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Ser, ir, dar, hacer, ver, dar ROUND ONE FINAL JEOPARDY.

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1 ser, ir, dar, hacer, ver, dar ROUND ONE FINAL JEOPARDY

2 Irreg Pret: ser, ir, hacer, ver, dar JEOPARDY ROUND ONE Present to Preterit Uds.Translate

3 ENDOCRINE SYSTEM JEOPARDY ROUND TWO HormonesParts of the Endocrine System Location of Glands Misc. Label the Parts of the Endocrine System

4 Present to Preterit Hago

5 Present to Preterit Hice

6 Present to Preterit ven

7 Present to Preterit vieron

8 Present to Preterit soy

9 Present to Preterit fui

10 Present to Preterit Hace (plus spell it)

11 Present to Preterit hizo

12 Present to Preterit dais

13 Present to Preterit disteis

14 Uds dar

15 Uds. 100 dieron

16 Uds ver

17 Uds. 200 vieron

18 Uds hacer

19 Uds. 300 hicieron

20 Uds ser

21 Uds. 400 fueron

22 Uds ir

23 Uds. 500 fueron

24 Translate She gave me a present.

25 Translate (Ella) Me dio un regalo.

26 Translate I saw you yesterday.

27 Translate (Yo) Te vi ayer

28 Translate Did you pack?

29 Translate 300 ¿Hiciste la maleta?

30 Translate sept cent soixante-dix-sept

31 100s Into Digits

32 Translate Y‘all went to class?

33 Translate ¿Fuisteis a clase?

34 100s From Digits

35 100s From Digits 100 six cent soixante-six

36 100s From Digits

37 100s From Digits 200 quatre cent neuf

38 100s From Digits

39 100s From Digits 300 cent quatre-vingt-quinze

40 100s From Digits

41 100s From Digits 400 deux cent ving-deux

42 100s From Digits

43 100s From Digits 500 trois cent soixante-dix-huit

44 Number Facts 100 When translating “ONE HUNDRED” from English, we leave out this French/word.

45 Number Facts Number Facts 100 un

46 Number Facts This hyphenated number has a plural “s” on it ONLY when it stands alone.

47 Number Facts 200 quatre-vingts

48 Number Facts When do you add a plural “s” to the word “cent”?

49 Number Facts 300 When it is a multiple of 100 AND stands by itself.

50 Number Facts This was the French monetary unit before the Euro.

51 Number Facts 400 franc

52 Number Facts Francophone Swiss and Belgians say “septante” and “nonante” for which French numbers?

53 Number Facts 500 soixante-dix & quatre-vingt-dix

54 Final Jeopardy Making vocab connections with American History.

55 Final Jeopardy 20s is very …….

56 Final Jeopardy 4 score and 7 years ago

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