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The ethical, professional and organisational framework.

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1 The ethical, professional and organisational framework



4 Linked in!! Financial counselling is a profession and a community with its own set of rules and values

5 Australian Financial Counselling and Credit Reform Association and State Associations Social Security Law Consumer Protection Laws Common Law ICAN UN Human Rights Conventions

6 Diversity of workforce and clients The legal and financial systems and processes Interpersonal communication and counselling skills, case work Community programs, systems advocacy AFCCRA Code of conduct and minimum practice standards Human rights and equal opportunity

7 Code of Conduct, Minimum Practice Standards Legal and financial knowledge and competence Professional boundaries Duty of care, conflict free Counsellor self- care Social justice Holistic approach Empowerment Diversity of workforce and clients Human rights and equal opportunity Community programs, systems advocacy Legal and financial system and processes Interperson al and communica tion skills, case work

8 Respond to the client in a nonjudgmental manner.Ability to transfer knowledge and skills to client. Ability to transfer power and help the client develop self- determination skills. Empowerment Ability to identify financial difficulties and recognize social problems and their link with financial problems Holistic approach Act in an advocacy role and negotiate on behalf of the client, rather than as a mediator between the creditor and client Social justice approach

9 Maintain a high standard of personal conduct in the capacity of Financial Counsellor. Offer the client all relevant information regarding the financial situation and ensure that the information is accurate and current. Ability to evaluate the financial situation and identify possible options. Legal and financial knowledge and competence Relate to the employing/auspice primarily as a Financial Counsellor. Ensure that the client understands the role of the Financial Counsellor as an independent advisor. Use file details solely for the purpose of financial counselling Professional boundaries Maintain client confidentiality. Have no conflict of interest, or refer the client to another service if such a conflict arises. Ensure that regular and thorough instructions are taken and act only on client’s instructions Duty of Care, Conflict free

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