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Building an Enterprise Mash-up Platform

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1 Building an Enterprise Mash-up Platform
Perth SharePoint User Group 30 Sept 2011 1

2 Who Am I? Garry Stewart Solution Architect, Group Manager, Avanade
Integration VTSP, Microsoft @garry_stewart

3 Warning! There is no demo

4 Act 1 – The Introduction

5 What are Mash-ups? App 1 App 2 Mash-up Functionality Presentation Data

6 Where Have I Seen This Before?
SOA Stack Web Mash-ups Composite Applications BI ESB Workflow Common UI JavaScript HTTP salesforce Twitter Facebook Wikipedia Composite Services Granular Services Source Apps

7 Composite Application Platform
Governance Operational Tactical Strategic Composite Application Platform

8 Giving Composite Applications a Home

9 What would it look like?

10 Economies of Scale Application Cost Application Cost Application Cost
Fixed Platform Cost

11 Act 2 – Examples

12 Example 1: Employee Portal

13 Example 2: Resource Asset Portal

14 Act 3 – The Platform

15 Consistency is King

16 Risk Management, Components and You
Composite Platform Generic Components Reporting Forms Workflow Visualisation Application-Specific Components Documentum SAP OSISoft ESRI Data structure dependencies

17 Defining The Menu Portal Applications Generic Data Models
SharePoint Site Templates Common branding CMS functionality Generic Data Models BCS WSDL JSON SQL Server Report Model Reporting DB Schema Common Service Layer WCF BizTalk .Net + BCS Reporting Reporting Services Excel Services Cognos Business Objects Forms InfoPath XSLT DataView WebParts Open Source LoB Integration Record Management Mapping ERP CRM Real Time/Time Series Data Visualisation In-built Chart control Application-specific visualisations Third-party controls Workflow SharePoint K2 Nintex

18 Mash ups == Integration
Data Source 1 Data Source 2 UI Component 1 UI Component 2

19 Integration is Hard Lonsdaleite!

20 Keep it Clean - Standardise

21 Normal Architectural Principles Still Apply

22 Act 4 – Governance

23 IT as a Yes Organisation
Governance Operational Tactical Strategic Composite Application Platform 23

24 Become more User-Friendly

25 Provide an Appropriate Reward

26 What does our Mash-up Portal look like again?

27 Continual Improvement
Plan Do Check Act The Toyota Way PDCA Kaizen

28 It’s Still Development
It’s just meant to be quicker

29 Structure vs. Data

30 Make it Easy to Discover the Menu

31 Stick to Your Guns It’s only going to be quicker if you follow the Golden Path

32 In Conclusion….

33 Questions?

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