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Values in Advertising How do Brands Communicate with Different Kinds of People ?

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1 Values in Advertising How do Brands Communicate with Different Kinds of People ?

2 Values in Advertising Brands can Talk to Different People – If they Understand Values

3 Values in Advertising Y&R 4Cs Cross-Cultural Consumer Characterisation

4 Values in Advertising Seven ways of thinking, feeling and responding Seven ways to choose Seven targets that connect to meaning and insight enlightenment survival escape security status control discovery enlightenment 4Cs Values

5 Values in Advertising reformer succeeder aspirer explorer resigned mainstream struggler CharacterisationImage4Cs Values enlightenment survival escape security status control discovery enlightenment

6 Values in Advertising Peoples values influence the kinds of brands they are attracted to and the kinds of communication they will respond to

7 Values in Advertising BrandPeople Tone of voice, use of space, colour, words, moods …… Communication Style meaning properties lives priorities

8 Values in Advertising SECURITY Mainstream Security

9 Values in Advertising chauvinism national past value for money popular - no fear of disapproval kind, helpful, obliging honest, straight- forward brands carry large emotional charge of trust and reliance emotional investment gives added value healthy simple caring calm NOT daring or dynamic NOT 'different' (but unique) NOT distant or arrogant NOT stylish glamorous upper-class NOT charming or fun SECURITY: BRAND strong light wholesome stylish

10 Values in Advertising SECURITY: TARGET sacrifice pleasure - small treats home base routine order organisation careful with money pleasing the family blend-in - just like everybody else put others first conforming conventional passive accepting receptive price conscious religion family roles obey rules avoid risk avoid confrontation security freedom satisfied lacking

11 Values in Advertising no puzzles conventional NOT social situation clean & clear eg primary colours familiar - consistent style familiar - the past neat and tidy delineated spaces unambiguous human warmth NOT reason or logic reassuring considerate sensitive easy-going quiet chat simple instructions sentiment emotions personal impersonal safecomplex SECURITY - COMMUNICATION STYLE

12 Values in Advertising Brand – nice strong cup of tea the answer to lifes problems Target – mirror to UK family life Style – human warmth, simple, familiar SECURITY

13 Values in Advertising Brand – financial security Target – universal value for security Style – anthemic, pulls the heartstrings SECURITY

14 Values in Advertising Aspirer Status

15 Values in Advertising Charisma … sparkle and shine projects 'special ' persona fashion high class ORIGINAL.. unique trendy fun and friendly DYNAMIC straight- forward simple NOT healthy EXTRINSICS - STATUS: BRAND strong light wholesome stylish

16 Values in Advertising UNFULFILLED DESIRE I MUST HAVE IT ! want respect envy acquisition money measure irresistible impulse home and family careful with money NOT security satisfied lacking attention and admiration freedom EXTRINSICS - STATUS: TARGET

17 Values in Advertising SOCIAL SITUATIONS Attractive and intriguing fantasy persona - imaginative, abstract, ambiguous, complex unsure of taste - seek advice unsure what to say want formula framework intimate sensitive easygoing NOT ? ? personal impersonal safecomplex EXTRINSICS - STATUS: COMMUNICATION STYLE

18 Values in Advertising Brand – hair spray Target – mirror ideal: Friends TV star Style – fantasy, abstract, ambiguous … shine, sparkle, charisma, gold STATUS

19 Values in Advertising Brand perfume Target attention, admiration Style desirable fantasy persona bright lights, shine, sparkle, gold reckless waste STATUS

20 Values in Advertising Brand fashion – classy, trendy Style assured, casual fantasy persona Target respect, recognition STATUS

21 Values in Advertising Succeeder Control

22 Values in Advertising prestige, high class - only for the few worth progress, leadership stress relief: cares calm authentic outdoorsy the latest thing traditional, authentic reliable, trustworthy, down-to-earth straightforward craftsmanship quality performance solidity, stability, things that last or mature NOT glamour or charm - too weak and dependent ( serious colours dark blue, maroon etc) CONTROL: BRAND strong light wholesome stylish

23 Values in Advertising CONTROL: TARGET NOT Low Self Worth establishment identification stability goal oriented dress to impress organision planning personal confidence high self- esteem future - the new satisfied careful with money calculated risk social skills securityfreedom satisfied lacking

24 Values in Advertising personal impersonal organising complex reality controlling ambiguity analytical facts & figures can-do problem solving time & money control personal experience logical thorough science practical new exciting social situations extrovert organiser 'good with people' CONTROL: COMMUNICATION STYLE safe complex

25 Values in Advertising Brand – Business travel, expected high service Target – decision maker Style – man to man, assumes high status CONTROL

26 Values in Advertising A complete line of apparel inspired by the man they call the Shark. HOMEHOME | INSPIRATION | APPAREL | WHERE TO BUY | ABOUT US Copyright © 2000 Reebok International Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Site by Greg Norman Interactive, powered by Shark.comINSPIRATIONAPPARELWHERE TO BUYABOUT USReebok International Brand - winner the man they call the shark Target mirrors strong self image Style confident, masculine CONTROL

27 Values in Advertising Explorer Discovery

28 Values in Advertising NOT calm and healthy NOT honest and trustworthy NOT traditional style DARING charming different trendy carefree innovative, intelligent energy class progressive DISCOVERY: BRAND strong light wholesome stylish

29 Values in Advertising ANTI: authority ANTI: sex-roles NOT routine ANTI: censorship NOT home-bodies NOT certainty NOT organisation DISCOVERY: TARGET new and unusual friends impulse changing eclectic risk unconventional confident shock adrenalin break the rules adventure sensation personal difference experience hedonism experiment securityfreedom satisfied lacking

30 Values in Advertising sensation/explosion puzzles clever witty crazy logic surreal hyper-real new, exciting people futuristic ambiguous imagination colour contrast clash BREAK RULES NOT analytical NOT rigid conventional familiar NOT boxes personal impersonal safe complex DISCOVERY: COMMUNICATION STYLE

31 Values in Advertising Target – mirror ideal cool guy Brand – travel … experience Style – wild, witty, extreme, fast DISCOVERY

32 Values in Advertising Brand wild and dangerous, reality risk Style surreal, strange, puzzle Target shock adrenilin irony hip-cynicism DISCOVERY

33 Values in Advertising Reformer Enlightenment

34 Values in Advertising straightforward unpretentious friendship intelligent strong personality performs authentic up-to-date expressive innovative distinctive dynamic ENLIGHTENMENT - BRAND strong light wholesome stylish

35 Values in Advertising personal growth pleasure principle - aesthetic awareness less impressed by status or wealth freedom in every way... freedom to be yourself less concerned with impressing others prefer slight disorder eg eclectic mix individual freedoms personal confidence not concerned with respectability the right to disobey social conscience no certainties - not one right answer intrinsic values can change self nothing tight or restricted … clothes, rooms, ideas ENLIGHTENMENT: TARGET security freedom satisfied lacking

36 Values in Advertising fluid train of thought in-depth discussion rational argument information for independent decision layers of complexity challenge safe assumptions unusual unexpected imagination - the future abstract ideas - fantasy free, open space abstract/ complex design high culture aesthetics sensual colour and design science ENLIGHTENMENT: COMMUNICATION STYLE personal impersonal safecomplex

37 Values in Advertising ENLIGHTENMENT The Copy: It isnt easy to be gentle and protective at the same time. But its worth it. Volvo introduces dual-mode airbags that adapt automatically to the severity of the collision. Do you know that airbags that are supposed to protect people can actually injure them? An airbag which inflates to the full size instantly is like a hard punch of a boxer. Volvo was the first in the world to introduce the dual mode airbags, which measure the intensity of the collision, and inflate either to the maximum in a severe collision, or moderately in a less severe collision. These two levels of inflation rates enable the airbags to provide more gentle protection. Volvo has been introducing several kinds of world leading airbags, such as SIPS bags (side airbags) in94 and inflatable Curtains IC) which protect the heads of front and rear seat passengers in 98. Under the philosophy of Protect Life (protecting humans and the environment), Volvo is increasing your safety and sense of security even more. Brand innovative & intelligent strong and friendly personality Target: value for intrinsics, desire for information Style floating in free space discussion unexpected

38 Values in Advertising Brand Intelligent – witty Life is Vurrukkulluk (onomatopoeic pun on verrukkellijk - which means excellent) Target: freedom from restriction freedom of ideas freedom of movement freedom of situation Style relaxed lifestyle mirror unexpected (clip in sky) The ideal position is where your back is at a 90% angle to your upper legs ENLIGHTENMENT

39 Values in Advertising Resigned Survival

40 Values in Advertising rigid,strict MUST womans place in the home dutydiscipline authority roles n rules censorship left out, no future – but justified national chauvinism resist change – past orientation SURVIVAL - TARGET security freedom satisfied lacking

41 Values in Advertising not friendly carefree fun not strong tough rugged brand on a pedestal – arrogant, unnapproachable, glamourous, charming trust healthy simple SURVIVAL - BRAND strong light wholesome stylish

42 Values in Advertising reassurance expert authority testimonial safe colours... brown, cream habit the past the safe choice enclosed boxes avoid surprises only one right opinion avoid complexity SURVIVAL - COMMUNICATION personal impersonal safecomplex

43 Values in Advertising Struggler Escape

44 Values in Advertising impoverished experience resentment frustrated material desire loner problems sensation impotent to effect change depression low self-esteem lack discipline organisation structure direction ESCAPE - TARGET security freedom satisfied lacking

45 Values in Advertising solid citizen unnattractive intelligence not appreciated intrinsic worth not the issue high performance not expected rugged stylish glamour untouchable lovable rogue something held back surface appeal ESCAPE - BRAND strong light wholesome stylish

46 Values in Advertising anarchy hard to express feelings or relate to others fantasy ESCAPE - COMMUNICATION personal impersonal safecomplex

47 Values in Advertising Strugglers

48 Values in Advertising Y&R 4Cs – fundamental human values Reformer ENLIGHTENMENT Freedom from restriction, intrinsic meaning, intrinsic identity, independent judgement, social conscience, aesthetics, personal growth Avoid risk, human warmth, comfort, sentiment, belonging, order, familiarity, acceptance, blending in, avoid confrontation Mainstream SECURITY Succeeder CONTROL Goal orientation, self determination: stability, lasting, enduring – thorough, organising, delegating, problem-solving, simplifying complexity, prestige, hierarchy DISCOVERY Explorer Adventure, exploration, seeking, finding – who am I ? What is out there ? How far can I go ? What happens if I do this ? Adrenilin, hedonism, speed, danger, risk, Instant gratification Resigned SURVIVAL Rigidity, discipline, limitation, imperative, tradition, safety, authority, duty, roles, rules, chauvinism, avoid complexity Aspirer STATUS Attention, admiration, image, persona, extrinsics, materialism, acquisition, affiliation, charisma Alienation, low self-esteem, repressed desire, disorganised, physical, agression, anarchy Struggler ESCAPE

49 Values in Advertising A Hierarchy of Needs Reformer ENLIGHTENMENT Succeeder CONTROL Aspirer STATUS Explorer DISCOVERY Resigned SURVIVAL Mainstream SECURITY Struggler ESCAPE


51 Values in Advertising fin Comment based on analysis of combined samples of Wave2 BAV France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK (13081 respondents)

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