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COMENIUS SCHOOL PRESENTATION Powstańców Śląskich Primary School in Strumień.

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2 COMENIUS SCHOOL PRESENTATION Powstańców Śląskich Primary School in Strumień

3 Where we are Our town Strumień is situated in the south of Poland, in the region of Silesia which is rich in mineral and natural resources Strumień lies on the Vistula River, close to the border with the Czech Republic It is one of the smallest towns in Poland, with 3,500 inhabitants

4 Our town Strumień The foundation of Strumień dates back to the 13th century. It received its town rights in 1482 The central place of Strumień is a small Town Square with baroque town houses and the Town Hall – the oldest in Silesia

5 One of the nicest places in Strumień is the park where adults can relax and children have fun in the playground In the park people can inhale iodine from the saline fountain

6 Interesting places near us The Beskidy Mountains The Bisons Corral in Pszczyna Goczalkowickie Lake The Heritage Park in Istebna

7 The Town Square in Cieszyn The Post Office Building in Bielsko-Biala The Castle in Pszczyna The Three Brothers‘ Well in Cieszyn

8 Our school Powstańców Śląskich Primary School is the biggest of the five primary schools in the Strumień Commune At present, there are 356 pupils aged 6 to 13

9 The name of our school ‘’Powstańców Śląskich’’ means ‘’Silesian Insurgents‘’ They were Polish inhabitants of Upper Silesia who took part in a series of three armed insurrections called Silesian Uprisings, against German rule, in 1919, 1920 and 1921 Thanks to their self-determination the greater part of the Upper Silesian industrial district with mines and iron and steel mills was awarded to Poland

10 Our staff We are a qualified and friendly team of 38 teachers

11 School management Deputy headteacher Mrs Bożena Filipowska Headteacher Mrs Beata Greń

12 Our teachers

13 Younger pupils – grades I to III In Poland children start education at the age of 6 or 7

14 The first stage - early education – includes 3 grades and focuses on learning reading and writing in Polish Pupils also have Maths, English, Music, Art, PE and ICT Most of them are taught by one teacher in the form of integrated classes Now, we’ve got young learners who attend 8 class departments

15 Older pupils – grades IV to VI The 4th, 5th and 6th grades constitute the second stage of primary education

16 At present,there are children above 10 divided into 9 class departments These learners have more teachers and more lessons – about 6 every day At the end of 6th grade when the students are 13, they take a compulsory exam in the core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and Science

17 Special educational need pupils Our school has also got SEN departments for 28 students with a variety of disabilities and special needs They are taught and prepared for everyday life in 4 small therapeutic groups

18 Our school is not only in-classroom learning…

19 Winter trips: sleigh rides and ice skating Green School at the Baltic Sea Cycling card practical test

20 Our interests and talents

21 School choir Canzonetta

22 Our school is proud of its choir Canzonetta Founded in 1932, it is one of the oldest childrens' choirs in Poland The choir has performed many times in Poland and abroad and has won valuable prizes and international awards

23 Sport

24 Students eagerly attend after lesson sports activities: football, handball and table tennis They are very successful in athletics and team games like volleyball and basketball We take part in all important interschool sports games and tournaments

25 Drama – school performances

26 Our students can try out their acting skills and often present on the stage We like to show our tradition: regional costumes and dialect

27 Seasonal celebrations and important events

28 National Education Day Polish Independence Day Christmas-Nativity Scene Earth Day

29 Children’s Day- family event in the town park Seasonal hiking trips in the Beskidy Mountains School Sports Day

30 Carnival – New Year’s School Ball Santa Claus at our school School year closing ceremony Komers – school leavers party

31 Every year competitions The wide range of within-school, regional and nationwide contests is highly motivating factor for many students

32 English competition Cristmas Carols, Songs and Poems” History competition Krąg” Spelling competitionRecitation competition

33 English Language Olympiad Religious competition Jonasz” Silesian Chess Championship

34 Thank you for your attention. We hope you liked it See you in Strumień!

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