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3 Posterior-distal-flexion
flexoris hallucis longus

4 ANATOMY Anatome Ana tome Ana within-inside tome cut

5 ANATOMY: 2-Developmental anatomy: (Embryology) 3-Macroscopic anatomy:
1-Microscopic anatomy: (Histology) 2-Developmental anatomy: (Embryology) 3-Macroscopic anatomy: A-Systemic anatomy B-Regional anatomy

6 Division of body: 1-Head & neck 2-Trunk: A-Thorax B-Abdomen C-Pelvic 3-Limbs: A-Upper limb B-lower limb

7 Anatomical position: Erect position Face: forward Upper limb: sides palm: foreward

8 Supine Position

9 Prone Position

10 Planes of body: Coronal plane:(Ant & Post) Sagital plane:(Rt & Lt)
Mid sagital plane(mid line) Coronal plane:(Ant & Post) Transverse plane or horizontal: (Sup & Inf)

11 Mid sagital plane Sagital plane

12 Coronal plane Transverse plane


14 Sagital plane Transverse plane Coronal plane

15 Axises

16 Vertical axis -longitudinalis

17 Transvers axis

18 Sagital axis

19 Terminology. Superior-Inferior. Anterior-Posterior
Terminology *Superior-Inferior *Anterior-Posterior *Cranial(Cephalic)-Caudal *Proximal-Distal *Medial-Laterol *Superficial-profundus(Deep)

20 Viseral-Parietal. Apex(Apical)-Base(Basal). Rt(Dexter)-Lt(Sinester)
*Viseral-Parietal *Apex(Apical)-Base(Basal) *Rt(Dexter)-Lt(Sinester) *Plantar-Palmar *Dorsal-Ventral *Internal-External *Central-Pripheral

21 cranialis superior inferior caudalis

22 posterior dorsalis sinister dexter

23 ventral anterior medial lateral

24 profundus external superficial internal

25 proximal distal

26 Body cavities: Dorsal cavity: A-Cranial cavity:(Brain) Ventral cavity:
B-Spinal cavity(spinal canal) Ventral cavity: A-Thorasic cavity(pleural cavity & mediastinum) B-Abd. Cavity C-Pelvic cavity


28 Body movements Flexion-Extension Abduction-Adduction
Elevation-Depression Protraction-Retraction Plantar.flexion-Dorsi.flexion Rotation(Med.Rot-Lat.Rot) Pronation-supination Inversion-Eversion

29 abduction adduction


31 flexion extention


33 supination pronation

34 dorsiflexion plantarflexion


36 evertion invertion



39 Skeletal System Skeleton in vertebrates is divided into two major regions Axial skeleton-skull, vertebrae, ribs and sternum Appendicular skeleton-pectoral girdle and forelimbs; pelvic girdle and hind limbs Skeletal parts held together by Ligaments Muscles attached to bone by Tendons

40 Skull 22 Ossicle of middle ear 6 Vertebral column 26 Sternum 1 Ribs 24 Hyoid bone 1 Upper limb 64 Lower limb 62 ….. 206

41 The kinds of bone -Long bone -Short bone -Flat bone -Irregular bone -Sesamoid bone

42 Long bone

43 Flat bone

44 Short bone

45 Irregular bone

46 Sesamoid bone

47 Osteology. process زائده. Condyle لقمه. Epicondyle برجستگی فوق لقمه ای
Osteology *process زائده *Condyle لقمه *Epicondyle برجستگی فوق لقمه ای *spine خار *Ramus شاخه *Tuberosity برجستگی *Tubercle تکمه *Trochanter زائده پهن و تخت(در ران) *Trochlear قرقره

48 apex lamina ramus basis

49 capitulum caput

50 crista rostrum ala corpus

51 Margin(border) کنار. Angle زاویه. Notch(insisura) بریدگی
Margin(border) کنار *Angle زاویه *Notch(insisura) بریدگی *Fissure شکاف(ترک) *Line خط *Crest ستیغ *Sulcus(groove) شیار *Canal(meatus) مجرا

52 Foramen سوراخ. Fossa حفره. Fovea فرو رفتگی خیلی کوچک
*Foramen سوراخ *Fossa حفره *Fovea فرو رفتگی خیلی کوچک *Cavity حفره بزرگ و عمیق *Sinus فرورفتگی یا حفره در یک استخوان *Facet رویه(سطح) *Head سر *Neck گردن

53 Thanks for your attention

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