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English – Media unit Film DVD covers/ DVD covers/ DVD cover/ Posters Denotation & Connotation.

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1 English – Media unit Film DVD covers/ DVD covers/ DVD cover/ Posters Denotation & Connotation


3 Conventional shape -portrait Pixar subsidiary of Disney Strapline clue to story - play on words/ pun. Central image? Appealing to audience Pose? No Production credits- Teaser ? Font -Classy food French? – branding, logo? Play on words Ratatouille. Release date- holidays. Setting ? Foreground, tiles ? Knives Knife thrower Kitchen Knives. Heightened /exaggerated perspective focuses on Rat. Fork - Cheese Stereotypical food of Rat/mouse. Brand logo, safe family viewing Graphic:



6 Facial expression - intense - serious - dangerous - means business Dressed in stereotypical Bond outfit Loose tie - no longer playing by the rules Setting International Glamorous Could be anywhere Rule of thirds evident Colour – grey signifies Dark, violent, action packed, serious Body language signifies Moving towards his target & not to be messed with. Shes not happy – why ? Not usual Bond girl S Serious, not part of his plan S Looks like she is passive & not clear if she is a goodie or baddie S Romance/Love interest 007 most prominent part of text x3 James Bond iconography Internet site Production company Release date Target audience DVD cover/ Poster targeted at men & women – VERY sexy + Alpha male Enigma = who is he after? Produced using GCI/Desktop publishing Billing block S Barely legible - the film/007 brand sells itself. Actors not important Producers Presents new Bond Change of image and Much darker themes Indirect look S Focused on his eyes target Gun Macho, genre James Bonds trademark gun icon

7 Rule of three still applies What is the Enigma ? Bow Tie done up § Formal times Dinner suit iconic image Facial expression § Slightly humorous, not serious Trademark gun § Macho Sequel- next in series? Sexist?/Sexually explicit but can get away with it because they are drawn today would suggest adult themed film DVD cover/ Poster drawn and painted (no computers) Sexy, fun, suave. Glamorous, much less dangerous than Daniel Craig. Landscape layout Books were famous & used as a marketing tool. Target audience = men USP new technology at the time Production company Red § Russia Russia Uses Russian symbol Could symbolise blood, violence & the Red Army! Iconic symbol Billing block § much less info Direct Appeal to audience which is male Surrounded by fantasy women he s in control A-List actor Marketing Producers Less sophisticated than modern DVD cover/ Poster painted & printed International setting as usual § action, thrills, genre Clues to narrative/story

8 Designing a Movie DVD cover/ Poster/ DVD Cover Writing to Persuade

9 Task Imagine that a Movie Company has asked you to create a DVD cover/ Poster to advertise their latest release. You have got to Design and Create a Movie DVD cover/ Poster for a movie of your choice.

10 Before you can begin designing the Movie DVD cover/ Poster you need to do a bit of research. 1. Collect images of DVD covers/ DVD cover/ Posters, you can either find them on the Internet or take photos of them 2. For your DVD covers/ DVD cover/ Posters you have found, say what you like and dislike about them and why.

11 Now that you know what makes a good DVD cover/ Poster, you need to design one. 3. Think of your favourite Movie or choose a Movie that has just come out. 4. Write down what things you will need to include in your DVD cover/ Poster, remember it is to advertise the movie. 5. Create your Movie DVD cover/ Poster, you can either use the computer or if you want you can draw one using Pencils and Paper.

12 Titles

13 Deadline You will need to hand in: 1.Your Research, this should be your 10/5 DVD covers/ DVD cover/ Posters you collected and a report saying what you liked and disliked about them. 2.List of the Information you want on your own Movie DVD cover/ Poster. 3.Your own Movie DVD cover/ Poster. Remember you dont have to do it on a computer, but it would be nice if you did.


15 Report Finally a word report Your report should evaluate your task in relation to the aims of the project. Comment on ideas for promoting and distributing your film and any issues that your production might raise for its audience. E.g. How will it attract that target audience? Does your DVD cover/ Poster show the genre/s of the film? What aspects work particularly well? Why? What else is there about the film that will attract the audience: Director, Stars, Soundtrack. etc.

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