reported in Blandville. Large portions of the town have been damaged or destroyed. No power in the area. No word of injuries or fatalities, but looking at the damage, highly likely. Ballard EM is asking for help.

12 210 PM

13 Reports Tornado being reported by spotters south of Blandville Road along The Ballard/Graves County line. Moving east- fast. Appears to be a large tornado. Tornado Emergency being Declared for McCracken County.

14 215 PM

15 Reports

16 Large tornado, moving NE, reported along Highway 45 near Lebanon Church Road Report from NWS – Tornado heading toward the Reidland area. Will cross I- 24 near exit 11.

17 220 PM

18 Reports Tornado crossing 284 heading toward James Marine.

19 225 PM

20 Reports

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