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The Quality Professional Vincent Desmond Director Development WQD 2009.

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1 The Quality Professional Vincent Desmond Director Development WQD 2009

2 2 The CQI Knowledge creation Knowledge sharing with organisations Image and brand Knowledge sharing with individuals Knowledge assessment Being an excellent organisation Quality at the heart of every organisation

3 3 Learning & Recognition 2. Learning & development 3. Professional recognition 1. Body of quality knowledge Module 1: Concepts of Quality, its History and Development Module 2: Customers, Suppliers, other Stakeholders and Markets Module 3: Interactions of Organisations and People Module 4: Technologies and Techniques Module 5: Laws, Standards, Models, Associations and Professional Bodies Module 6: Corporate Strategy Qualifications Training Courses Quality World Website Branches and SIGs StudentAssociate MemberFellow Chartered Quality Professional Company membership

4 4 Remit of the quality professional improving customer satisfaction reducing costs and improved profitability improvement and innovation identification and management risk corporate care and responsibility

5 5 Organisational imperatives

6 6 Quality professional imperatives Top activities: Auditing Quality management systems Business improvement Quality control New activities: Risk management Project management EMS / OHS / CSR Customer relationship management Organisational development Business continuity Corporate social

7 7 The importance of quality

8 8 Challenges to profession

9 9 Remit of the quality function The conscience of the organisation: Top management intent is scoped and assigned Adequacy of management intent Implementation of management intent Delivery of management intent outcomes A mentor and coach: A culture of continuous improvement and learning

10 10 Quality in the public sector

11 11 Compensation…

12 12 Compensation…

13 13 Compensation

14 14 Download the salary and membership reports at

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