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Pre-medical Advisors Ramona Howard (A-I) Linda King (J-N) Laura Jones (O-Z) 418 General Classroom Building 404.413.5000.

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2 Pre-medical Advisors Ramona Howard (A-I) Linda King (J-N) Laura Jones (O-Z) 418 General Classroom Building 404.413.5000

3 Pre-medical committee This committee is composed of three faculty members that are appointed by the dean. Dr Pascoe (Chemistry) Dr. Evans (Physics) Dr. Eilertson (Biology)

4 About us Pre-med, pre-dent, pre-pharmacy, pre-vet, etc. are not majors at GSU. The pre-medical file is an optional service that GSU offers to students interested in attending medical and professional schools. Completing this file gives you the opportunity to obtain a pre-medical committee letter.

5 About us Medical school admission committees tend to prefer composite evaluation letters. Many schools require this. This letter is written by our premedical committee based on the contents of your file. Once the file is complete it takes about 2-3 weeks to go through committee and an additional week to be typed and sent to the school in which you are applying.

6 What is in the Pre-med file? Premedical information sheet: Complete and turn in at 418 GCB If you have previously applied to medical/professional schools and have a file with us please check reactivation. Reactivation: You will need an updated professional application and if it has been over 1 year since your letter was written, you will need 2 new/additional recommendations. Photograph: Small passport size, do not turn in large photos. Professional Application: Verified. MCAT- AMCAS PCAT- PharmCAS DAT- AADSAS OAT GRE

7 What is in the Pre-med file? Personal Essay- Start this several months before it’s due and have it proofread by several people. Most professional applications have a section called “personal comments”. This is your essay. GSU Science Recommendations – 3 (Chemistry, physics, biology) It is your responsibility to get to know these professors. Once these letters are submitted they become GSU property and we do not send them to schools individually or give them back to you.

8 What is in the Pre-med file? Other Recommendations- 2 (volunteer, research, employers, extracurricular, etc.) Grades: GPA & Science GPA Should have a minimum cumulative and a science GPA of 3.0 for the committee to review your file. Science GPA= Biology, chemistry, physics, and math courses. FERPA Waiver- Must be signed before the committee will review your file.

9 What is in the Pre-med file? Transcripts: If you have received degrees from other schools. Test scores: Your application should include your test scores. If they do not you need to submit them. MCAT- good score:30—highest: 45 DAT- good score:18 –highest: 30 OAT-good score: 325—highest: 400 PCAT- good score: 425—highest: 600 GRE- good scores vary. National averages are 467 verbal, 591 quantitative, and 4.2 in analytical. Generally you wan to be above the national average. Committee letter: Composite of everything in file including all LORs.

10 Virtual Applications. Medical: When submitting your AMCAS application, please print the AMCAS Letter request. Allows us to send to all schools which you wish to apply at the click of a button. You will receive an email confirmation when your committee letter has been sent. Please note you must use your GSU email. If you wish for us to snail mail the letters, we will pay for 10 schools only. You will have to pay for postage for additional schools.

11 Virtual applications. Dental AADSAS: It is your responsibility to create a file through AADSAS. You will use Linda King as your contact AADSAS will send an email to Linda when your application is complete and ready for us to send your letter.

12 Interview. It is very important to practice your interview as a great interview is crucial to getting into med school. The GSU career services offers practice interviews including medical school mock interviews are available. Career Services is located at 260 University Center Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m. 404.413.1820

13 Helpful Premedical Links GSU: The College of Arts and Sciences Office of Academic Assistance: Premedical Information: GSU American Medical Student Association (AMSA): and ClubId=4485 ClubId=4485 GSU Student Club Directory: The Student Doctor Network: Association of American Medical Colleges (AMMC): Aspiring Doctors: Student Doc, Medical Student’s Resource Guide:

14 QUESTIONS? All pre-medical letters should be submitted to: Pre-medical Advisory Committee College of Arts and Sciences Office of Academic Assistance 418 General Classroom Building PO Box 4100 Atlanta, GA 30302-4100 404.413.5000 THANK YOU!

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