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Administrative Staff and their Professional Development.

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1 Administrative Staff and their Professional Development

2 Fiona Rowley FOI Officer and PA to the Director, Business Systems Carol Burnett Manager, Business Systems – User Integration

3 Women in Leadership There seems to be a good deal of research into this topic. There is also research and policies at most universities for gender balance in leadership positions.

4 BUT - What if I don’t want to be a leader? What if I just want to move into a supervisory or management role?

5 So how do I get into Management? Most support staff positions are essentially dead ends. The scarcity of higher-level positions and opportunities for promotion ensures that merit and initiative, although components of advancement, are insufficient by themselves, and career progress often remains beyond the influence of the administrative staff for years.

6 AVCC’s, ACTION PLAN 1999 TO 2003 For women employed in Australian universities. Existing research points to evidence that cultural and structural barriers continue to limit the career paths of women in universities. The next stage is to examine the precise nature and dimensions of these barriers to identify and put in place mechanisms to remove or counteract their impact more directly and effectively.

7 Stereotypes Are women in administrative positions viewed as incapable of moving to management position?

8 What about men? Do they have the same barriers to overcome moving from administrative work to management?

9 Case Study In groups, let’s discuss a Case Study and attempt to answer the questions posed.

10 Critical Barriers  Inhospitable corporate culture  Exclusion from informal networks  Stereotyping & preconceptions  Not in pipeline long enough  Lack of general & line management experience Findings from Research conducted by the New Zealand Institute of Management.

11 What next? Two major areas:  Own your career  Core functions of career development

12 Owning your career  Mentor  Audit  Develop skills  Re-skilling  Job market

13 Career Development Action Plan Assessment Options Skills development Job access Core Functions Core Functions of Career Development by Tricia Jackson in Career Development, 2000. Performance appraisals & self help packages Job maps & information interviews Secondments, vacancies & lateral moves Education, training, networking & mentoring Career planning, workshops & counselling

14 In conclusion Administrative staff Managers CEO’s & Directors Tacit knowledge Interpersonal skills Customer service Technical skills Negotiating Communicating

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