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010-62699622. 010-62699622 13 1 ETS 10-12 08-12 3 30 8 25 14 713 825 AB ETS.

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1 010-62699622

2 010-62699622 13 1 ETS 10-12 08-12 3 30 8 25 14 713 825 AB ETS

3 010-62699622 1-2

4 010-62699622 Since u couldn't go through all the task,let's make our answer work!

5 010-62699622 tips 1 15 sec. 2 3 4

6 010-62699622 T topic S supporting idea{ reason1 eg { reason2 eg C conclusion 6

7 010-62699622 1) 2) Reason personal experience dude, 7

8 400-663-1986 4 1. Place 3. event 4. Object 2. Person cafe Place you enjoy studying teacher person u admire Sports/suggestion/environment/travelling historical event/volunteer work/memorable things Computer/Cellphone/game /favorite food Clothes Food (Restaurant / At home)

9 010-62699622 9.1--Person Do you like to be taught by experienced teachers or by new teachers? Describe your favorite teacher. Explain why you like him or her. Include reasons and details to support your response.

10 010-62699622 types of characteristics( following with eg) 1.friendly 2.responsible 3.patient 4.generous 5.intelligent

11 010-62699622 experience....i prefer to have a way experienced teacher coz they can give the hard-and-fast frame and the 'real' high school english teacher,mario, is a awesome teacher who always inspire and rekindle me with her vivid and clear class.i credit all this with her five years experience.

12 010-62699622 patience. i believe teachers need to possess patience.teaching a very stressful and tiring job,so the need to be calm and in control all the time.they have to listen to students,encourage them or even accompany with them in the self-study class.

13 010-62699622 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is never too late for an oldperson to receive high education and to get a university degree. wangshi. chairman of China Vanke Co.,Ltd over 60 real estate harvard university for advanced study

14 010-62699622 9.1--PLACE Do you prefer to have fast food in a fast-food restaurant, or do you prefer to have food in other kinds of places? Many school do not allow sts to take their loptop computers into the classroom.what do u think are the advantages and disadvantaged of having laptop computers in the classsroom? Talk about a memorable experience you had in a restaurant or cafe. Explain what happened and why it was memorable. Give specific details in your response.

15 010-62699622 healthy economic convenient

16 010-62699622 time-saving: it costs me ______Yuan to_________. However, if I ________, the money will be triple. I hate squandering,I think spending the money saved on.... is considered to be the better way for me to....

17 010-62699622 relaxing: i really enjoy the freedom when i... i am so obssessed with the cozy atmosphere.... As the typical coach potato,i can immerge myself in favorite big bang theory as i savour my....

18 010-62699622 advantages: convenient-I can have an easier access to a huge amount of/a great deal of... ranging This can render me a good opportunity to..., and eventually put me in a favorable position in the upcoming competition.

19 010-62699622 disadvantages: distract attention. computer games:final fantasy.plants vs zombies.warcraft. time-comsuming

20 010-62699622 Your friend has suddenly had a good run of fortune and come into a large mount of money and he would like to ask you for some suggestion on how to use this money.What do you recommend?

21 010-62699622 1. Further education 2.Travel. Afford the expense. eg. read 10,000 books and travel10,000 miles. eg. Some of the beautiful scenery of the nature will bring the visual impact and shock on soul. 3.Donate /help the poor/charitable organisation. 4.Buy parents things. A. gratitude B. improve living condition 5.Save for emergency.

22 010-62699622 I should not be a spendthrift and splurge on branded stuff. Ill spend money on helping the poor,handicapped and aged,even if I do not know them,give money to charitable organisition would be heavens for those in need of money for survival.

23 010-62699622 Describe the benefits of spending time aboard. food safety make a lot of foreign friends (improve English skill,get access to local customs and culture) relaxed refresh chill out cheer up let ones hair down at ease

24 010-62699622 Some perfer to live in historic and old houses while others prefer to live in new and modern buildings.which one do you prefer? historic full of memory bunch of friends valuble(quadrangle dwellings)

25 010-62699622 9.1--object What's your favorite toy or game in your childhood? Do you agree that what a person wears can show his or her personality? Are you willing to carefully choose the gift which your friends like or choose whatever you like? which one do you like least,Mystery, science fiction or biography? In your opinion, what is the most important invention in your life? Computer, television or telephone?

26 010-62699622 game--basketball barbie doll hopscotch tug of war hide and seek games relaxation make friends wonderful memories

27 010-62699622 clothes agree/disagreee wear according to different tastes sportswearoutgoing elegance-gentle different group wear different clothes (students,white collar)

28 010-62699622 9.1--event Some people prefer to make decisions quickly. Others prefer to take their time. Describe a time you are trying to do something that you have never done before. Do you prefer to concentrate on one project at a time or to handle many works or projects at once? Describe an activity that you enjoyed doing together with your family in your childhood. Talk about a memorable experience you had in a restaurant or cafe. Explain what happened and why it was memorable. Describe a piece of news or a story that you are interested in recently. Describe a most unforgettable success in your life.

29 010-62699622 1.make plan time saving make ur goal clear cultivate ur responsibilty and patience.

30 010-62699622 2.ask for autograph run into ur favorite star(....)in.. shy pluck up challenge inspiration

31 010-62699622 3.environmental problem pm2.5 plant trees-make the thick air thin reduce the private cars vehicle restriction public transportation.

32 010-62699622 bean counter bean old bean( ),every bean has its black he knows how many beans make five( ) beans,not worth a bean, without a bean

33 010-62699622 Blow your top Become angry eg.I split my coffee all over his papers its going to blow his top.

34 010-62699622 Given your situation given thinking of Put it in this way=say

35 010-62699622 food for thought thought-provoking There is a lot food for thought in what he had to say. for nothing for free, in vain for freein vain To pay to see that movie would be foolish, when you can see it on TV for nothing. You are nothing like us. Its nothing like

36 010-62699622 dog tired run down; worn out; out of steam Im dog tired these days. Im working on seven articles. get a lot out of something …… The training program was difficult, but she got a lot out of it.

37 010-62699622 -----

38 010-62699622

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