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IT Projects on a Regional Scale Fiona Miles Health Information System Project Manager.

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1 IT Projects on a Regional Scale Fiona Miles Health Information System Project Manager

2 Overview  GHICTA Project Manager Role  HIM involvement  Projects  Challenges  Advantages

3 Who is GHICTA?  GHICTA is a regional body established between 12 health services and 3 PCPs from the Grampians, Pyrenees, Central Highlands, East and West Wimmera regions  GHICTA is responsible for developing, implementing, sustaining and reviewing a Regional ‘whole of health’ Information and Communication Technology Strategy to the benefit of its members

4 GHICTA Coverage

5 Key tasks of Project Manager  Fulfil the role of ‘business systems expert’ liaising between healthcare workers, managers, IT consultants and administrators within the Alliance and external vendors  Perform a key role in the coordination, maintenance and development of regional information systems, standards, business practices and application of technology

6 Skill requirements  Strategic thought  Project planning and management  Problem solving  Risk avoidance and management  Experience with application of technology  Innovative in this ever-changing environment  Ability to manage multiple projects  Communication

7 GHICTA Projects  Data Warehouse Project  Birthing Outcomes System (BOS)  Medical Record Tracking (MRT)  PMI Consolidation Project

8 Data Warehouse  Timely extraction of PMI and episodic data from patient management system  Facilitates interfacing with other systems  Currently used for BOS and RIMS  Consistent system throughout region  Provides a back up of patient management system

9 Birthing Outcome System  7 health services have implemented BOS  Key people involved at health service level  Financially supported by GHICTA  First BOS site in Victoria to trial and implement the use of tablet devices and remote access technology  Use of auto faxing to external agencies

10 Medical Record Tracking  Four health services implementing MRT  Implementation of Patient Management System has been stagnant for 5 years  Financially supported by GHICTA  Significant impact was expected and has been received by all agencies

11 PMI Consolidation  Coordination of 5 campuses at one health service to merge their PMI  Facilitates implementation of additional patient management functionality and clinical information systems at the health service  Encouraged the review of other processes and procedures at each campus

12 Challenges of Remote Implementation  Difficulties accessing staff  Lack of remote access to systems  Not part of organisational structure  Division of responsibility & knowledge  Challenge maintaining staff enthusiasm  Difficult to monitor staff acceptance  Extensive travel

13 Advantages of Coordination  Consistent configuration approach  Economic use of expert resources  Central coordination of project  Coordinated training, rollout and support  Brainstorming and sharing of ideas  Central liaison with vendor & IT consultants  Improved network between key staff  Assistance for smaller agencies

14 Challenges of Clinical Implementation  Overriding clinical responsibility  Meetings and training interrupted  Lack of IT expertise/experience  Communication difficult due to different shifts  Access to PCs and Printers

15 Change Management  Demonstrate benefits and ensure buy in  Communicate with staff at all levels  Encourage positive staff to influence others  Provide support & encouragement  Be available and visible  Maintain enthusiasm through key drivers  Review associated procedures  Change at a manageable pace

16 Advantages of HIM Involvement  Knowledge of broad cross-section of processes  Understanding of data collection, reporting and documentation requirements  Existing relationship with clinical, administrative and IT staff  Understanding of clinical terminology  Ability to document  Record management skills

17 Questions

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