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Unit 16 Unit 16 The United The United States of America States of America.

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2 Unit 16 Unit 16 The United The United States of America States of America

3 Reading The American South Period 3

4 The Empire State building

5 It is said that the world trade center will be rebuilt.

6 Atlanta is famous for its Atlanta football team.

7 Harriet Tubman Martin Luther King John Brown Freedom fighters

8 What is the order of the events ? 1. The American civil War 2. The Great Depression 3. The civil Rights Movements 4. The arrival of Native Americans 5. The arrival of European settlers 4 5 1 2 3 Did you do it all correctly?

9 New York Washington Atlanta Los Angeles Chicago A B C D E Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, New York, Los Angeles Match the letters with the cities:

10 What do you want to know ?

11 What is the main idea of this passage? Parts Paragraphs Main ideas Part1 Para 1 The suffering of the South in the past Part2 Para 2-5 Hope and success of the South Part3 Para 6 A new beginning of the South

12 1. The suffering of the Native Americans who were killed or driven off their land by European settlers. 2. The pains of slaves brought from Africa by greedy slave traders. 4. The hardships of unemployment and civil unrest in the post-war years and the Great Depression. 5. The many sacrifices of the Civil Rights Movements. 3. The death and poverty of the Civil War.

13 Please read para 1 carefully and match each event with the time and find out what hardship or suffering each event caused. TimeEventsSufferings 1492 1600 1861 1930s 1960s The Great Depression:_____________ The Civil Rights movement: ________ The slave trades: ____________ The arrival of European Settlers: _______________________ The Civil War:_______________ Unemployment Sacrifices Pains of slaves Native Americans being killed or driven off Death & poverty

14 1. The people of Atlanta ________________ __________________________. 2. Atlantas African-American community ____________________________________ ______________. 3. Segregation ___________ and Atlanta was a successful city________________________ 4. Atlanta becomes a place ______________ ____________________________. struggled to rebuild grew and blackbusinesses became disappeared proud of its cultural diversity faith havereplaced fear and doubt the city and create a new South more successful where hope and

15 Read Part2 carefully and finish the table. Atlantas rebuilding/Reconstruction FieldsDifficultyResults The city Burnt down Only__ years to be rebuilt 5 Economy$_____A________ business center Home of _______________ Sports & culture In 1996_________________ Be proud of ______________ 1.64booming largest companies host Olympic Games cultural diversity

16 FieldsDifficultyResults Society (civil rights) ___________ took away many of blacks right. There were ____ fights between blacks & whites. ________was shot to death. ______and _______ could live together. _________________ _____________grew _____________ become successful. _____________ eventually disappeared segregation fierce Dr. King Blacks whites African-American community black businesses segregation

17 The Phrase in vain in para4 of the text probably means _____. A. Put into practice B. in trouble C. Without success D. dangerous

18 Read the last paragraph and then do the following exercises. In the last paragraph, the writer tries to support the point that__________. A.The story of the South is about hope and success B.It is hard for the south to develop further C.Atlanta, Birmingham, Miami, and Little Rock are southern cities D.There is no trouble with the development of the South A

19 ( ) 1. The wounds from the past are quick to heal. ( ) 2. The fighters between blacks and whites in the 1960s were fierce. ( ) 3. It took a long time for Atlanta to recover from the destruction caused by the Civil War. F T F T or F questions

20 ( ) 4. The fight against segregation was widely supported. ( ) 5. The South has taken a chance to display its new imageto the whole world. ( ) 6. Till now the South has settled all the problems. ( ) 7. The story of the South is also about hope and success. ( ) 8. The south began to rebuilt from nothing. T T F T T

21 1.Which of the following is wrong according to the passage? A. Today the South has developed far better than the North B. The fighters between blacks and whites in the 1960s were fierce C. There is no doubt that Atlanta is a typical Southern city in many ways D.The south has overcome many difficulties ever since the Civil War Post-reading A

22 2. This passage is mainly about________. A.The sufferings in the history of the South B.The quick development of the South after the Civil War C.The Civil Rights Movement of the black people D.The famous cities of the South B

23 What did Atlanta use to be like? What is it like now?

24 Atlantas Today Prosperous Booming Developed modern

25 People of many different backgrounds live and work together in Atlanta. ? advantages disadvantages & Cultural diversity

26 Why is Atlanta a typical southern city? It experienced the hardships of slavery, the Civil War, the post-war years and the Great Depression.

27 Homework: 1. Read the text fluently. 2. Finish exercise on Page 118 in the textbook. 3. Recite words and phrases.


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