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Andrew Jackson.

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1 Andrew Jackson

2 Andrew Jackson Seventh President of the United States  

3 1. Appealed to the Common Man because he was one……
JACKSON THE MAN Emotional, arrogant and passionate. Dueled---could drink, smoke, curse and fight with the best of them Lawyer, Judge, senator, general and finally President First president from the West 1. Appealed to the Common Man because he was one……

4 General Jackson’s Military Career
Defeated the Creeks at Horseshoe Bend in 1814 Defeated the British at New Orleans in 1815 Took Florida and claimed it for the US in 1819. Loved by his soldiers called him “Old Hickory”

5 BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS New orleans 4,500 U.S. troops led by Andrew Jackson defeat 10,000 British troops. Threatened the Louisiana Purchase. British defeated on January 8, 1815, 2 weeks after the Treaty of Ghent was negotiated to end the war.

6 8. Florida Becomes Part of US
After War of 1812, Spain had difficulty governing Florida Seminole Indians, runaway slaves, and white outlaws conducted raids into U.S. territory and retreated to safety across the Florida border President Monroe commissioned General Andrew Jackson to stop the raiders Jackson led a force into Florida, destroyed Seminole villages, and hanged 2 Seminole chiefs Jackson captured Pensacola and drove out the Spanish governor




10 William H. Crawford [GA]
Jackson’s Opponents in 1824 Henry Clay [KY] John Quincy Adams [MA] John C. Calhoun [SC] William H. Crawford [GA]

11 The Election of 1824 The Election of 1828
Election of 1824, 355,817 voted. Election 1828, 1,155,350 voted.

12 Voter Turnout In the election of 1828, there was a much higher turnout of voters than in 1824. Jackson as considered a president of the “Common Man.”

13 Jackson’s Inaugural was a victory for the Common Man
KING MOB Jackson’s Inaugural was a victory for the Common Man Thousands of commoners came to Washington, D.C. to see Jackson inaugurated…… Inaugural


15 Jackson's Native-American Policy

16 Indian Removal Jackson’s Goal? 1830  Indian Removal Act

17 COTTON BELT, Cotton Kingdom
GROWTH OF SLAVERY COTTON BELT, Cotton Kingdom Map Crops in South

18 COTTON BELT, Cotton Kingdom
2. GROWTH OF SLAVERY COTTON BELT, Cotton Kingdom Map/Cotton Belt

19 The Cherokee Nation After 1820

20 Indian Removal Act 1830

21 Indian Removal Act 1830 Law signed by Andrew Jackson.
Forces all Native Americans living in the southeast to re-locate west of the Mississippi River.

22 Trail of Tears ( ) The name given to the path Native Americans were forced to travel after the Indian Removal Act of 1830.



25 Jackson’s Professed “Love” for Native Americans

26 HW Assignment-- 1. Read and answer questions in Trail of Tears packet.
2. Pretend you are a member of the Cherokee tribe. Write a letter to President Jackson expressing your feelings about being forced off of your lands in the space below. 1pg minimum-2 pg maximum.

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