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SONO A presentation of new technology by James Earthman CST300L Fall 2013.

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1 SONO A presentation of new technology by James Earthman CST300L Fall 2013

2 OVERVIEW  What is Sono?  How does it work?  Who invented it?  How will Sono affect the world?  What kind of people will want a Sono?  Is Sono practical?

3 WHAT IS SONO?  Sono is a device that attaches itself to a large window in order to cancel noise from the outside.

4 WHO CREATED SONO?  Rudolf Stefanich  “In our loud and busy world a moment of silence has become a scarce and almost luxurious experience.”  Video Video

5 WHAT IS SONO’S POTENTIAL?  Most people want to keep out noise when relaxing  Noise is something that is difficult to eliminate.

6 Pros  Sono can reduce noise while indoors.  Sono can block almost all types of noise Cons  Sono only works when attached to a window.  Sono is less useful in areas with less people

7 IS SONO BENEFICIAL FOR YOU?  Sono works best for small indoor spaces that are stuck in urban, populated environments.

8 IS SONO BENEFICIAL FOR YOU? CONT.  No need for emitted white noise!  Pick and choose which room Sono can affect the most.

9 IS SONO PRACTICAL?  It depends…  Sono is not limited to homes  The practicality of Sono depends on how much noise affects the consumer.

10 SONO IS THE FUTURE Noise is now escapable.

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13 Notes:  Slide 2: Present and overview of the topics that are going to be covered in the presentation  Slide 3: Introduce Sono, explain how it works.  Slide 4: Describe the creator of sono, play the video that is linked  Slide 5: Discuss the potential that Sono can have on the world  Slide 6: Go over the pros and cons of Sono  Slide 7-8: Discuss the type of person that Sono is most suited for. Describe the consumer base.  Slide 9: Go over the practicality of Sono  Slide 10: Offer the audience a brief conclusion.

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