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The Netherlands Climate Change Studies Assistance Programme Phase II.

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1 The Netherlands Climate Change Studies Assistance Programme Phase II

2 Evaluation from Phase I Strong generation of local science ownership Little impact on national policy debate or civil society

3 Aims of Phase II Poverty thrust leads to a livelihoods approach National policy demands lead to an emphasis on economic factors, especially post-Johannesburg Civil society leads to a focus on developing country NGOs International peer group of NCCSAP developing country scientists Impact on the UNFCCC negotiating process through the raising of ‘burning issues’

4 Countries Involved Bolivia Colombia Ecuador Ghana Mali Mongolia Senegal Surinam Yemen

5 An Additional Five Countries Will be Selected During 2003/2004

6 Supported Activities Policy relevant and scientifically sound studies in the area of climate change Vulnerability and adaptation analyses National communications

7 Thematic Area Poverty alleviation (Poverty-climate linkage) is central Emphasis on the consequences for the livelihood systems of poor communities Sustainable livelihoods is the key concept

8 Type of Studies to get Priority Integrated water management in river/drainage/catchment basins Integrated coastal zone management Soil protection in areas where the ‘natural resource base’ is pressured Health Disaster preparedness

9 How Should Activities be Implemented? Policy relevant (recommendations linked to policy makers short-term time frame) Multi-stakeholder process Involvement of influential ministries (planning/finance) Involve ‘broad layers’ of society, including NGOs in preparing studies

10 Key issues at Embassy Level How actively will the Environmental Desk support the programme? How will the National Coordinator be determined or confirmed in post? Should the National Coordinator be paid directly from NCCSAP monies? Is the receipt of other climate change monies (e.g. GEF) a bar to receiving NCCSAP monies? Is the economic focus the best way to generate debate about climate change adaptation? Is there a sufficiently strong national environmental movement to generate national debate for policy change?

11 The International Dimension Promote synergy between UNFCC and other international environmental conventions Initiatives in service of the whole group of developing countries will be supported in order to support the raising of ‘burning issues’ within the UNFCC Attempt to coordination between NCCSAP and similar international initiatives (GEF, UNEF, WB, UNDP, UNFCC secretariat etc.)

12 Where are we now?

13 NCCSAP II Management Team Programme Director: Phil O’Keefe, ETC Programme Manager: Ian Tellam, ETC Information Officer: Donna Porter, ETC

14 The Netherlands Climate Change Studies Assistance Programme Phase II

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