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2 1. f ______(to make somebody do something) 2. h _________ (ones native county) 3. p _______ (a person who works on the land) 4. t ________ (to change one language into anther) 5. u _____ (to join together into one) 6. e ________ (to give courage( )or help to somebody) 7. r _____ (quick or fast) orce omeland easant ranslate nite nourage apid

3 Karl Marx

4 Which foreign languages did Marx study?

5 Marx studied ______ _______ and _____ in his life. French EnglishRussian

6 TRUE OR FALSE 1.Marxs native language is Germany. F 2.As a young man he was forced to leave his homeland. T 3.When he got to England,he found his English was good enough. F 4. Mars was not sure about two things -- the spelling and some of the idioms. F

7 TRUE OR FALSE 5.The civil War in France was written in French. 6.When Marx was over 50,he began to learn Russian. 7. In 6 months Marx learned enough to read articles and reports in Russian. 8.When we are learning a foreign language,we should translate everything into our language. F T F F F T T F

8 Questions: 1.In what country was Karl Marx born? 2.What was Marxs native language? 3.Where did he stay before he went to France?Why did he leave Germany? 4.Where did he stay before he went to London?Why did he go to London? 5.Did he find his English good enough when he got to England?

9 Questions: 6.What did Engels do when he found Marx had made rapid progress in English? 7.What was Marxs answer in his letter to Engels? 8.What did he do with his English later on? 9.When did Marx start learning Russian? Why? 10.What advice did Marx give on how to learn a foreign language?

10 Retell the story: Marx born Germany young forced political reasons French and English rapid progress in 1853 a book over 50 Russian give us some advice

11 Karl Marx was born in _______. When he was young, he________ to leave his homeland for _______ reasons.He had to ____ from one country to another. At last he came to England and____ London, the base for his revolutionary work. Germany Was forced political move made

12 Marx _____ _____ some English before he came to London, but he ____ his English was limited. He _____ working hard to improve it. He made ____ rapid progress ___ before long he could write articles in English. Engels wrote him a letter hadlearnt found started such that

13 to ____ him for it. Engels letter had greatly __________ him, and from then on,Marx ______even harder at his English. He mastered English ____ well _____ he could write one of his great works,The civil war in France in English. When Marx was in his praise Encouraged worked so that

14 Fifties, he _____ to learn Russian, because he thought it was important to study the situation in Russia. At the ____ of six months, he had learned _____ to read articles and reports in Russian.Marx set us a good example in learning foreign languages. began end enough

15 Homework: 1.Do Ex.3 on page 80. 2.Retell the story about Karl Marx.

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