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Why Image Is Everything Company Programme: Corporate Image & Identity © LCSB - YE.

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1 Why Image Is Everything Company Programme: Corporate Image & Identity © LCSB - YE

2 What is Corporate Identity? A visual means of identifying a corporation, company or organisation A strategic asset which helps to achieve the longer-term communication goals

3 Wally Olins definition Founder of Wolff Olins Branding/CI specialists CI makes the corporate strategy visible through design, projecting... who you are what you do how you do it

4 Do Apple do this best?

5 YE companies also do it well!

6 Its more than a logo! The logo is the signature not the letter Its the tip of the iceberg They should be distinctive, easily recognisable,memorable and reducible Ideally symbolic too Name the top 10 logos according to

7 Top ten logos

8 The Corporate Identity Mix Logo Letterhead Uniforms, livery and signage Interior and exterior design of buildings Literature, advertising, annual reports Products and packaging Consistency is key throughout

9 Right down to staff t-shirts

10 All comms derive from CI Every company has a Corporate Image May be muddled, messy and confused Ideally clear, strong, positive and unique Depends upon managements ability this often under-valued resource Poor CI can hamper any point of contact

11 Points of contact are many All equal in the eyes of the consumer

12 4 key elements of the CI mix 1. Products/services 2. Social behaviour, ethics, community affairs 3. Environments 4. Communications 2 & 3 of growing importance

13 Its in Apples mission statement Apple computer is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers and the global communities where we operate….. Sustainability is starting to lead image

14 Advantages of good CI Can create competitive advantage Improve sales Support new product development Strengthen financial relations Harmonise employee relations Boost recruitment Manage crises

15 How will you be judged? Building a winning Trade Stand © LCSB - YE

16 What trade stands must show 1. Name of the company 2. Name of school/college and link teacher 3. Advisers names and their companies 4. Which YE area you belong to 5. Your product! 6. Highlights of sales/finance performance Show your Mission Statement!!

17 What might the judges ask? What are your companys beliefs/values? How did you come up with your business idea? How would you take your idea further? What were your biggest problems? How did you solve them? Who are your target audience? How have you worked as a team? What have been some unexpected costs?

18 3 key things your stand must say 1. Who you are 2. What you do 3. How you do it

19 Legs of London

20 FORCE 7

21 BEJEWELLED Purple t-shirts!

22 The messy one with knitted octopuses

23 Black rabbit

24 Cockroach

25 Gloyster

26 Flat trade stand

27 Enviro-mental

28 Folded arms

29 John Paul


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