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Presented to the Peninsula SIG By George Skarbek 16 July 2007.

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1 Presented to the Peninsula SIG By George Skarbek 16 July 2007

2 SFC – System File Checker  Scans all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions  Good to run if you are having strange problems

3 Convert  Converts drives from FAT to NTFS file system  Very good for USB drives, can speed up performance very significantly  Usage is Convert x: FS:NTFS where x: is the drive to be converted

4 Timethis  I use this for simple benchmarking as just demonstrated  This is a free download from the Microsoft site

5 Network Diagnostics  IPCONFIG will display only the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway for each adapter  PING give response time to reach a computer  TRACERT will display time taken in each hop to the destination computer

6 Control Userpasswords2  Use this to reset the Administrator password or alter the way users log on

7 Regedit  Regedit is used to edit the registry  You have to be careful especially when deleting a tree structure  There is NO undo and no save. All actions are immediate and permanent.

8 MSCONFIG  MSCONFIG is used for start up problems and when the computer slows down. It allows users to decide what program should start at boot time.  Startup Inspector, a free download, is much better as it will tell you what programs are not required.


10 Administrative tools  From Control Panel, Administrative tools there are many tools. Some of the more common or useful ones are:  Event Viewer for fault finding  Computer Management, Disk Management for altering drive letters

11 BootVis  A free Microsoft program (that has to downloaded) that may be able to speed up the time taken to boot. See:

12  Any Questions?

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