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18. While watching television, ____. A. the doorbell rang B. the doorbell rings C. we heard the doorbell ring D. we heard the doorbell ring.

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7 18. While watching television, ____. A. the doorbell rang B. the doorbell rings C. we heard the doorbell ring D. we heard the doorbell ring While listening to the teacher _____. A. it began to rain heavily outside B. a rushing wind began to blow C. Jack came into the classroom D. I saw a bird fly in 19. John, look at the time. ____ you play the piano at such a late hour? A. Must B. Can C. May D. Need 20. You cant catch me! Janet shouted, ____ away. A. run B. running C. to run D. ran : "We can't go out in this weather "said Bob out of the window A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked




11 1. ___little that he said on ___ subject was full of wisdom. A. The; a B. A; the C. X; a D. The; the 2. The operation turned out to be ___ failure, ___ try as the expert might once more. A. a; X B. the; a C. X ; a D. the ; X 3. What would you like to drink? I prefer green tea to black ___. A. it B. one C. tea D. that 4. I badly need a cell phone but I had no money to buy ___. A. one B. it C. that D. any

12 5. Have you got a ticket for the football match? No. The price was too ___ A. highB. expensive C. greatD. much 6. By 1929, Mickey Mouse was as ___with children as Coca-Cola. A. pleased B. satisfied C. worried D. popular 7. He said it was ____impossible to buy the novel which was ____ worth reading. A. very; very B. very; quite C. much; much D. quite; well 8. Whoever is never ____ with the progress he has made will be a success. A. content B. proud C. full D. filled

13 9. It is a good way for us to memorize new words by seeing them ____. A. properly B. repeatedly C. clearly D. usually 10. The teacher spoke in such a low voice in today' s class that I could hear ____ nothing. A. almost B. nearly C. hardly D. mostly 11. They said nothing, looking ____ at the headmaster. A. sad B. worried C. excited D. coldly 12. I prefer to take the 1:30 p.m. train to Washington. It runs ___, doesn't it? A. fastly B. fast C. more fastly D. too much fast

14 13. The children were still ___ awake, when the clock struck twelve for the New Year's Day. A. widely B. wide C. wildly D. wild 14. Mrs. Brown complained ____ when she heard that she had to work on Sunday. A. seriously B. bitterly C. terribly D. exactly 15. Are you satisfied with her answer? Not at all. It couldn't have been ____. A. worse B. badly C. better D. the worst 16. She promised to phone. I heard nothing,_______. A. but B. instead C. though D. however

15 17.I don't know the __ income of the family, but I do know it is very small. A. true B. real C. actual D. exactly 18.Mary has been ill in bed for a week. I wonder if she is __ better now. A. much B. rather C. any D. some 19. Are you feeling __ better today? No, I'm feeling ___ worse. A. by far; quite B. more; very C. fairly; rather D. any; even 20. He left his hometown in 1976 and hasn' t been heard of __ A. later B. then C. since D. before

16 21. After the flood, the villagers are trying to get things back to ____. A. usual B. ordinary C. normal D. common 22. Children are always ____ about what they see for the first time. A. pleased B. curious C. interesting D. fond 23. His laziness at work made him ____ with his workmates. A. distrusted B. disliked C. unpopular D. unwelcome 24. These plastic flowers look so __ that many people think they are real. A. natural B. splendid C. similar D. fresh

17 25. Do you regret paying 15 dollars for this dictionary? No, I would gladly pay __ for it. A. twice as much B. twice such much C. twice as many D. twice so many 26. Do you know our school will be enlarged soon? Of course. It will be __ in size, as far as I know. A. very large B. three times as large C. the largest D. larger three times 27.What he said just now had little to do with the question ___ discussion. A. on B. in C. under D. at 28. In some country more than one hundred languages are spoken, ___ which only fourteen are recognized as official. A. within B. in C. with D. of

18 29. You say you will not do it but I say you ___ do it. A. will B. would C. shall D. might 30. Father was so pleased that my novel ___have won the first prize. A. should B. might C. would D. could 31. David and my friends had not passed the driving test, ___ they began to take the special lessons. A. after B. until C. before D. when 32. The meeting would be a success, ____held it. A. who B. the one C. anyone D. whoever

19 33. Did David remember to give Mary the money he owed her? Yes. he gave it to her ___ he saw her. A. while B. directly C. suddenly D. once 34. The beginners are required to find out ______ the difference between American pronunciation and British pronunciation lie. A. what B. how C. where D. which 35. We could clearly see the sun rising from ___ we stood. A. which B. a place C. where D. the top

20 36. I would have gone to attend the lecture with you. ___. A. With pleasure B. Why not C. What a pity D. Good idea 37. Linda will not come for the dinner party because of what her roommate said. ___. I wish she could talk with her soon. A. What a pity B. It doesn't matter C. Don't worry D. Take it easy 38. Gone are the days when China ___ on foreign oil. A. had depended B. depended C. has depended D. depends 39. By the time she retires from office, she ___ for the hospital. A. will have paid B. had paid C. will pay D. have paid

21 40. ___to that technical college, some special subject will have to be taken. A. We going B. Our going C. On going D. We go 41. The villagers sat under a big tree chatting and seeing a house burning, ____up without hesitation. A. would rush B. rushing C. rushed D. to rush 42. The manager promised to keep me ___ of how our business was going on. A. to be informed B. on informing C. informed D. informing 43. ___, her director attended the lecture instead of her the day before yesterday. A. Her being ill B. She being ill C. Being ill D. She was ill

22 44. The government officials ___ their journey so that they could arrive in London before dark. A. enjoyed B. charged C. timed D. made 45. The students are well___ the exam. They are sure to get good marks A. prepared for B. to prepare C. prepared D. preparing 46. For nearly five hours we waited for the decision, only ___ to return the next day. A. telling us B. to be told C. being told D. to tell us 47. Just because you have lived with me together for many years, you think you can ___ my mind. A. set B. know C. read D. keep 48. So many people wanted to go home for the Spring Festival that another bus had to be ___. A. put through B. put on C. put over D. put forward

23 49. They sang a very popular song so that everyone could ___. A. join up B. join in C. take up D. take in 50. She ___all the bills whether they were correct before she started off. A. tested B. tied C. checked D. proved 51. They are to ___ more special textbooks next year to meet the students requirements. A. turn out B. turn up C. turn over D. turn in 52. Would you like to go to the fine picture show with me, Mum? Sorry, but it is ______ for teachers only. A. admitted B. intended C. promised D. permitted

24 53. For miles around me, there was nothing but a desert, without a single tree __ A. in sight B. on earth C. at a distance D. in place 54. This class named __ Lei Feng is one of the best classes in this school. A. in honour of B. in the place of C. in favour of D. in the way of 55. I couldn't make out what they were saying, for they spoke to me _____ A. right away B. all the time C. in all D. at once 56. I came home very late last night,____, early this morning. A. at latest B. on the whole C. in a word D. or rather

25 57. You have made a few mistakes in your composition but ___ you have done well. A. first of all B. on the whole C. on the other hand D. generally speaking 58. May we come in right now? Certainly, but only two are allowed ___. A. at a time B. in a while C. at one time D. for a while 59. Could you tell me where Jim lives? ___ Jim used to live next door to us, and now he is living in another town. A. At the time B. At one time C. At a time D. At times

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