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1. 2. 3. 1. am/is/are The food is placed in the oven. They are turned into heat.

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2 1. 2. 3.

3 1. am/is/are The food is placed in the oven. They are turned into heat.

4 2. was/were Magic Squares were invented in China. Papermaking was introduced into Japan in 610. 3. can/should/must be School uniform must be worn at all times.

5 4. will be It cant be a radio because its too big to be a radio. The report will ______ finish in two days time. Milk should _______ keep in the fridge. White clothes and colored clothes should not _______ wash together. School uniforms neednt ______ wear at all times.

6 might may. might may Who knows what will happen. You may even have married by then. It might be a tool for cutting things. I dont know. must. It must be some sort of toy. cannot. It cannot be a radio because its too big to be a radio.

7 Ex. Complete the sentences with might be / may be, cannot be, or must be. 1. This exam _________ too difficult for the students. I dont think they can finish it. 2. It _________ a book for children. There are many cartoons in it. 3. It _________ true. I think you made a mistake. 4. Mr. Smith ________________ in London, Paris, or Tokyo. No one knows for sure. 5. That _________ John. He is in New York now. 6. Did you hear the doorbell? It _______ Nicholas. I am expecting him.

8 1. In many big cities in the world, the overuse of cars is thought to be one of the major causes of air pollution. over / The over-load truck caused a serious road accident. She always works overtime, so she has to leave her baby cared for by her mother. be thought to be She is thought to be the top student in our class. Jane is thought to be busy preparing for the exam.

9 2. However we are also warned not to ask for pretty colors, because the car will come in gray only. warn No one warned him of the danger. I warned her not to get close to the dog but she wouldnt hear of it.

10 3. Other experts are sure that the future will be happy. be sure that… I am sure that smoking will hurt you. Are you sure that John will come this afternoon? 4. If gas is in short supply, the super car will run on water. be in short … The cheaper it is, the better. Im short of money. on He finds it difficult to live on his salary. They live mostly on vegetables from their garden.

11 5. As a rule, soft fruits like strawberries, etc, are difficult to freeze. as a rule As a rule, she goes out early every evening looking for work. As a rule, we get home at 6.

12 6. You should be careful the first time you wash your shirt because the blue color might come out and mark the white part. come out This magazine comes out monthly. Some flowers have begun to come out. I washed the shirt twice but the ink still hasnt come out. 7. observe I observed a letter on the table. Did you observe anything strange in that boys behavior?


14 I. 1. Have you ever this kind of moon cakes? A. eat B. eats C. eating D. eaten 2. The knives are used cutting things. A. in B. to C. for D. of 3. They are used for the style of a shoe. A. change B. changes C. changing D. changed

15 4. –Must I stay at home, Mum? - No, you. A. neednt B. mustnt C. dont D. may not 5. She asked them things about. A. not to litter B. dont litter C. not litter D. no litter 6. Im not sure he will come back home tomorrow or not. A. when B. what C. whether D. where

16 7. Look. These be dinosaur eggs because they are the biggest of all. A. must B. can C. should D. may 8. –I was told to take umbrella with me. --Oh, no. look at the sky. Its sunny and rain. A. must B. cant C. may D. neednt 9. The light in the office is off. The teacher be there now. A. may B. cant C. mustnt D. must

17 II. 1. The policeman stopped the children in the street. 2. Last year, he went to Japan. 3. She gets up early every day she can read English.

18 III. 1. The money/ count/ every evening ___________________________________________ __________ 2. The children/ take care of /in the kindergarten _________________________________________ 3. English/ speak/ everywhere ___________________________________________ ______________


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