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Geometry –Triangles: G 5.a; G 5.1, G 5.b; G 5.4; G 6.1,2,3,4

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1 Geometry –Triangles: G 5.a; G 5.1, G 5.b; G 5.4; G 6.1,2,3,4

2 To assess prior knowledge: have students make circle maps to define the following:
Scalene Isoceles Equilateral Obtuse Acute Right Isoceles triangle

3 Congruent Triangles Teacher would have S’s create Circle map to define Congruent triangles. They could then compare the different maps made (gallery walk – by posting on back wall of room) and decide “what must be on every map” for it to define Congruent triangles. A sample map is included. (A Circle map for Similar triangles is also included at end – but intended for a later lesson)

4 A set of points having the
Define Ways to Prove Congruent Triangles Identical AAS SSS CPCTC SAS A set of points having the same size and shape SAS 1:1 correspondence of equality AAA – similar but NOT congruent No SSA Examples Non-Example

5 Practice with Correspondence
The following multi-flow maps are for practice with identifying triangle parts and correspondence After identifying relationships, (1/2: event - results) then students can pick out the items that cause congruence with rule – (1/2 : results/causes – event=congruence)

6 Then If If Then <AAS Congruence Sample multi-flow UW = WU
<UTW = <UVW <UWT = <UWV = 90° <UTV = <UVT ∆TUV Sample multi-flow

7 Can use cards with figures printed on them for kids to sort.
This is intended as a “working map” that kids will complete.

8 Another example of a working map with S’s filling in blanks for a variety of figures

9 Corresponding angles =
Corresponding sides = AAS Congruent Equal & Tilde SSS Double Bubble – comparison – similarities & differences

10 Define Ways to Prove Examples Non-Example AAA
Similar Triangles AAA A set of points having the same shape AAS SSS SAS SAS 1:1 correspondence of Proportionality of sides Examples Non-Example

11 Rt. Click or Ctrl click to add text
Flow Map - Sequencing

12 Multi-flow Map– Cause & effect
Effects Causes Event Multi-flow Map– Cause & effect

13 Brace Map – Whole to part; physical separations

14 RF: as as Bridge Map – for analogies; always put relating factor

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