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Language and Grammar Unit

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1 Language and Grammar Unit
Year 12 Pre Test

2 The study of sentence parts is called…
Morphology Grammar Parts of Speech Syntax Syntax

3 The technical name for “the” is
Indefinite article Definite article noun verb Definite article. (A is an indefinite article)

4 New Zealand is an example of a
Abstract noun Concrete noun Proper Noun Collective noun Proper noun i.e. a naming noun, needs a capital and can be used without the definite article.

5 Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are types of …
Word classes Word descriptors Word part Types of speech Word classes

6 A verb is a doing word. Verb forms that show tense are called..
Infinite verbs Auxillary verbs Finite verbs Abstract verbs Finite verbs e.g We walked, they rode, He was studying.

7 Dad (S) burned (V) the fruitcake (O)
The usual word order is Subject + Verb + Object Object + Verb + Suject Subject + Object Subject + verb SVO e.g. Dad (S) burned (V) the fruitcake (O)

8 Verbs followed by an object are called…
Auxillary verbs Intransitive verbs Transitive verbs Infinitives Transitive verbs e.g The sun melted the snow (transitive)

9 Adjectives do what to nouns…
Give them tense Modify/describe them Show if they are singular or plural Show if they are concrete or abstract Modify them e.g The tortoiseshell cat

10 Adjectives used to compare things or show degrees of comparison
Comparative and superlative Comparative and modifiers Superlative and modifiers Comparative and auxillary Comparative and Superlative e.g. My cat is the oldest on the street. Usually done by adding –er or –est OR more or most

11 An adverb can modify Verbs and nouns Verbs and adjectives
Nouns and adjectives Verbs, adjectives and other adverbs Verbs, adjectives another adverbs e.g. carefully, slowly, quickly

12 A pronouns stands in place of
Definite articles Indefinite articles Verbs Nouns Nouns e.g I, we, he, she, him, her, me, us, they, them

13 Two sentences joined together with more than one verb are known as
Phrases Clauses Subjects Objects Clauses e.g. The sun melted the snow (clause), and in an hour it had vanished. (clause)

14 And, or and but arexamples of
Clauses Phrases Coordinating conjunctions Modifiers Coordinating conjunctions

15 If the subject of the sentence is the doer of the action, the verb is in the
Passive voice Active voice Third person First person Active voice e.g. The dog (S doer) chased (V) the cat (O) The opposite is the passive voice The cat (S receiver) was chased by (V) the dog (doer)

16 About, to, in, on, of, down a all examples of…
pronouns clauses prepositions phrases Prepositions Small words that show relationship between two things in time or space

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