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Runway Safety: The Big Picture

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1 Runway Safety: The Big Picture
Captain Peter Budd (Technical Officer, ICAO Headquarters) Amsterdam Regional Runway Safety Seminar 8 February 2012

2 Outline Runway safety – the global perspective
ICAO’s Runway Safety Programme and its partners The focus on Runway Safety Teams The aim of today

3 Runway Safety Overview
Accidents & Related Fatalities by Occurrence Categories Scheduled Commercial Traffic – MTOW > kg (Yrs )

4 ICAOs Runway Safety Programme
Outcomes of GRSS: Identification of hazards requires collaboration of all stakeholders Solutions need to be standardized to international standards an harmonized to facilitate efficient international operations Runway Safety Teams – should be established locally and hosted by the airports RSP partners have committed to work together to compile and promote proven solutions and endorse best practices Regional Runway Safety Seminars (RRSSs): Promote and enhance implementation of solutions through multidisciplinary RSTs Runway Safety Website : Easy access to information on public website Development of RST Action Plan Tool Share documents and toolkits from RSP Partners

5 Why focus on RSTs? Hazards are not confined to any one operational area. Complex issue with many contributing factors. Requires a multidisciplinary approach to manage holistically. No one solution for every situation. RSTs can collect information and identify problems more promptly than we are currently doing.


7 ICAO’s Runway Safety Site - Resources

8 Some Resources Available

9 ICAO’s Runway Safety Page

10 ICAO’s Runway Safety Page
ICAO's Integrated Safety Trend Analysis and Reporting System (iSTARS) SKYbray-Runway Excursion Portal

11 Aims of this RRSS Promote and encourage implementation of solutions through Runway Safety Teams Promote and encourage regional and State support of Runway Safety Teams

12 THANK YOU Add Chinese translation

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