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Unit 2 Theres no shouting and no running. Barbara Shen.

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1 Unit 2 Theres no shouting and no running. Barbara Shen

2 Useful expressions do experiments not allowed to do.. different from… … work out, try out, space technology obey the rules drop in / above all,

3 What kind of museum is it? the History Museum

4 What sort of museum is it? the Science Museum

5 usual museum science museum Talk about the differences in the two museums boring exhibit not allowed to quet serious busy unusual fun interesting noisy do experiments

6 The Science Museum in London

7 Read the passage and answer the questions 1. In what way is the Science Museum different from other museums? 2. Where does Tony go when he visits the Science Museum? 3. What else is there to see in the Science Museum?

8 The most unusual museum in London is the Science Museum. In most museums, theres no shouting and no running, and you arent allowed to touch the exhibits. But the Science Museum is different…because its noisy! People talk about what they can see and do there, and some of the machines are noisy as well. Visiting the Science Museum is fun and its a great way to learn about science because you can work things out and try out ideas. The science museum in London

9 When I visit the Science Museum, I go to the Launch Pat. This is my favourite room because you can do physics experiments. For example, if you want to fill a bag with falling sand, you have to move a kind of truck on wheels into the correct position. You can also learn how to make explosions. I also go to the Rocket Show. You can learn how we travel into space and back again.

10 Then I go upstairs to the Human and Nature room. You can compare your speed with animals there. You hear a noise and push a button. If you arent fast enough, the lion catches you! Im faster than all my friends, but the lion still catches me. The science museum in London

11 There are also rooms on transport, the environment and space technology, as well as maths, physics and chemistry. The science museum in London

12 You can do a lot of things in this museum, but you have to obey some rules as well. For example, you mustnt take photos of the exhibits in the museum. But you can buy postcards of them in the museum shops. The science museum in London

13 Above all, the Science Museum is free. That means you can drop in for a few minutes or you can stay as long as you like----its open every day, from 10am to 6pm. So if you ever go to London, make sure you visit the Science Museum. Its my favourite museum in the whole world. The science museum in London

14 Complete the table Name of museum place Favourite room Exhibit/ Experiment Rule Open Charge London Science Museum London physics experiments musnt take photos from 10am to 6am free Launch Pat

15 See you~ mindy

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