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Our witness would be hopelessly inadequate if we had not first contemplated his face. (NMI 16)

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1 Our witness would be hopelessly inadequate if we had not first contemplated his face. (NMI 16)

2 Some Background Recognition of two great ecclesial events: World Youth Day and Canonization of Mary McKillop Archbishop Wilson as President of the Episcopal Conference proposes a Plenary Council Sub-Committee established Need to discern the needs, challenges and opportunities of each diocese: a number of sessions in the Plenary Meetings Emerging consensus: a need to do something and to do it together. Proposal to Conference: A Year of Grace May 2010: Working party appointed (Archbishop Coleridge, Archbishop Costelloe, Bishops Putney and Walker) December 2010: Fr Peter Brock appointed by conference as “Project Officer”. Establishes National Planning Team May 2011: Conference formally adopts proposal for a year of Grace.

3 Inspiration from “Novo Millennio Ineunte”; Our witness would be hopelessly inadequate if we had not first contemplated his face (NMI 16) In the face of the challenges, difficulties, uncertainties, opportunities, etc, we need to “go back to the basics” and centre ourselves on Christ. You must have in you the same mind that was in Christ Jesus (Phil 2:5). An invitation to the whole Church to ask the fundamental question: what has this got to do with Jesus? The greatest challenge facing religious life today is to return the religious life to Christ and to return Christ to the religious life (Fr Pascual Chavez SDB) How do I ensure that all that I am/we are doing is really centered on Christ? The Sunday liturgy, the parish school, the charismatic prayer group, the social action committee, the parish council, the presbytery staff, the legion of Mary, the parish Finance Council, etc, etc.

4 To take seriously the claim of the Johannine Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no-one can come to the Father except through me (John 14:6). If Jesus is not, theoretically and practically, at the heart of our faith as a Catholic community, then perhaps we have no heart …..

5 What it is – and isn’t Not another programme This is a call and an invitation to encounter and conversion more than education (heart as well as head) to prayer more than to study (to know Jesus more than to know about Jesus) to reflection more than problem-solving, to a retreat, in the broadest sense, more than to a discussion program in the narrower sense.

6 When? Officially announced on the Feast of Christ the King Officially opens on Pentecost Sunday 2012. Officially closes on Pentecost Sunday 2013 Merges with the Year of Faith (October 11, 2012 – November 24, 2013)

7 National scope – local focus A series of focal points celebrated nationally but adapted to local needs and realities. Opening of the year – Pentecost 2012. Throughout the year: Celebration of repentance and healing (Lent 2013) Celebration of holiness – saints among us (November 1, 2013) Celebration of Family Life Celebration of Catholic Education Celebration of migrant communities Celebration for children Celebration for Religious Life Others Closing of the Year – Pentecost 2013 (merging into last half of Year of Faith – faith is our response to grace)

8 Not an added burden but a central focus ….. Letters to bishops, parishes, priests, schools, Church agencies, religious congregations, etc. Each parish, community, school, organization, movement, agency invited to reflect on how to put Christ, clearly and unambiguously, at the heart of everything we do. An invitation to constantly ask the question: What has this to do with Jesus? Is he at the heart of everything we are doing? Is he our inspiration, our focus, our source of strength, the centre-point around whom everything revolves? Not so much creating new initiatives but rather giving a central focus for all that we are already doing or plan to do.

9 Here in Perth The animation of the year of Grace, at the diocesan level, entrusted to a team led by Ms Paddy Buckley and supported by Ms Lydia Stanley and the Faith Centre Resources provided through the Faith Centre. Will also act as a “clearing house” for the sharing of locally and nationally produced resources and ideas. Local parishes, other groups and agencies, are strongly encourged to appoint a local coordinator to liaise with Paddy Buckley and Lydia Stanley. Much will depend on the active enthusiasm of the Parish Priest. Year of Grace Website: Official Launch for the Archdiocese: Pentecost Sunday 5.00pm Mass in Cathedral All priests are welcome (let Faith Centre know). Representatives from parishes. Simple ceremony of inauguration at end of Mass. Year of Grace candle and prayer cards

10 Other dimensions An E-Conference (possibly a series) relating to the central theme of the Year of Grace. Support and Assistance provided by the Catholic Education Office DVD/multimedia production – the Faces of Christ Guidelines/suggestions for the national celebrations

11 Our witness would he hopelessly inadequate if we had not first ourselves contemplated his face.

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