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Rebuilding Together Volunteer Information. Rebuilding Together Our Mission Rebuilding Together is the nation’s leading nonprofit working to preserve affordable.

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1 Rebuilding Together Volunteer Information

2 Rebuilding Together Our Mission Rebuilding Together is the nation’s leading nonprofit working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities. Our network of more than 200 affiliates provides free rehabilitation and critical repairs to the homes of low-income Americans.

3 Volunteers We are looking for compassionate volunteers willing to work as a team to complete home maintenance for individuals who cannot repair their own homes. You must be 16 years of age. To do roof work or use power tools you must be 18 years or older. We accept all Volunteers regardless of age, or knowledge of skilled work

4 What to Expect What is the typical job site like? ▫After talking with the director volunteers are given specific jobs based on their previous experience and qualifications. ▫A typical job runs 9-4 for a full day. We stay until the job is finished. ▫Volunteers usually stay at least half of the time, but any amount of time you can commit is helpful. ▫On site instruction is provided, and skilled workers are available for jobs that require it. ▫We do all our work at the persons home while they continue with their normal daily routines.

5 Working Hours Hours January/February/March/April Tuesday - Friday starting at 9:00AM ▫May/June Tuesday - Saturday starting at 9:00AM ▫July/August Tuesday - Saturday starting at 8:00AM ▫September/October Tuesday - Saturday starting at 9:00AM ▫November/December Tuesday - Friday starting at 9:00AM

6 Our Clients-The Homeowners The homeowners that we help are typically low income people that are not able to fix the much needed repairs to their home. Often they are elderly or disabled. It is very important that we respect all homeowners and that they remain confidential.

7 Tools- Helpful Hints One way of getting injured on the job is using the wrong tool for the wrong job. Here are some helpful hints for using. ▫Chose the right tool for a specific job. Never use a tool not designed for the job you are doing. ▫Never carry tools in your pockets. ▫When chipping or cutting, wear eye protection. ▫Be wary of the effect of your actions on other nearby workers. ▫Use a pulling motion to operate hand tools rather than a pushing method. ▫Never leave hand tools in areas where they may be kicked off onto lower levels or where they may be a tripping hazard. ▫Never improvise. ▫Never remove an electrical cord by jerking it; pull it away from power by the plug. ▫Always be sure that power tools are electrically safe.

8 Common Tools We Use Here are some common tools we use on the job site to familiarize yourself with. These tools will already be available at the job site for you. ▫Tape Measure, Framing Square ▫Shovels, Spade, Ho, ▫Hammer, Screw Drivers, Nail Gun, Wrenches ▫Power Hand Drill ▫Level and Plumb Line ▫Circular Saw, Hand Saw, Power Saw ▫Masonry Tools- Mason's Trowel, Rotary Hammers and Hammer Drills, Screeders

9 Helpful Websites These links provide you with information and instructions on how to use tools if you are unfamiliar. A video series on using hand tools: tools.html Huge list of helpful links about construction tools, sites, jobs, etc: Beginner’s Guide to Power Tools: Common Tools for Electrical Work: Woodworking Tools:

10 ADA Universal Guidelines At Rebuilding Together we follow the codes of conduct for Universal Design which allows for safe and usable products but everyone regardless of their ability or limitations. Principles ▫Equitable in use ▫Flexibility in use ▫Simple and Intuitive ▫Perceptible Information ▫Tolerance of Error ▫Low Physical Effort ▫Size and Space approach to use

11 Safety Tips We make sure that all safety regulations are met in the homes. We report or fix any other major hazards to the home owner. It is important to familiarize yourself with common tools for job sites. Ask if you are unsure of how to do something or use equipment properly. Dress for the Weather. Wear close toed shoes. Drink Plenty of fluids and bring water to the job site. Use proper lifting techniques. Lift with your legs not your back and don’t lift something you feel may be too heavy for you, ask for help.

12 Staying Safe on the Job Site Wearing proper eye ware is essential Wear a mask when working with a saw, insulation, or when loose particles are in the air. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Use the ladder properly: ▫Stand on the correct side of the ladder, on even ground ▫Don’t stand too high on the ladder

13 First Aid In Case of serve trauma or an Emergency please call 911! Cuts ▫Clean the wound ▫Apply Pressure and Elevate ▫Bandage- Keep completely covered while working Burns ▫Run under cold water ▫Bandage if open wound, especially while working. Choking ▫If the person is making noise DO NOTHING. Only encourage them to keep coughing. DO Not pat on the back this could cause the obstructions to wedge further or enter lungs causing an infection. ▫ If the person is unable to make sound perform the Heimlick Maneuver. Be sure to ask permission before beginning.

14 First Aid-Heimlick Maneuver

15 Communication Communication skills are important with both homeowners and other volunteers. Be respectful when talking, don’t use slang, or inappropriate language. Refrain from talking about controversial issues that may cause friction. Treat each person as an individual and don’t make assumptions about their abilities. If you experience any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable please report it to the director.

16 Older Populations The aging US population is growing rapidly and makes up a large portion of our homeowners. It is important to be familiar with their common needs. ▫Many of the older population experience physical disabilities or limitations. It is important to take the homeowners specific needs into consideration when making repairs. ▫You may need to speak loudly and directly to them in order for them to understand or hear. ▫Some may have medical needs that may require specific actions to be taken. ▫There may be a need to construct special home modifications to aid them in better mobility and safety around the house. Ask the Director if you notice any complications, or special needs a person may have or if you feel unsure about any situation. Senior Citizens of Muncie are prompted to dial the number (211) to receive assistance on organizations that can meet their needs.

17 Contact Information Email is the preferred means of communication Email ▫ Director of operations ▫Michelle Kaichuck – 765-748-4922 Office Phone ▫765-744-9203 Address ▫1107 East Main Street Muncie, IN 47303 Mailing Address ▫Rebuilding Together Delaware County P.O. Box 89 Muncie, IN 47308

18 Officers on the Board Greg Maynard, President Brad Durrer, Vice-President Genia Armstrong, Secretary Jeff Hathaway, Treasurer

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