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D1.HBS.CL5.13 Slide 1. Subject Elements 1.Take and process room service orders 2.Prepare for room service 3.Prepare for room service 4.Present room service.

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1 D1.HBS.CL5.13 Slide 1

2 Subject Elements 1.Take and process room service orders 2.Prepare for room service 3.Prepare for room service 4.Present room service accounts 5.Clear room service 6.Maintain readiness of room service Slide 2

3 Assessment Assessment for this unit may include:  Oral questions  Written questions  Work projects  Observation of practical skills  Practical exercises Slide 3

4 Element 1: Take and process room service orders Slide 4

5 Room Service Definition  The provision of food and beverage service in a guest room or suite  Other names - In-room dining, in-suite dining Slide 5

6 Room Service  The problems of running a room service section  Why do Hotels offer room service? Slide 6

7 Organisational Chart Room Service Manager Food & Beverage Manager Shift Supervisors or Captains Minibar restockers Orders received Night Shift service Waiters & Chef Service Staff, Waiters & Chefs Slide 7

8 Room Service Staff Skills of the room service staff:  Discretion  Diplomacy  Honesty  Perception  Ability to communicate  Local knowledge  Skills Slide 8

9 Types of room service available  24 hour room service  Breakfast only  “Do it yourself” Breakfast  Tea and Coffee making facilities  Meal period service only  A limited service, ordered through the Restaurant  Mini Bar Slide 9

10 How a guest orders room service:  Written  Phone  Computer system Taking Orders and Recording them Slide 10

11 Selling  Increased sales can be achieved through the use of selling techniques  Suggestive selling [food knowledge] promote specials, suggest extras such as salads or desserts Slide 11

12 Confirming the order  Check the name and room number are correct  Clarify details, the number of serves, where is service taking place, what the order is and what equipment is needed  Advise guests on dietary needs, if food items have peanuts or meat stock or other items which may cause allergies  Confirm timing and delivery instructions Slide 12

13 Recording the order  Enter the order into the Hotel’s system  Accuracy  Information needed Slide 13

14 An Order form should have Date/Docket Number Name/Room number Time of order Time of delivery Location of delivery Special Requests What was ordered Any extras special requirements Who took the order Slide 14

15 Pre orders Slide 15  Door Knob menus are designed for the guest to complete and also include ancillary needs as well as time and location  Door Knob menus need to be collected and collated

16 Order distribution Distribute the order to the service areas for preparation  Kitchen  Main Kitchen  Cold larder  Dessert  Bakery  Wine store  Bar  Room service dry store  Equipment store  Ancillary store Slide 16

17 Element 2: Prepare for room service Slide 17

18 Prepare for room service For the room service area to function successfully, the area must be set up and equipped with the necessary food and beverage items  Portion Pack items  Food  Beverage  Loose stores, coffee beans, bread rolls  Dairy items Slide 18

19 Prepare room service equipment Distribution system for multi – tray trolleys  Tray covers  Cutlery  Crockery  Glassware  Beverage service pots etc  Room Service Trolley Slide 19

20 Set up trays and trolleys The equipment found on individual trays should match the needs of the particular order. Basic set up for dinner Slide 20 vase condiments glass Bread Ice Bucket Butter

21 Preparation and setup When checking equipment for Room Service, check that it is not:  Damaged  Unclean  Unsafe Slide 21

22 Collecting the food and beverage order  Check the item against the guests order  Hot food in a heated container  Cold food in a cold container  Check any special requests  Visual check Slide 22

23 Element 3: Provide room service Slide 23

24 Delivery of the order When positioning items on the tray:  Weight  Height  Balance  Overcrowding  Temperature  Consider the location of hot items Slide 24

25 Delivery of the order  Check delivery route  Timing  Care to preserve the appearance Slide 25

26 Entry into Guest room  Knock and announce “Room Service”  Hotel policy will dictate actions if the guest doesn’t answer  Verbal contact with guest social dialogue Slide 26

27 Entry into Guest room  Position tray or trolley in normal place  There is usually a standard position in the room to place the tray but the guest may want it somewhere else  Re arrange furniture Slide 27

28 Position the tray or trolley  Set the order  Explain the Items to the guest  Confirm special requests  Equipment usage e.g. hot box Slide 28

29 Serve the order Food service:  Maintain Restaurant standard  Assemble dishes, add garnishes  Explain where the tray is to be placed when the guest has finished with it Slide 29

30 Serve the order Beverage service:  Tall Bar  Open and pour wine  Hot Beverages Slide 30

31 Element 4: Present Room service accounts Slide 31

32 Room service accounts Method of payment  Account documentation Information included  Room number  Name  Account type  Delivery time /date  List of items plus cost  Total cost  Receipt of order and method of payment Slide 32

33 Room service accounts Presenting the room service account  Presenting the account  Asking the guest to sign and confirm  Payment options Slide 33

34 Process room service payment  Charge to Room account  Cash  Credit card or debit card  Vouchers Slide 34

35 Element 5: Clear Room Service Slide 35

36 Remove the trays  On request of guest  During floor check  Notification from other departments  Check all items are returned Slide 36

37 Clear room service Return trays, trolleys and service items  Unpacking the used items  Remove disposable rubbish  Distribute items to cleaning stations  Store trays and trolleys Slide 37

38 Ancillary duties Room Service interaction with other departments.  Housekeeping  Porter  Security  Maintenance Slide 38

39 Element 6: Maintain readiness of Room Service Slide 39

40 Maintain readiness of Room Service Cleaning Room Service Trolleys  Cleaning process for trolleys Hot Boxes  Storage of Trolleys  Maintenance of trolleys Slide 40

41 Maintain readiness of Room Service  Cleaning Crockery and Cutlery and all other items used in Room Service  Cleaning Procedure Slide 41

42 Maintain readiness of Room Service  Re stocking Items  Equipment  Stationery  Linen  Food and Beverage Items Slide 42

43 Conclusion Room service is an important part of providing a guest with service of food and beverage in their accommodation suite and creating a special experience for a guest. In this unit we have explored all the steps involved in:  Taking and processing room service orders  Preparing trays,trolleys and basic food and beverage items for room service  The transport of trays and trolleys to guest rooms  How to process and present room service accounts  Procedures for clearing room services items and the extra duties that may occur in conjunction with clearing  How to maintain readiness in the room service area for service Slide 43

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