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Anyone Any time A Cross Media Interactive Documentary.

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1 Anyone Any time A Cross Media Interactive Documentary

2 Concept Anyone Any Time is a multi- platform independent documentary project designed to raise awareness on what it means to live with a long-term disability. The project brings together three interrelated elements:

3 Anyone Any Time A documentary film. Telling the emotional story of families coming to terms with disability - something which could happen to any one of us, at any time. It will inform, challenge and touch the audience.

4 Documentary film We will be working with Epworth and Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centres to identify characters for this film and begin telling their stories early in the rehabilitation process. By following these stories we can clearly show why the NDIS is needed and why it will change lives

5 The Linear documentary The documentary Anyone Anytime will engage the audience in an emotional story as two people and their families go on the journey into the world of disability. Their experiences will differ because one person will be part of the road trauma insurance system and the other will not. This story will be the hook that brings audiences to the idea of disability rights and will probably not offer too much that is new to all of you here today

6 More than an emotional story This documentary however sets up an opportunity to tell the story of the disability rights movement The disability rights story will be told online During 2010 I recorded video interviews with more than 25 activists from England, America and Sweden. I also plan to record interviews in Australia to bring all viewpoints together under the various themes

7 Weird and Wonderful the online documentary An online experience. Establishing the historical and international context for the current story (Anyone Anytime – the personal here and now experience), as well as extensive background resources, it will enable audiences to fully immerse themselves and participate in the discussion and debate.

8 The Online Experience Thematic Archive of curated video clips, text and archival material. Some themes include: Locked up and let out – the story of institutions Cute Kids and Beauty Queens – the involvement of charities in disability Getting out and about – public transport Sexy proud and disabled For a taste of this experience visit

9 The online documentary will explore these themes in a creative and engaging way. As funds become available the online experience will be upgraded It will challenge audiences to consider how they would respond if these issues were to effect them, and to think about what barriers are still getting in the way of people with disabilities being able to participate fully in society Creatively the online documentary will include edited video clips, text, archival images, music and audio

10 A national educational outreach program Designed to work together with the film and online documentary, and be implemented in association with:  schools – primary and secondary  Tertiary institutions  local government  community based organisations to encourage action at a ground level.

11 Action on the Curriculum The National Curriculum guidelines for Civics and Citizenship (as well as health and physical education) are about to be set out. We have a unique opportunity to propose that the disability rights movement should be an option for study alongside indigenous rights and the women’s rights movement. This documentary will provide the resource material for that study.

12 The international scene I wanted to understand how things came to be the way they are. Were activists in other countries all talking to one another? Or were we each responding and reacting to the world around us? The answer is both. The rights movements did evolve differently in different countries but also there was some sharing of ideas and information.

13 Different countries different Experiences For example the UK model grew out of the once proud welfare state while the USA developed rights legislation demanded litigation to assert rights. Australia was influenced a little by both, but activists here also tended to identify with the union movement. This lead to core differences in philosophy around personal support workers.

14 Some of the people I interviewed Colin Barnes Judy Hunt Allan Sutherland Peter Beresford Adolf Ratska Len Barton Johnny Crescendo Tom Shakespeare Warren Shaw Nadina Laspina Nancy Solandra Kathleen Martinez Bob Kafka Kitty Cone Zona Roberts

15 Disability Activism themes Inclusive education Getting people out of institutions and nursing homes (ADAPT in the USA) The origins and changing role of charities The right to take risks (including sexuality & the freedom to make personal choices) Poverty traps and the lack of employment Physical access to transport and buildings Communication rights

16 Read my Churchill Fellowship Report 44/sarah+barton 44/sarah+barton You can reach this link via my website For an introduction to the disability rights movement online (early days)

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