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Google Power Tools ‘Get A Handle On The Cutting Edge’ Sara Newman Distance Learning & TLC Coordinator South Seattle Community College

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1 Google Power Tools ‘Get A Handle On The Cutting Edge’ Sara Newman Distance Learning & TLC Coordinator South Seattle Community College Bill Newman Information Technology Instructor Seattle Community Colleges

2 Content Management (CM) As “content emitters”, people want to Collaborate, Search and Store Feature Rich AND Simple - hard to do both High priority for Corporations & Organizations New Frontier for the Web?

3 Content Management (CM) Tools The technologies used to: Capture/Create Collaborate Manage Store Deliver... digital files (images, audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, etc.)

4 Educational CM Challenges Low adoption rates Varying tech skill levels Not always appropriate Busy, underpaid, underappreciated Can't force people to use If ‘IT’ not main focus, must be “High Gain, Low Pain”

5 Content Management Solutions? Proprietary Tools Custom & Open Source Tools Web Tools

6 Proprietary Tools SharepointSharepoint, ThinkFreeThinkFree ◦ High Implementation Cost ◦ Ongoing Licensing ◦ Low Adoption Rates ◦ Labor Intensive ◦ Security Concerns ◦ Hardware Upgrades? ◦ Questionable Purchase?

7 Custom Tools Some limitations as Proprietary Tools, and in addition: Support Concerns Continued Development (DIY?) Higher Labor, Support costs, or both

8 Integrated Web Tools Google AppsGoogle Apps, ZohoZoho Work Entirely Through a Browser Handle Access to Documents Allow Collaboration & Sharing of Documents Additional Rich Content Features

9 Google Apps (what are they?) Web Based Tools Office Style Documents Encourages Collaboration Documents Always Accessible Integrated Search

10 Google Apps vs. Google Tools Google Tools is a generic term for all tools provided by Google Google Apps is a specific bundle of tools and services (set up video!) (the steps!)

11 Google – The Verb The VerbThe Verb Declared a verb in 2006 (Added to Merriam Webster and Oxford English dictionaries) Ubiquitous, but in a good way? Sets standards for search Sets standards for less intrusive ads High embedded adoption among public Growing and developing continually

12 GOOGLE TOOLS commonly used by educators … (when not using Google Apps) BLOGGER – Great for Journaling & Feedback CALENDARS – integrated into websites!integrated into websites DOCS – Spreadsheet, Word Processing, Presentation collaboration! (great 2 min video about value)great 2 min video about value GMAIL – Has chat tool, recognizes calendar events, can easily forward mail to preferred e-mail acct., etc.! GROUPS – Discussion Board with file sharing and page creation capabilities. PAGE CREATOR – We don’t need to be web developers! Get 3 sub-domains & 100 MB of free space! PICASA – Digital image/video storage & sharing SEARCH – integration in all tools!

13 Google App Editions Editions FREE – 6.5 GB, per user, with Ads FREE EDUCATION – 6.5 GB, per user PREMIUM – 25 GB, ($50, per acct. yearly) GMAIL, CHAT/TALK, CALENDAR, DOCS, SITES & START Page And continually adding new features!new features

14 Google Apps - For Organization Upload, Create, Store, Share & Collaborate Low Hardware/Software requirements Low ongoing costs Integrate & collaborate Easy & Self Evident Interface and setup Embedded public acceptance No vendor lock!! Cross Platform!! Less Support Required

15 Google Apps - For Education Branding More Document Space Integration for Students, Teachers, Committee Work Customized Email Addressing Calendar Integration Single Sign On Intranet Access Control Reduced Campus Security

16 Try it! Low Risk Security Concerns Decrease School Resources Decrease No mandatory hardware/software upgrades No ongoing costs Low Adoption? (no cost)

17 WIIFM? (What’s In It For Me?) Faculty from Missouri? (Show Me State) Tools Should be: 1.Quick To Use and Learn 2.Self Evident (Easy to understand) 3.Useful in at least one obvious way Demonstrate use for: Accreditation, committees, departments, classes and personal use

18 Click Me People of today are results oriented. If tools aren't easy, (self evident) and expose their value quickly, they are quickly bypassed Google Tools and Apps are designed with a simple interface Google wishes to set the high bar for reaching the lowest common denominator

19 Disadvantages? Document formatting not as rich, yet Navigation moves, on occasion  Documentation can be lacking Attempt to be self-evident, not always so Number of available tools dwarfs the important ones (calendar, & integration)

20 Show Me! Google Tools (not Google Apps) support page for SSCC Educators: ◦ Google Apps (SSCC) Small (no audio) video of what we have so far (we just started this week!) – best viewed in Internet Explorer: ◦ tourofssccgoogleapps/educause- tourofssccgoogleapps.html tourofssccgoogleapps/educause- tourofssccgoogleapps.html

21 Testimonials and Support info Educator/University testimonial videos! ins/customers.html#edu ins/customers.html#edu Admin features: ins/admin_features.html ins/admin_features.html Tours and Demos: ins/tour.html ins/tour.html

22 Why Google Apps? Requires Less: ◦ Support - School Resources – Security Adds: ◦ Collaboration ◦ Integration ◦ School branding Bottom Line: High gain, low pain

23 Assessment and Evaluation Please fill out Educause Assessment forms For further help/information please contact Sara Newman anytime at… and/or SSCC Office phone (206) 768-6698 Thank you! :)

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