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“Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti

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1 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
Real culture is neither a matter of breeding, nor of learning, nor of talent, nor even of genius, but of the timeless movement to find happiness… truth. When this movement is blocked by authority , by tradition, by fear, there is decay. - 7

2 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
Your parents and society want you to live safely, and you also want to live safely. Living safely generally means living in limitation and therefore in fear. Surely, the function of education is to help each one of us to live freely and without fear, is it not?

3 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
Do you know what intelligence is? It is the capacity, surely to think freely, without fear, without a formula, so that you begin to discover for yourself what is real, what is true. But if you are frightened you will never be intelligent. 11

4 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
As long as you conform, as long as you are ambitious, acquisitive, corrupting and destroying others in the pursuit of position and power, you are considered a respectable citizen. You are educated to fit into society. But that is not education, it is merely a process which conditions you to conform to a pattern.

5 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
The man who really wants to find out whether or not there is a state beyond the framework of time, must be free of civilization; that is, he must be free of the collective will and stand alone. And this is an essential part of education…to learn to stand alone so that you are not caught either in the will of the many or in the will of the one… 52

6 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
Real life is doing something which you love to do with your whole being so that there is no inner contradiction, no war between what you are doing and what you think you should do. 79

7 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
This world is ours, we are human beings living together. And if a man is seeking (truth) he shuns temples because they divide people The Christian church, the Mohammedan mosque, your own Hindu temple—they are all divide people, and a man who is seeking (truth) will have none of these things. 93

8 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
Now, if you can see through this whole social structure, the cultural pattern of the collective will which we call civilization—if you can understand all that and break away from it, break through the prison walls of your particular society, whether Hindu, communist, or Chrisitian, then you will find that there comes a confidence which is not tainted with the sense of arrogance. It is the confidence of innocence.

9 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
Our present education is rotten because it teaches us to love success and not what we are doing. The result has become more important than the action. 132

10 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
We dig a little hole and barricade ourselves in it with our families, with our ambitions, our cultures, our fears, our gods, our various forms of worship, and there we die letting life go by—that life which is impermanent, constantly changing, which is so swift, which has such enormous depths, such extraordinary vitality and beauty. 154

11 “Think On These Things” J. Krishnamurti
Unless we are deeply religious, we shall only create more confusion, further misery; and religion has nothing to do with priest, churches, dogmas, or organized beliefs… Religion is the seeking out of what is truth…and this search requires enormous energy, wide intelligence, and subtle thinking

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