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Imperialism Focus Question: How and why did the United States take a more active role in world affairs?

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1 Imperialism Focus Question: How and why did the United States take a more active role in world affairs?

2 Warm up, Happy Friday!  # your paper 1-5
Please read the following scenarios. Decide what the U.S. should do in each situation. Be ready to explain why you feel this way! *Note: you may choose more than one solution as long as you justify your choices!

3 1. What should the U.S. do if. . . A natural disaster strikes another country? a. Send our national guard to help b. Send $$ by the U.S. government c. Ignore it. . . Not our problem d. Send a private organization like the Red Cross

4 2. What should the U.S. do if. . . A deadly Civil War is happening in another country? a. Send the U.S. army right away b. Send $$ to help the side we support buy weapons c. Ignore it. . . Not our problem d. Get President Obama to have the two sides over for a peace talk at the White House

5 3. What should the U.S. do if. . . Another country has a dictator that the U.S. doesn’t like or support? send the U.S. army to overthrow him Give financial support ($$) to the opposition Ignore it. . . Not our problem Interview the people living in the country to see if they would like a change

6 4. What should the U.S. do if. . . A smaller country has an abundance (a lot of) a natural resources that America needs or wants? Send the U.S. army to take it! Try to strike a deal with the country where we can have access to the resources for a very low price Nothing- they aren’t our resources to take! Give the smaller country something of ours that they may want- try to create a fair trade.

7 5. What should the U.S. do if. . . Mexico and Canada get in a war with each other? Send the army to help one side right away! Secretly give $$ to one side so they can buy supplies but the other won’t know about it Ignore it! Not our problem. . . Poll the U.S. public to see which side they would like to support.

8 Washington on Foreign Policy
Warned AGAINST getting involved in foreign affairs We start to see a CHANGE in foreign policy…

9 What is imperialism? The idea that a stronger nation should control weaker nations How do you think Imperialism is going to affect the United States? How will it affect other countries?

10 Causes of Imperialism Making $$$
Imperialists wanted the U.S. to get raw materials and natural resources from other countries.

11 Causes of Imperialism Making our military stronger
Alfred T. Mahan: wrote The Influence of Sea Power on History Why: If we have bases around the world, we could refuel and gather fresh supplies. He wanted the U.S. to be a world power and we needed a strong Navy to do this!

12 Causes of Imperialism Belief that we are “better”
Imperialists used ideas of racial, national and cultural superiority to justify imperialism. Rudyard Kipling’s The White Man’s Burden: white men have a responsibility to colonize other places and rule other people for their own benefit Social Darwinists: survival of the fittest

13 White Man’s Burden Poem by Rudyard Kipling 1899
“Take up the White Man’s burden– Send forth the best ye breed— Go bind your sons to exile To serve your captives’ need; To wait in heavy harness, On fluttered folk and wild— Your new-caught, sullen peoples, Half-devil and half-child”



16 You Tell Me: Why does the United States become an imperialist country?

17 We Buy Alaska! Secretary of State, William Seward buys Alaska from Russia Journalists nicknamed it Sewards’ Folly and Sewards’ Icebox. Why: They thought it was just snow and ice 1,000 miles north of our border.



20 The U.S. gets Hawaii U.S. involved with Hawaii since the 1700s in the Sugar Industry American planters convinced Hawaiian King to amend the constitution so voting rights are limited to rich landowners (white planters)

21 The U.S. Gets Hawaii Hawaiian King died- his sister Queen Liliuokalani, took over. She resented the power of planters and abolished (ended) the constitution that gave power to white planters.

22 The U.S. Gets Hawaii How did Planters react? American Planters used violence to overthrow the Queen! President William McKinley annexes (adds) Hawaii in 1898. The U.S. now has all 50 states!

23 U. S. View of Hawaiians Hawaii becomes a U. S. Protectorate in by virtue of economic treaties.

24 Theodore Roosevelt (Big Stick Diplomacy)
The idea that America will control the world by policing it. “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”

25 Theodore Roosevelt (Big Stick Diplomacy)
Roosevelt added the “Roosevelt Corollary” to the Monroe Doctrine. Now the U.S. will intervene with the military when necessary in Latin America to protect US interests Why do you think the Roosevelt Corollary was added?

26 William Howard Taft (Dollar Diplomacy)
Why do you think Dollar Diplomacy is important? The idea of increasing investments in Latin America and the Caribbean “substitute dollars for bullets” Designed to protect economic ($$) interests and increase U.S. power in the World

27 Woodrow Wilson (Moral Diplomacy)
Idea that U.S. must be a “friend to the world” and stop trying to take over places with conquest. Also called Missionary Diplomacy Designed to promote human rights and democracy in other countries without using force. This doesn’t always happen… Sometimes even Wilson uses force!

28 2nd Block Lucky for you- we have a pep rally today during 4th block (my other US class) SO- you get the remainder of class to work on your project  Use your time WISELY!



31 Presidents and Foreign Policy


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