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Getting to know NCVER October VET Skills Tasmania Hobart, 18 th October, 2011 Josie Misko.

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1 Getting to know NCVER October VET Skills Tasmania Hobart, 18 th October, 2011 Josie Misko


3 Overview of NCVER resources Where to find them on the NCVER websites Questions VOCSTATS

4 NCVER administrative collections Apprentices and Trainees VET Provider collection VET in Schools VET financial information

5 Student Outcomes Employers’ Use and Views of VET Apprentice and Trainee Destinations NCVER surveys Outcomes from the Productivity Places Program Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY)

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7 Great general overview


9 Release Dates of Statistics QUARTERLY Apprentices and trainees March quarter Released September of same year June quarter Released December of same year September quarter Released March of following year December quarter Released June of following year Early trend estimates Released three months prior to the above quarterly releases ANNUAL Apprentices and trainees Released August of following year Students and courses Released July of following year Student Outcomes Survey Released December each year VET finance Released September of following year VET in Schools Released December of following year BIENNIAL Survey of Employer Use and Views of the VET System Released December every second year AD-HOC Apprentice and trainee destinations Released November 2008 & 2010 Student intention survey To be released October 2011

10 Helping You to Use Statistics TOOLS Summary reports* All major statistical collection releases feature a basic summary of key data. Available in pdf and MSWord format. Data help hotline* Specific data from NCVER’s various collections and surveys can be requested by email. Excel spreadsheets** Each major data collection provides data selected for each state and territory in MSExcel format. Datacubes*** Create your own data tables from the various VET data collections NCVER Manages by using a datacube. Free viewer software is available on our website. VOCSTATS**** For the more experienced data user, VOCSTATS allows users to construct their own data tables, using an interactive web interface which can be exported in a variety of formats. Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs)***** Data from a number of NCVER collections and surveys are also available in confidentialised unit record files on application and on signing an undertaking. For more information, email the appropriate Data help hotline listed above.

11 Helping You to Use Statistics STATISTICAL RESOURCES Atlas of Australian public VET** An interactive tool offering quick access to data from NCVER’s statistical collections across regions and comparing the relevant state/territory with national data. Historical data** These time series tables present a summary of training activity in VET in Australia since 1981 and activity in apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia since 1963. Tables are in MSExcel format. VET graduate outcomes, salaries and jobs** ehtml An interactive tool providing information on job, salary and further study outcomes gained from VET using data from the Student Outcomes survey. It is designed to assist career counsellors and parents to help young people decide their future training options. Young people*** duction.html Data from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth are available for users to explore through a series of easy-to-use tables on a range of education, employment and social indicators. Indigenous people and VET** /2156.html This resource, in MSExcel and datacubes, extracts data across all NCVER statistical collections about the VET activity and outcomes of Indigenous people. People with a disability and VET** 2157.html This resource, in MS Excel and data cubes, extracts data across all NCVER statistical collections about the VET activity and outcomes of people with a disability. VET students by industry*** An interactive tool enabling users to select an industry from different classification schemes and access statistics for training in that industry. Tables can be saved in MSExcel format.

12 Young people The website for the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) brings together all the research from a national program tracking over 35 000 young people from their mid-teens to their mid-20’s as they move from school to post-school destinations. Research HOW TO ACCESS RESEARCH Published research rch. html NCVER’s online catalogue offers access to our extensive list of published resources. All published work can be downloaded free of charge and selected work can be purchased in hard copy. Research in progress project_search.html Access information about research in progress, including inhouse and managed research. VOCED research database VOCED is an international online research database for technical and vocational education and training. It contains over 40 000 high quality abstracts, many with links to full- text publications. SPECIAL RESEARCH TOPICS Adult literacy This resource brings together the key research messages from NCVER’s Adult Literacy Research Program. Indigenous people and VET This resource includes all NCVER published work about Indigenous people’s participation in and outcomes from VET. People with a disability A resource that brings together all NCVER published work about the engagement of people with a disability in VET and their outcomes.

13 Research Grants for researchers nding.html The National Vocational Education and Training Research and Evaluation (NVETRE) Program commissions research on a competitive basis, with funding rounds advertised at least once a year. Research help ormation. html Help is available for researchers who are undertaking research funded through the NVETRE Program. This includes an author’s guide and information about quality assurance. Researcher development tunities.html NCVER offers a range of programs designed to build researcher capacity in VET.

14 Fact sheets provide information about using NCVER information Covers administrative data sets Covers surveys and research

15 Let’s have a look at the NCVER website









24 Questions?

25 Getting to know NCVER & VOCSTATS CONTACT INFORMATION National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd Level 11, 33 King William Street Adelaide, South Australia PO Box 8288, Station arcade South Australia 5000 Australia Telephone +61 8 8230 8400 Facsimile +61 8 8212 3436

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