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1 Bitdefender 2013 Virtualization Security Understanding The Impact.

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1 1 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Virtualization Security Understanding The Impact

2 2 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Virtualization market drivers and adoption X Traditional Antimalware

3 3 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Creating The Perfect Storm Each with its own I/O Stream Physical Server Can Support 50-70 Virtual Desktops Virtual Desktops 8-12 Virtual Servers Virtual Servers 1

4 4 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Antivirus Impact: 200 MB of memory per VM 200+ MB of disk per VM The antimalware agent adds : Scan Engines – Signatures - Cache databases… to each VM

5 5 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Creating The Perfect Storm Scan Simultaneous Update AV STORM

6 6 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Antivirus Impact: VS SecurityCapacity

7 7 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Security Gaps: Boot latency & Boot time gaps System are vulnerable to attacks during AV loading, updates and during backup recovery

8 8 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Lack of intelligent co-ordination o Integrate with virtualization management o Nonexistent VMs remain o Serialize full system scans o Policy applied to groups

9 9 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Secure Virtual Appliance the Impact: Security & Capacity Remote Scanning

10 10 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Secure Virtual Appliance Deduplicate and Centralize +30% saving on CPU impact +10% saving on Memory impact

11 11 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Traditional AV VS. Silent Agent - impact on host  Host running 72 virtual machines  Local cache and server cache used At least 10% saving on Memory impact At least 30% saving on CPU impact

12 12 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 VSI Login results for SVE – Multi-platform

13 13 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 VSI Login results for SVE – VMware with vShield

14 14 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Approach: VMware integration  VMware vShield Endpoint  VMware vCenter integration  BD Tools  Windows on ESXi if licensed for vShield  “Agentless”?

15 15 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 An Alternative Approach o Any hypervisor o SVA redundancy o Performance and simplicity

16 16 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Comparison of Approaches ElementVMware vShield EndpointSilent Agent Centralize, deduplicate Inspection through VMware API’s Inspection using security vendor technology Hypervisor requirements ESXi (vSphere) environment with vShield Endpoint license, vShield Manager installed ESXi, Xen, Hyper-V, KVM, etc., and any mix thereof Endpoint footprint vShield Endpoint driver embedded in VMware Tools. Optional BD Tools (GUI, memory & process scanning) BD Tools (GUI, memory & process scanning) Virtual Appliance Tied to ESXi hypervisor; one per host, no host migration Independent of hypervisor; fail-over between hosts, migration a non-issue Operating SystemsWindowsWindows, Linux, Solaris (x86) Public cloudNot technically practical/possibleYes

17 17 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Security reinvented o Hypervisor agnostic; supports VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, and Red Hat virtualization o OS agnostic; Windows and Linux servers and VDI machines o Integrated management; VMware, Citrix, Amazon Web Services o 30% more VMs up to per physical host; Increased server consolidation with centralized antimalware o Tiny footprint on the VMs: 60 MB of disk and 30 MB of memory in non-VMware environments

18 18 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Built with Virtualization Built for Virtualization

19 19 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013

20 20 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Virtualization is disruption take advantage of your chance to improve security ! o Virtualization needs purpose-built security o Two approaches today; VMware vShield and Bitdefender o Management must be integrated (vCenter, XenServer, AD) o Avoid YAPS (Yet Another Point Solution) o Future-proof (OS & hypervisor, private & public, mobile) o Traditional endpoint and management architectures will fail

21 21 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Action Plan: email me at - Arrange for a demonstration/webinar - Plan a proof of concept trial - Receive the LOGIN VSI performance

22 22 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Questions and Thank-you

23 23 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Back up slides

24 24 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013  The #1 Anti-Malware Security Technology in the world  First security software vendor to receive top recommendations simultaneously from the most important three key independent organizations in the US, UK, and Germany!  Only security company to receive 14 VB Antispam awards in a row  BitDefender protects more than 500 million people worldwide (including technology partnerships)  Nine international sales offices with ~ 475 employees worldwide  260+ technical people and engineers in R&D team  Products localized in more than 20 languages.  120 OEM Partners and Growing  Trusted by top security companies globally: F-Secure, G-Data, Trustport, e-Scan, Qihoo, Bullguard, Acronis IBM, etc Bitdefender at-a-glance

25 25 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Advanced protection through proactive detection Active Virus Control leverages advanced heuristic methods to detect new potential threats in real time It monitors all application activity throughout the lifecycle of the application processes B-HAVE analyzes the behavior of potentially malicious codes inside a secure virtual computer environment It eliminates false positives and significantly increasing detection rates for new and unknown malware

26 26 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Bitdefender named Product of the Year 2012 by AV-Comparatives

27 27 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2013 Bitdefender wins 6 rounds in a row of AV-TEST evaluations

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