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Tobii ATI AAC Devices and Content Products Celebrating Communication!

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1 Tobii ATI AAC Devices and Content Products Celebrating Communication!
Betsy Walker Tobii ATI KSHA - AT Expo 2012 ATK 27 September 28th, 2012 3:30pm- 5pm

2 Agenda Introductions Review of TobiiATI AAC devices
Review of TobiiATI access options Communication Choices Introduction to Sono Suite Introduction to the Sono Suite Toolkit Summary and Questions

3 Objectives Participants will: Be aware of the TobiiATI AAC devices
Be aware of the access options from TobiiATI Understand the options for communication Be familiar with the sono suite content products Be familiar with the sono suite toolkit

4 Tobii ATI’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices…..
…giving individuals with communication disabilities a voice and a way to live more fulfilled, integrated, and independent lives. 4

5 SymbolMate and S32 Low Tech Devices

6 What is the Tobii S32 A light, strong, customizable static screen device Keyguards in 1, 2, 4, 8,16, 32 Button Layout Side cover colors can be customized Two different models: Touch and Scan Motivating to Use – IR and Toy Interface Recording time of over 60 hours – record and transfer audio, songs, etc. Six easily interchangeable keyguard layouts with 192 levels available Runs on AA batteries and last several months or more The S32 is a strong but light static screen communication device. All the different key guard sizes are automatically provided in the box, so the user can transition and grow to use different sizes if appropriate. Users can start with one button visual scene displays which are great for putting objects in context, and some will move towards a 32 button layout for a wider choice of messages. Side colors come in Red, Blue, Yellow and Black - and all are automatically received with every order. It’s a great way for users to personalize their device. The S32 is the latest tool for emergent communicators. Users can start on 2 buttons, and grow towards using more. With all the different key guard sizes provided, they can grow at their own pace, and new pages to suit their current needs can be made quickly, and keep users motivated. With around 200 levels provided for recording audio and IR or toy signals, the device has more than enough capacity to keep users interested and support a wide range of communication topics. 60 hours of recording time is more than enough to provide the user with the tools they need to engage with their world. And using ordinary double A batteries, they’ll last for months under normal use – and are cheap and easy to replace when necessary.

7 C-Series High Tech Devices

8 The C-Series C8 → C12 → New C15!! C-Series hardware
Tobii Communicator software Extensive Language content Range of partner software Available Accessories Carrying cases, sun guards, key guards, mounts, mounting brackets, switches etc.

9 Standard Features for the C8, C12, and C15
Intel CoreDuo Processor/60G hard drive/2G RAM/SD Card Built-in Camera for user to take photos Built-in Environmental Controls Built-in SIM Card access 4 Powerful speakers 1 headphone jack (stereo sound) 2 built-in microphones 2 USB ports/1 micro USB port Hot swappable batteries Low weight, bright screen, flat surface, nothing sticking out, Customizable-Easily change side panels to any of the 5 color choices 9 9

10 C-Series Access Methods

11 Tobii C-Eye Eye-tracking module for the C12 and C15
Easy to use calibration Extremely stable system Once you’re calibrated, there’s no need to re-calibrate We have the largest tracking area on the market (16 ins. x 12 ins. x 8 ins.) Our systems tolerate head motion, contacts and glasses We’re experienced; Tobii has been doing eye-tracking since 2001

12 Tobii C-Eye What’s New 9 and 5 point calibration
Three level rating system Keyboard Step Through Ability to re-size the calibration area Visualize the track status before starting the calibration Ability to use images and videos for the calibration stimulus

13 Tobii CDot Tracker Head tracker Module Stable as one product No cables
Full accessibility to Tobii Communicator Full Windows access, with extra software ”Madentec inside”

14 best solution on today’s market for accessing your personal computer through eye gaze without slowing it down it is easy to use and comes with software that provides access to your different computer applications. Tobii PC Eye

15 Communication choices
Toolkit for Getting Started with Sono Suite Communication choices

16 Choices for Communication
Use one of the Sono Suite page sets Make your own Modify a ready made page set

17 Toolkit for Getting Started with Sono Suite

18 Sono Suite Developed to promote growth and development
There are 7 different Sono Suite Page Sets Lots of language in every page set Language skills don’t follow a normal developmental model Allows for modeling of language Easy to modify and change Templates provided to help you make your own materials The page sets follow a developmental progression Allow planning for today and tomorrow Evolving

19 Tobii Sono Primo Beginning communicators
Situationally based communication pages Contains visual scene displays and grid based displays Social scripts Fun activities

20 Sono Flex Growth Pattern Structure Flexibility Transition
Core vocabulary Topic based vocabulary Use Fitzgerald Key and color coding Flexibility Smart linking Simple navigation

21 Sono Lexis Promotes independent communication
Contains over 2900 single words and phrases Combines static and dynamic displays Uses color coding and the Fitzgerald Key Situational Modules Promotes independent communication by allowing the user to use symbols to create sentences word by word; core vocabulary is supplement by situational modules specific to the individual

22 LiterAACy Helps users learn to read and write
Uses partial knowledge of reading and writing to categorize words Words categorized by the first letter Over 3000 words and phrases Fitzgerald Key color coding

23 Sono Key User can control speech, , volumes, alerts and other functions Windows on-screen keyboard Environmental control Open, edit and save documents Music player, photo browser, calculator and facebook Communicate by typing words Uses word and phrase prediction

24 Tobii Sono Scribe Text-based communication
Uses rate enhancement techniques Contains a library of most phrases in U.S. English Contains core vocabulary Contains topic specific word prediction Includes today’s communication tools: , SMS, web access

25 Making your own pageset
Toolkit for Getting Started with Sono Suite Making your own pageset

26 Design Your Own Communication Displays
Tobii Communicator Software is a powerful, flexible design tool. The look of the Pages and buttons is totally customizable. You can choose your own colors, pictures, button sizes and button functions. Information for Participants The ready-made Page Sets offer an extensive range of pages for communication, , phone calls, remote controls, webcam control, picture albums, on-screen keyboards etc. It is very easy to customise these pages for each user. The powerful programming features mean that it is easy to make everything from simple communication pages, to interesting assessment activities, fun games, customised computer interfaces and so much more. Trainer Notes

27 Toolkit for Getting Started with Sono Suite
Using the ready mades

28 Use The Ready Made Page Sets
The software includes a wide variety of ready-made Page Sets for text or symbol communication, games, music players, assessment activities and more. These can be customized, or they can be used just as they are.

29 A toolkit to help you Choose!
Toolkit for Getting Started with Sono Suite A toolkit to help you Choose!

30 Sono Suite Toolkit A set of informal tools
to determine most appropriate Sono Suite page sets for the end user Designed to help caregivers and teams determine where to start To assist a team in planning for the communication needs of the user both immediate and long term

31 Feature Matching: What it is!
There are a lot of different types of AAC systems. Feature matching is a “systematic process by which a person’s strengths, abilities, and needs (current and future) are matched to available tools and strategies” Shane, H., & Costello, J. (1994, November). Augmentative communication assessment and the featur ematching process. Mini-seminar presented at the annual convention of the American Speech-Language-AssociationHearing Association, New Orleans, LA.AAC systems can be no tech, low tech or high tech Feature matching begins once the information is collected, summarized and reviewed Yvonne Smith, PT, PCS, ATP; Arlington Independent School District; Arlington, Texas

32 Feature Matching: AAC Device Hardware!
Informal Positive AACtion Information Kit for AAC Teams, Rocky Bay 2010 Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluation Checklist, The Oklahoma Assistive Technology Team, Doug Dodgen and Associates, AAC Feature Match Software For a demo,

33 Feature Matching: For Apps!
Using a Clinical Approach To Answer “What Communication Apps Should We Use?” Jessica Gosnell, John Costello,Children’s Hospital Boston, Boston, MA; Howard Shane, Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital Boston, Boston, MA

34 Feature Matching: For Software!
TASP: Test of Aided-Communication Symbol Performance Joan Bruno and Mayer-Johnson, LLC AAC Genie Sono Suite Toolkit from TobiiATI

35 The tools in the toolkit!
Toolkit for Getting Started with Sono Suite The tools in the toolkit!

36 The Tools in the Toolkit
Sono suite Feature Matching Checklist Sono Suite SelectionTool Sono Suite Language Profile Sono Suite Activities Checklist Sample Goals for Sono Suite Supporting Research for Sono Suite User Guide for the Sono Suite Toolkit

37 The tools in the toolkit!
Toolkit for Getting Started with Sono Suite The tools in the toolkit!

38 Feature Matching Checklist
Match the skills of the user with the features of the software Examples of features Use of message window Color coding Representational level

39 Sono Suite Selection Tool:
Communicator Activities Informal Assessment Activities Used with the Feature Matching Checklist

40 Sono Suite Language Profile
Defines the language skills of the Sono Suite Page Sets Provides examples

41 Activities Checklist Used if considering Sono Primo and Sono Flex
Lists the activities/topics specific vocabulary in Sono Primo and Sono Flex

42 Sample Goals Provides goals for each of the Sono Suite Page Sets
Caregivers define Access method Accuracy Representational Level Type of Prompt

43 Supporting Research All Sono Suite page sets were developed from research Provides the references List is comprehensive

44 User Guide Defines How to use the tools How to interpret the results

45 Where Can I Get the “Getting Started with Sono Suite Toolkit”?
The tools and interactive activities will be available on the TobiiATI website and Will be pre-loaded on TobiiATI dynamic display devices Complete contact form and request notification of when materials are available

46 Questions?

47 Thank you for your interest! Betsy Walker
North American Content Sales Representative Tobii ATI Cell: 47

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