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Bennett & Francis Surveying Then and now … Jim Worrell.

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1 Bennett & Francis Surveying Then and now … Jim Worrell

2 Introduction Bennett and Francis started in 1917, over 90 years ago, as a single party, working in waistcoats and Bowler hats! Firm has witnessed significant changes to the profession and technology during this time. Consistent early adopters of technologies – many we now take for granted. Ammonia copier (‘63), facsimile (‘82), electronic calculators (’71), HP 9110B computer (’71), CAD (’84), pen plotter (’84), CD archival (’88) ($8500 for the single spin drive! $35 blanks!), “top mount” EDMs (’81), semi total stations & total stations (’89), RTK GPS (’96) (working for US Navy ‘72), email and web (’95), robotic total stations (’00). Bennett & Francis

3 Vernier Theodolite

4 Plumbob Bennett & Francis

5 5-chain band Bennett & Francis

6 Spring Balance Bennett & Francis

7 7 Figure Maths Tables Bennett & Francis

8 Calculators Multo Facit HP 35

9 Dimensions/Cadastre: Links and chains Construction/Design: Feet 1973 – plans converted to metric A number of years of final conversion to metric had all 3 units current Bennett & Francis Units

10 Robotic Total Stations

11 GPS Real Time Kinetic

12 Types of Work … Then Identification Surveys Subdivision 1 into 2 & Broad Acre Detail and Level Surveys Construction Control Commercial Leases Early Strata Title Bennett & Francis

13 Types of Work … Today Traditional “Then” Surveys Leveraging the digital age: sharing data with other stakeholders; increased accuracy and volume. Due Diligence Community Title Schemes and Volumetric Surveys Bennett & Francis

14 Today’s Consulting Surveyor Surveyor Consultant “Part time Lawyer” “Town Planner” Business practice manager Work place health and safety advocate Human resources “expert” Bennett & Francis

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