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1| Pakistan office 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

2| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

3  About Us  Components of earth resistance  How to decrease earth resistance?  Resistivity of different Soils  Resistance of single copper rod in different soils.  Variation of earth resistance with distance from the copper rod.  Importance of first few inches of Soil around a copper rod  IEEE Recommendations  Features of (PES)  Process  Conventional earthing Vs PES  Third Party certification  Images  Contact Information| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

4 COMCO Is a communication company working since 1992.With the help of our highly skilled and talented work force. COMCO is successfully serving its customers. We are aiming to expand its portfolio through leading advance product range, competitive pricing and customers oriented services.| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore Projects GPS Tracking Solution Distribution & Franchise Network Telecomunication Services Permanent Earthing Solution

5| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

6 Components of earth resistance Electrode Resistance Soil Resistance Contact Resistance| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

7 Earth Resistance Increasing the surface area of the electrode in contact with the earth. Increasing the depth to which it is driven. Using several connected ground rods. Increasing the moisture of the soil. Increasing the land area covered by the ground system. & Replacing Soil with a low resistivity material. ( PES ) How to Decrease Earth Resistance ?| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

8 By increasing the area of the conductor in contact with the soil. BY increasing the length of the rod. By inserting parallel rods. By replacing soil with a low resistivity material (PES) By increasing the area of ground system.| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore 10 Feet 20 feet 10 Feet PES TRENCH

9 Different Soils 250,000 .cm 100,000 .cm 1000 .cm| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

10 Resistance of Single Copper Rode in Different Soils| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

11 Distance from Electrode SurfaceApproximate percentage of total resistance ftm 0.10.0325 0.20.0638 0.30.0946 0.50.1552 1.00.368 5.01.586 10.03.094 15.04.697 20.06.199 257.6100 (100.0)30.5(104) (1000.0)305(117) Variation of Earth Resistance with DISTANCE from the Copper rode| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore


13 Importance of First Few Inches of Soil Around a Copper Rod  6 to 8 inches around a copper rod contribute 52 % of earth resistance. Solution : Use of a low resistivity material in this area (PES) Recommendation: IEEE Std. 80-2000 Low Resistivity Material (PES)| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

14  It is often impossible to achieve the desired reduction in ground resistance by adding more grid conductors or ground rods. An alternate solution is to effectively increase the diameter of the electrode by modifying the soil surrounding the electrode. (Page 68)  The inner shell of soil closest to the electrode normally comprises the bulk of the electrode ground resistance to remote earth. This phenomenon is often utilized as advantage. (Page 68)  Ground enhancement materials, some with a resistivity of less than 0.12 Ω ·m (about 5% of the resistivity of bentonite), are typically placed around the rod in an augured hole or around grounding conductors in a trench, in either a dry form or premixed in a slurry. Some of these enhancement materials are permanent and will not leach any chemicals into the ground. (Page 68)| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

15  Physical Appearance Powder Form 200 – 250 mesh  Low Resistivity  High Conductivity  Permanent  Maintenance Free  Maintain Earth Resistance with time  Set Firmly, Does not dissolve or React  Does not pollute the Earth and Water Table  Suitable for Installation in Slurry Form  Does not Depend on Presence of Water  Perform in all Soils  Perform in all Weather Conditions  No Reaction with Electrode  Protect the Electrode & save Investments| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore




19 Conventional Earthing PES Basic types include Plate type, Pipe type earthing solutions.PES is the latest and IEEE approved standard of earthing Cost of installation is very high. To achieve the water level for conductivityPES does not require water level. Installation procedure is longQuick installation This method require sulphuric acid, salts etc. They absorb and pollute the earth and water table. PES does not comprise any such materials. And will not leach away with the passage of time. Durability is limited, because this method adopts elements, chemicals which deteriorates the equipment and fades away with the passage of time.PES is durable & permanent. Weather conditions adversely disturbs the resistivity level.PES maintains resistence level in any weather condition It requires maintenance on regualr basis PES is maintenance free. The resistivity level obtained first time will remain stable Soil condition with low resistivity is highly corrosive. Any conductor in dry soil will be deteriorated instantly PES protects conductor from any corrision effects in any soil condition Moisture is highly desired to maintain resistence, in dry conditions it will require regular mositure condition and raise extra cost PES is free from any such conditions. As PES regulates and operates in any weather or soil conditions

20| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

21 Preparation of Copper Rod & Strip

22| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore Slurry Filling Process Rod Installation

23| 13-M Commercial DHA Lahore

24 Pakistan Office : 13 M Comercial DHA Lahore Cell : 0300-8434342 | Land Line : +92-42:37561871 | Fax: +92-42:35720909 UAE Office : Po Box 35567, Industrial Area 3 Sharjah Cell : 00971 5 08407132 Fax : 00971 6 5436004 Email: | |

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