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Listening Unit2 Workbook. 1 How many ways are there to become a British citizen? 2 Which group of British citizens has the largest number? 3 How have.

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1 Listening Unit2 Workbook

2 1 How many ways are there to become a British citizen? 2 Which group of British citizens has the largest number? 3 How have the black British contributed to the British culture? Three People with British parents or born in Britain. With their music and food. 1 Listen to Parts 1 and 2 of the tape and answer a British these questions.

3 2 Listen to Part 1 and fill in the first column. Then listen to Part2 an complete the other two. Group1Group2Group3 1 _____ in the old British Empire 2_______ to become British 1 having one British ________ 2 _________ in Britain asking to become British after living in Britain for ____ years born choosebeing born five parent

4 2. Tick the people who could become British. Rod Jone Mary Smith Claude Lebon Jonh Nkosi His parents are British citizens. His parents are Canadians and has not live in England long enough He was born in England Although neither his parents are British, but he has lived in the UK for ten years.

5 LISTENING TEXT WHO ARE BRITISH CITIZENS? Liu Lei (LL) is talking with Sarah (S) about British people. LL: Sarah, did you say that Britain is a multicultural country?

6 S: Yes, I did. We have people from different cultures and countries. LL: I dont quite understand. If they come from different cultures and countries, how do you know that theyre British? S: Well, there are three different groups of British citizens. Let me tell you about the first group.

7 A long time ago Britain ruled many countries. When these countries became independent, their people were given a choice. They could either become British citizens or remain in their own country. LL: Now let me see if Ive got it right. Did you say that they had to choose which country to belong to?

8 S: Yes, and many chose to remain in their own country, but some wanted to be British and came to Britain. LL: I see. So thats the first group. Part 2 LL: So what about the second and third groups?

9 S: Well, the second groups easy. Theyre people with British parents or who were born in Britain. This is the largest number of British citizens. LL: And the third group?

10 S: They come from other countries. But if a person lives and works in Britain for five years they can become a British citizen. LL: I see. What if you have black skin?

11 S: It doesnt matter what colour your skin is! Many black people came from the Caribbean, India or Pakistan to set up small businesses. Theyre all British now. LL: Have they contributed to British culture?

12 S: Oh yes, with their music and food, of course! Weve a new national dish from India called chicken tikka masala. It is now more popular than our traditional national dish of fish and chips. So you can see how truly multicultural we are!

13 Excuse me… Im afraid I cant follow you. Please, can you speak more slowly? I beg your pardon? Pardon? What did you mean by …? I didnt understand … Im sorry but could you repeat that? When you have problems understanding the guide, use these expressions: Talking

14 A: Excuse me. Are you a guide? B: Yes, I am. Can I help you? A: Can I ask you a question about the Temple of Heaven? B: Of course. What do you want to know? A: What is this Temple for? Sample dialogue:

15 B: The Emperor came to pray for good crops and a good harvest for the country. He made offerings to the God and asked him for help. A: Please can you speak more slowly? Im afraid I cant follow you.

16 B: Im sorry. Ill speak more slowly. This is the Hall where the Emperor made his sacrifices to the Gods. You may not go in but just look through the door. A: What did you mean by making sacrifice? B: He killed many animals after making prayers. He also dressed in special clothes.

17 A: I beg your pardon? Special clothes! I thought his clothes were always special! What were they? B: They were clothes kept just for this occasion. He changed in a special yellow room and came out to go to pray to the Gods.

18 A: I see. When did this stop? B: When the Emperors stopped ruling China. A: Thank you. You have been most helpful.

19 in- im- dis- un- re- under- over- into; negative, not, without negative( apart; negative; intensive. not; the reversal of an action again, back under, beneath. above; beyond; upside-down Prefix Using Words and Expressions

20 1. Nobody at the pub talked to us. I dont know why they were so _________ to us. 2. Jason is so ________ that he is not going to wait for the bus. Hell call a taxi. 3. His cousin steals money and tells lies - -- he is very ________. unfriendly impatient dishonest Use a prefix above and a word on page 49, making any necessary change in tense or form and then fill in the blanks.

21 4. We are told that the statue cannot be repaired but to his credit he didnt accept that. He says that nothing is __________. 5. He made so many errors in the homework that he would have to _____it. 6. The ____________ in British English is the same as the subway in American English. 7. I wrote a description of the wrong building because I ______________ the question. redo underground misunderstood impossible

22 8. I ________ this morning and only just had time to put on my uniform before leaving for work. 9. We ________ about which architectural styles we like. He prefers modern buildings but I like traditional buildings best. 10. This art collection is closed for the summer, but it will _______ in September. reopen overslept disagree

23 11. At customs the man was _________ to open his bag – it contained drugs. 12. He is a man of many words, but his actions are often ____________ with his words. unwilling inconsistent

24 1.What did you find had happened to your flower pots when you got home? ________________________________ ___________. When I got home I found the flower pots broken 1 Answer these questions using the past participle as the object complement. Using Structures

25 2. What did you do when the paths were covered in snow and you were away? __________________________________ ______________. When the paths were covered in snow I got them cleared

26 3. How can you use your computer since it is broken? ________________________________ __________. 4. How did you get those trees to appear in your garden when you were away? _____________________________ ____________________. As my computer is broken I got it mended When I was away I had the trees planted in my garden

27 5. When you came back, how did you find the street after the storm? ________________________________ _____________________. 6. When did he say he would finish the work? __________________________ __________________. When I came back I found the street flooded after the storm He said he would get the work finished by Monday

28 7. How did you find Shanghai after such a long time? ________________________________ ______________. 8. What are you going to do at the hairdressers tomorrow? ________________________________ _________________________. I found Shanghai changed a lot after such a long time I am going to have my hair cut / done at the hairdressers tomorrow

29 2 You are a policeman writing a report about a house that has been broken into. Use the past participle as the object complement to describe what you found. steal disconnect wash repair mend check open lock examine clean break insure

30 When I entered the house I found the telephone ___________, the windows _______ and the door ______. I was overcome by the smell. I had to get the kitchen _______, the cooker _______ disconnected broken opened cleanedrepaired Report of a House Break-in at 26 Mount Pleasant Road, Cambridge.

31 and the floor _______ before I could look into the problem. Mrs. Smiths had had the house _________ and ______ a few months ago so it should have been safe. Nobody should have been able to enter without permission. I had the locks ______ and the windows ________ washed examinedlocked tested mended

32 before I left. Mrs. Smith was very grateful. She had only had three valuable jewels ______ and as she had had them _______ she was not too upset. She thinks the gardener may have stolen a key and be the person who broke into the house. Signed: Police Constable Stephen Briggs. Date: 21/6/2006 insuredstolen


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