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Orientation Workshop 2014 Orientation Series. What today is about Information session - WCMT - Trust - Report - afterwards Video session............ 5.

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1 Orientation Workshop 2014 Orientation Series

2 What today is about Information session - WCMT - Trust - Report - afterwards Video session............ 5 min: What excites you most about your Fellowship What concerns you most... What do you hope to bring back Lunch

3 Hello........ Name one thing you would save in a fire? Would you would prefer to be: 4ft tall or 7ft tall and why? Which animal would you be and why? What’s your level of project development? 2 Minutes!

4 Congratulations! Take a look around….. Exceptional people who have made and are continuing to make an important contribution to our society Have the ability to go that little bit extra and they all have a willingness to share the results of their Fellowship with the community upon their return to Australia Are committed people who want to make a REAL difference

5 Winston Churchill Fellowship Trust The Churchill Trust was established in 1965 to honour the memory of Sir Winston Churchill by awarding overseas research Fellowships known as 'Churchill Fellowships’ Since its inception The Churchill Trust has awarded Churchill Fellowships to more than 3,800 Australians who, like Churchill, are innovative, filled with a spirit of determination and possess a strong desire to benefit their community

6 Remembe r and Honour Sir Winston Churchill

7 Churchill Fellows Association of QLD Queensland has over four hundred very talented Churchill Fellows from all walks of life, in fields which are many and varied and from all over the State. Our Aims and Objectives -To encourage Churchill Fellows to disseminate information -To provide opportunities for alumni communication

8 Still CFAQ -To provide information about Fellowships to potential applicants -To assist New Fellows in any way possible -To welcome visiting Fellows -To represent the interests of Churchill Fellows

9 CFAQ Committee CFAQ is an incorporated association run by a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and usually 4/5 members. As most of our inter- committee communication is by email, we welcome committee members from all parts of Queensland Organise various activities including the AGM, Annual New Fellows Dinner, visits to Churchill Fellows at their workplace, Medallion Function and the Christmas Function

10 Functions AGM New Fellows Dinner Mentor Orientation Medallion Cocktails Christmas Function Ad Hoc individual fellows workshops / events / shows

11 CFAQ Membership Fees $30 per year Most interesting network you will ever meet! Lifetime support of association for the future Membership includes access to website, newsletter, CFAQ events, alumni network ows_Association_of_Queensland/Welcome.html

12 Project Planning 2013 Orientation Series Your official fellowship pack has in-depth information on project planning. Here is our insiders guide to project planning!

13 Meeting Your Objectives Know yourself….ultra organised or ultra flexible? Take EVERY opportunity….say YES! Prepare a short professional ‘introduction’ Prepare conversation starters related to your objectives Be prepared to share your knowledge and experience

14 still more on Meeting your Objectives Be prepared that the people you don’t plan on meeting may prove the most useful to your project Don’t stress regarding circumstances beyond your control e.g. an ash cloud, airline strike, sickness! No consequences from the Trust if your trip changes

15 Social Media & Websites Self sensor Seek appropriate permissions if using video & images Short and Sweet – don’t waste hours of your precious time each night of your trip blogging / emailing Suggest group email lists prior to leaving and email 1/pw Include the CFAQ in your group emails

16 Report Writing Touch base with a mentor regularly through your trip, choose someone who understands your project giving you time to reflect and process your learning and objectives in preparation for report writing Write up report immediately after the trip Think about the structure of your report before you go

17 More report writing Look at the quality and structure of other fellows reports Use a notebook in all your visits & meetings - this will be an invaluable reference for your report Pre-plan and allocate time for report writing post trip

18 Tips & Tricks Video/ audio diary Photo diary Electronic copies of resources given Post hard copies of resources to Australia

19 Important.... Collect every business card/photo. Use Evernote Notebook for everywhere! Say “yes” to everything Write up notes daily

20 Travel Planning 2014 Orientation Series

21 I’m glad I packed gifts Keep an inventory for insurance purposes I have to carry everything myself! Don’t load yourself up, post stuff home or save electronically Small lightweight gifts for hosts with Aussie theme Layers of clothing in preference to bulky items

22 Use google maps.... It’s Wednesday, I must be in Berlin!

23 The ppt on my work in Australia was handy Some host organisations may be interested in your work so have some short presentations with you to show if asked – photos may be useful

24 Working Hours Working hours…..don’t work longer than you need to Not all ‘contact time’ Plan down time & days off Jet lag allowances Time off following fellowship Travel consultant is always available via email if trip changes

25 Keeping In Touch Reflection people Skype – breakfast with your family Local SIM card Wi-Fi – free in coffee shops / libraries / MacDonald's Blogs / emails / Linkedin / Facebook

26 Search out the media

27 Write a media release when you get home

28 Stay in Touch Queensland Linkedin group As part of your commitment to the Churchill Trust you are required to send all trip updates and post trip dissemination project updates to the CFAQ.

29 No Really... Stay in touch

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