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CBAA Conference 2013 Anne Frankenberg, General Manager, 3MBS

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1 CBAA Conference 2013 Anne Frankenberg, General Manager, 3MBS

2  Turn to the person next to you. Tell them about a time you donated or financially supported a not-for-profit organisation.  What prompted you, and how did you feel?  What happened next?

3 3MBS – the low-hanging fruit

4  Walk the talk – be a donor  People give to people  Follow up  Develop a culture of philanthropy  Direct mail works  Make it easy to give  Work your strength  Thank, thank and thank again  Report back

5  If you are tax-deductible, you can’t promise tangible benefits – eg CDs, going in a competition  You can and should acknowledge, list on websites, program guides, send lovely letters  fundraising/Tax-deductible-gifts/What-is-a- gift-/?anchor=P102_6361

6  Depending on your state, you may need an authority to fundraise – you can check relevant legislation at this site:  -legislation

7 Pithy Takeaways

8 1. They were asked 2. They knew it would make a difference

9 1. They were thanked. 2. They were shown how it made a difference and… 3. They were asked again

10 …before you ask again. Fortunately, with a radio station at your disposal, this is not difficult.

11 Direct mail still has the highest response rate for nearly all demographics

12  Older donors are more likely to respond to and read paper mail. And to donate, full stop.  They are more likely to have visual impairment, so need clear, large font and no white on colour.

13  The most effective fundraising campaigns use print, social media, website, email and radio.  Wouldn’t it be good if you totally controlled one of those channels….oh wait, you do!

14 “Thank 7 times before you ask again”

15 Two minutes with the person next you – what can you share with them which has worked? Then share with us.

16  Fundraising Institute:  Creative Partnerships Australia:  Future Fundraising Blog - great reminders about good practice:

17 Thank you!

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