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4/09/2014 1 Coaches Congress MAG Forum February 2011.

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1 4/09/2014 1 Coaches Congress MAG Forum February 2011

2 2 4/09/2014 Introducing The SMC SMC members: Paul Szyjko (Chair) Peter Tyler Rick Semmelmann Max SchulzMike Remkes David RathNicky Walker My thanks to this team for its willingness to contribute to the development of the sport, attend meetings and carry out various tasks on behalf of the Committee.

3 3 4/09/2014 Calendar 2011 Competitions – Interclub and Championship April 1Level 6-10 Interclub April 2Level 1-5 Interclub May 6Level 6-10 Interclub May 7Level 1-5 Interclub June 4Level 1-10 State Championships August 13Level 1-6 Teams Challenge September 23Level 6-10 Interclub September 24Level 1-5 Interclub November 4 Level 6-10 Invitationals November 5Level 1-5 Invitationals

4 4 4/09/2014 Calendar 2011 Competitions – Country etc April 30Milicent Invitational June 11L1-7 Country Championships October 7Pt Pirie Invitational October 8Masters Games

5 5 4/09/2014 Calendar 2011 Judges Course Work February 20Intermediate Bronze Workshop March 5-6Intermediate Bronze Accreditation Course March 19-20Beginner Level Accreditation Course TBAAdvanced Level Workshops TBAAdvanced Level Accreditation Course

6 6 4/09/2014 Calendar 2011 State Development / State Training February 27State Development Clinic (Levels 3-6) March 27State Development Clinic (Levels 3-6) April 17State Training (L6-10) & Development Training (L4-5) May 1State Training (L6-10) May 15State Training (L6-10) & Development Training (L4-5) June 19State Training (L6-10) June 26State Training (L6-10) July 3State Training (L6-10) July 10State Training (L6-10) July 14-20National Championships (Canberra)

7 7 4/09/2014 Entries must be forwarded to Paul Szyjko at A copy must also be forwarded to the for registration verification. Entries close 7 DAYS prior to Interclub events. Entries close 28 DAYS prior to Ch’ship events. Entries are preferred in the week prior to closing date. Clubs will be invoiced for entry fees after the competition. Competition Protocols

8 8 4/09/2014 Entries should be on correct 2011 MAG Entry Forms, and include all detail requested. Gymnastics SA office staff will check all entries to confirm correct registration Entries for Non registered gymnasts – cannot be accepted Competition Protocols

9 9 4/09/2014 Preferred method of receiving entries Email to Send as attachments, with each level a separate document and identified by the name it is saved as, i.e. Goodwood GC Level 1 Interclub May 08 Competition Protocols

10 10 4/09/2014 Clearly indicate  Level,  Under Age/Open Division  Correct spelling of names  Dates of birth  Team member  Upgrading  Correct dates of competition  Contact details Competition Protocols

11 11 4/09/2014 Provision of Judges All clubs MUST provide a judge at every competition entered A levy of 50% of the entry fee for each gymnast entered will be imposed when clubs fail to meet this obligation Competition Protocols

12 12 4/09/2014 Expectations of Gymnasts Gymnasts should understand the sportsmanlike expectations of the Code of Points Gymnasts must compete in club uniform. State Team uniform is NOT appropriate except when representing South Australia Gymnasts must remain as a well managed group in the areas designated for seating After the competition gymnasts must remain off the equipment / competition area until presentations Competition Protocols

13 13 4/09/2014 Expectations of Judges Judges in 2011 and beyond will be asked to adhere to formal expectations on dress Judges must prepare by ensuring familiarity with the level of gymnastics they will be expected to judge Judges should attend relevant workshops as and when scheduled Where the panel consists of more than one judge, scores should be submitted quickly without consultation and averaged. Competition Protocols

14 14 4/09/2014 Expectations of Coaches Coaches should understand the sportsmanlike expectations of the Code of Points Coaches should be suitably attired in club tracksuit Soft drinks, hot beverages, food etc may not be consumed on the competition floor at any time (includes warm up, competition and presentations) Coaches may request and query Start Values of the gymnasts under their care. Execution scores are final unless a judge becomes clearly aware that he has erred. Competition Protocols

15 15 4/09/2014 Expectations of Parents Parents are not permitted on ANY matted area (i.e. blue area). Videos must be taken from the stands or areas adjacent to the stand that do not encroach the matted area. Competition Protocols

16 16 4/09/2014 Expectations of Clubs Clubs must provide a judge at any competition entered All clubs involved in a competition MUST provide helpers after the competition to retract seating, open the pits, position surrounding padding and erect pit equipment and remove rubbish where possible. Entry fee levies will be applied where either of the above obligations is not fulfilled Competition Protocols

17 17 4/09/2014 Judges’ Accreditation Beginner – may judge execution at L1-2 Intermediate - may judge execution at L1-6 and difficulty at L1-2 Intermediate Bronze - may judge execution and difficulty at L1-6 & U14 Advanced – may judge execution and difficulty at L1-9 Advanced Silver – may judge execution and difficulty at L1-10

18 18 4/09/2014 Judges’ Accreditation Judges will be required to register nationally with Gymnastics Australia Registered coaches who accredit as a judge will be automatically registered Registration for stand alone judges is 50% of full coaches accreditation fee  Club responsibility  Will be included in course fee if judge is unregistered

19 19 4/09/2014 Judges’ Accreditation The courses for 2011 provide opportunities:  For judges to upgrade their accreditation  For clubs to introduce prospective Beginner Judges to Officiating  For suitably aged gymnasts to extend their involvement

20 20 4/09/2014 Judges’ Accreditation If clubs do not have a judge at the required level, they can  Enrol a suitable candidate in the next course, and provide that candidate as a Panel Secretary until that person has completed accreditation.

21 21 4/09/2014 State Development Program State Development Clinics  Will be targeted at levels 3-6  Will focus on: the correct interpretation of compulsory routines understanding basic technique and suitable progressions for elements in those routines

22 22 4/09/2014 State Development Program State Training  Aims to: offer additional training opportunities for gymnasts aspiring to make state team selection provide informed technical advice enhance the chances of individuals to achieve qualification scores for selection allow a team bond to develop amongst the state team help on selected occasions to develop L4-5 gymnasts toward Under 12 preparation

23 23 4/09/2014 State Development Program State Training Gymnasts will be required to express their desire to seek State Team selection. In order to then be considered, gymnasts must: attend the state training sessions offered Satisfy the selection committee of their commitment to optimal preparation Achieve the appropriate qualification score for their level In the case where there are more candidates for a team than there are places, the highest scores at State Championships will first be taken into account

24 24 4/09/2014 State Training South Australia aims to support gymnasts aspiring to compete at all levels provided for at National Championships. Minimum qualification scores for SA State Team:  Level 6 U/12 – 45.00  Level 7 Open – 60.00  Level 8 Open – 63.00  Level 9 Open – 66.00  Level 10 – 72.00  Level 9 & 10 – SMC will consider these gymnasts for apparatus specialists as long as they reach the GA qualification score. Each case would be considered on an individual basis and on it’s own merits

25 25 4/09/2014 National Competition Senior International FIG Requirements Level 10 Under 18 FIG Requirements Level 9 Under 16 Optional Routines Level 7 Under 14 Compulsory Routines Level 6 Under 12 Compulsory Routines Level 9 Open Optional Routines Level 8 Open Optional Routines Level 7 Open Optional Routines Level 6 Open Open Level 5 Under 11 / Open Level 4 Under 10 / Open Level 3 Under 9 / Open Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Under 8 / Open National Team Level State Competitions Club & Regional Competitions Compulsory routines only levels 1 - 6 International Development Program (IDP) National Levels Program (NLP)

26 26 4/09/2014 Awards Interclub Competition  All Around 1,2,3,Certificates  Apparatus 1,2,3Certificates State / Invitational Championships  All Around 1,2,3,Trophies  Apparatus 1,2,3Medals

27 27 4/09/2014 Awards Teams Challenge  Team size – minimum of 3 to count  Team Overall 1,2,3,Trophies  Team Members Overall 1,2,3Medals

28 28 4/09/2014 Bruce Edwards Award Points awarded to clubs at each Interclub event, State Championship, Invitational Championships and Teams Challenge event of a calendar year.  Levels 1-4 3 points for each gymnast placing 1 st overall 2 points for each gymnast placing 2 nd overall 1 point for each gymnast placing 3 rd overall  Levels 5-6 5 points for each gymnast placing 1 st overall 3 points for each gymnast placing 2 nd overall 1 point for each gymnast placing 3 rd overall  In Addition, in 2010 1 point for any gymnast who successfully upgrades 1 point per team entry

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